How To Travel For Cheap This 2019 | Step By Step

**How To Travel For Cheap This 2019 | Step By Step**



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I wanted to share how i was able to book my round trip flights to china for under $370 from phoenix! I use apps like skiplagged, kayak, google flights, airbnb, i hope this can save you money in your 2019 travels! lets have fun and save money!


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hey what's put on team it's Ritchie with techno solutions and in this video I'm going to be talking about how you can travel the world on a budget so for those that are not familiar with food is there my name is Ricky I run the largest YouTube channel for those two investment stock mark you've heard a browser on my youtube channel to become more familiar with my investment style in the stock market so let's go I think get started the reason that I'm making this video is because of the amounts of suggestions after talking about this with the learn plan profit group it's the group that I trade with live every single morning and a common question after I made the comment of guess how much I'm going to be able to travel to China for round trip this is not with any travel credit this is not with any special point based system credit card this is not with any type of sponsorship or any type of incentive due to my following this is something that anybody that is proactive within the series of applications that I'm going to talk about can experience I mean this is why I think it's so important to talk about because even if I say to you like let's say we get 10,000 people to watch this video which i think is very realistic 10,000 people right and we save you on average of 10 dollars the amount of money that the people watching this video the next time that you travel with these different series of websites that you guys can use that's the whole point of this you know not just just because you do well doesn't mean that you have to spent a ton of money there's nothing wrong with being a ball on a budget so let's go ahead and get started the first thing that I want to talk about is about flex that's usually what people do you ask one of the most expensive things in my experience traveling to Miami round set for less than a hundred dollars being able to travel to California round-trip for less than a hundred dollars being able to travel to New York round-trip for less than $100 all I use and this is because of my friends as well all we used to find good deals is just like you look on let go and offer up and Craig's List for good deals when it comes down to maybe like investment in cars or maybe trying to flip certain things on the side we do the same things when it comes down to traveling there's no question that you know a very common and very favorable past time that a lot of people enjoy is traveling so why not do it effectively I use app applications and again in no way is this video sponsored there's not gonna be no links you guessed and feel free to you know use these applications or not use them but it's Google flights I'm not too sure if you guys are familiar with that literally Google it Google flights this is one of them favorite tools when it comes down to being able to identify what dates I want to travel the most effectively when it comes down to cost and what I mean by this is Google flights has a tool as you guys can see in my screen that allows you to adjust the dates that you leave and the dates that you land and the really cool thing about this tool is it gives you this calendar format that tells you according to the day that you leave and according to the day that you land what your overall flight cost will be this makes it super effective to be aware of the other dates for potential departures and for potential arrivals that can adjust your price the perfect example that I can give you is when we were using this specific tool to plan our trip to China our trip was ranging anywhere from the 367 dollars that we were able to purchase the trip for round-trip from Phoenix right because I'm in Arizona not driving and flying to LAX and then taking off to China but literally from Phoenix International Airport to China and I had to go and adjust those series of dates and it literally took me like 5 to 10 minutes to find dates that best accommodated my specific kind of schedule again this could be very in a sense just beneficial for someone that wants to plan out a trip 2 or 3 months in advance you can first identify what dates are most affordable based on you know this is this Google tool that you can use and and see what dates you want to take off that are the cheapest and what dates you want to you know arrive that are the cheapest according to your schedule and then you can let your work now two weeks ahead of time a month ahead of time two months ahead of time and let all your friends know that you want to travel with that hey these are the dates that would be most affordable these are the dates that we're going to leave and now this can accommodate our specific works gentle it's a beautiful tool and it's something that I find the most beneficial on the Google flight platform yet other than that I personally like to use kayak kayak is an application on my phone that I can put hotels action book flights I never put car rentals do that but the really cool thing about this is that it allows me to be able to see and very easily from my phone different flies and then on specific dates and highlight certain things with a little like green dot that lets me know that those specific dates are good tools one little thing that I try to do is just to make sure that I'm doing the best deal I first tried round trip to see when's the best time to like leave and arrive so again the two platforms that I use when it comes down to booking my specific flights are Google flights now I do that calendar format and also kayak which is the application that I use on my phone this there's also this application that I want to talk about on my most recent trip and again feel free to use it according to like your own terms it's called stippling and it's actually an idea that my friend Caleb came up with that we were going to create ourselves but we actually saw that it already existed they received this huge backlash which is in pretty much a ditch some of your connecting flights and again this is up to you if you guys want to do it but my trip that I recently took to visit California was going to be $552 round-trip from Phoenix to LAX the next day come back from you know LAX back to Phoenix stip liked booked me a trip from Phoenix that a layover in LAX but its final destination was Canada so what that meant was that I would fly to LAX and I would pretty much just ditch the second flight which obviously was to Canada and by being able to do that that flight from you know Phoenix LAX was only a hundred and two dollars now on my way back there was a flight on my way back from LAX to Dallas but it had a layover in Phoenix the beautiful thing about that is that again that flight cost me $77 so altogether I was able to take that trip round-trip for $180 cut my cost in half less than half right and then save all that money and again there's no reason just because you do well that you have to spend a lot of money there are some certain things that you have to be aware of when it comes down to skip light that it's a little bit difficult to kind of like book your flights and you also sometimes need to take your passport if you're going to be like you know like my first flight was going to Canada they make you checked in with a password that's something that you have to also be aware of and also if you're gonna check-in luggage you can't really check it in because we're gonna try to ship it to your final destination and guess what you're gonna be ditching that second flight or the third flight or whatever it is to get to where it is that you want to do so again I always just travel very light with a backpack so again it accommodates my specific lifestyle so those are the three platforms that I would encourage for you to explore if you don't like them then again feel free to share your own opinion down in the comment section but I just wanted to make sure that you guys were aware that those specific applications were out there the second thing that I want to talk about are the hotels so from my people that don't care about exactly where you stay and all you want is the best deal possible there's a feature within hotels calm and again this is not sponsored this is because I'm super frugal when I stayed in Virginia when I went to go visit a couple friends out there I wanted I didn't really care what it where it was that I was staying because it just did not matter to me and again that's the type of like position that I was in I know that this is not for everybody because sometimes you need to stay in this specific position or specific area it would give me a general area of where this hotel is going to be and the rated number of stars at this hotel and what it had to offer it did not tell me what Hotel is going to be all it told me was that these hotels normally sell for 159 and I could get it for $60 a night again it's a feature that called hot deals with in the hotel's comm platform again if you don't care about the area as long as it gives you this general area you're alright with the premise or the perimeter that it gives you and again that's something I could accommodate your lifestyle and really cut your expenses in half the other thing that I want to talk about is I like to use kayak and I like to use Airbnb for my travel on my trip to China we explored the different options for hotels calm we explored the different options for kayak but the best deals because we're traveling with five people Airbnb it's what worked best for that specific travel and again this is not something that's always going to be like a perfect road map for you because there's a lot of times that I have to bug it either through or through Airbnb because of the kind of position that I'm putting if I'm there for a meeting I mean I have to be in a specific area then I want to make sure that I have really good Wi-Fi and I'm not sitting at a random person's house and not and become unfamiliar with kind of the amenities that it's going to include again if you have more specific type of things that you're going to want at your state and hotels are obviously you know the best alternative but if you're a little bit more relaxed and you don't mind staying with a couple of friends in a three-bedroom you know Airbnb and then it obviously makes sense just to put into perspective because five of us are doing and we're going to be going for seven days so we ended up booking a series of trips our first stop is to went to be Shanghai then we're going to be visiting Beijing and then we're gonna go back to Shanghai within those three destinations and the number of dates that were going to be staying in China per person it was under a hundred and twenty dollars so he has to do the math again it's five of us and were able to split the cost effectively and efficiently that accommodates our travel oh yeah now just recapping the three platforms that I talked about where hotels comm kayak and Airbnb again there's so many different platforms out there that you could become more familiar with that I would encourage you to explore if you have anything that you want to share again about what are the best applications or stop for us to use to find good areas to stay up you're free to comment down in the comment section now the last thing that I want to talk about the reason that I'm making this video is you don't have to spend always a ton of money B just because you do well and you want to travel I think one of the most beautiful things that we like to empower our following here in the tech book Solutions YouTube channel my youtube channel is that there's nothing wrong with being a baller on a budget and what I mean by that I'm just trying to make you guys laugh but it's really just empowering people to be proactive and to find good deals you work really hard for your money so why not just dedicate a little bit more time and effort and planning against something that normally not a lot of people do to save some money especially if you're gonna be traveling with friends family or just for fun one of the things again I wanted to give both options sometimes I have to travel for business and it's very short notice and I have to in a sense book somewhat more pricey flights and yes that sucks but when it comes down to something that's premeditated and planned why not just dedicate a little bit more time to prepare in advance right and make sure that you get the best deal possible you're aware of now how to book your flights how to book your hotels and how to have fun in the different areas in which that you can visit it just takes a little bit more time a little bit more planning to be a baller on a budget so again thank you guys again so much for watching this video I hope that it's a minimum I hope that this video save each and every single one of you $10 if you guys are looking forward to traveling this 2019 please give this video a thumbs up we really appreciate it again if you just would like to learn more about investment in the stock market we're the largest youtube channel out there we would love to be a part of your success only if you see down in it so feel free to browse around my youtube channel I have daily life videos I have my story videos and I have daily recap videos today as you guys can see right here I closed a little bit over five hundred and ninety dollars profit and it's something that I do every single day with our learn plan proper gift they get to watch the trade live and if you would like to stay connected for free join our free Facebook group the first link in the description we have over a hundred and ninety one thousand members and we would love to be a part of your success just to let you guys know we're also the largest Facebook group for those joining us in the stock market my car's gas continue working hard continue falling James let your passion to a giant success learn something new make someone smile today on like always let's make sure that we in the year I don't agree not take a busy team

48 thoughts on “**How To Travel For Cheap This 2019 | Step By Step**

  1. Sabrina

    Airbnb is the most expensive in terms of service fees. Once you find a property you like, Google the headline to see if it's on cheaper sites (homeaway, vrbo, trip etc.) Or go go Evolve, cause they don't charge service fees to the guest! (I work in the vacation rental industry)

  2. DominicanMerida

    Abandoning your final destination has given people issues here lately. Wouldnโ€™t suggest doing it anymore lol especially if traveling to europe.

  3. g hasynchroduck

    Be aware though that some airlines are suing passengers who are skip lagging. Lufthansa is the most recent airline to do this (suing for $2,000). Some airlines blacklist known skipplaggers and share the names with other airlines. So proceed with caution.

  4. Lucy Rose

    Thank you for sharing! ๐Ÿ’›
    I have found it difficult finding information on traveling with dogs. ๐Ÿถ I have been traveling with my 3 dogs in a tight budget, and had to make a video on how I did it. I would love any feedback! ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ

  5. Pedro DeSimone Piccoli

    Hey Ricky, great video! I too think this is well worth the time – this is just putting our time to work, and we can get sometimes a lot back from not a lot of time. This is money we can use when we don't actually have an option.

    Now an alert: about skipping a segment of a flight, I recently read an article about an airline that took legal action against a customer for doing this. I'm sure you'll be able to Google it. I say this because I know you make these videos with your best intentions and we all love that. I myself think we should all have the right to do it, but for the time being I'd rather not have a vicious airline chasing anyone.
    Keep up the great videos! All the best!

  6. rca meed

    The Hidden Airline Loophole

    That Lets You Book $1,000

    Flights for $20 or Less

    ~ It Works on 63 of the World's Largest Airlines ~: @t

  7. Fred Jackson

    Get a part time job with an airline lol. I get flight benefits, but only work 2 days a week now as a mechanic, rest of my time is trading time ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Phillip DeLeon

    Skiplagged is a super good idea! Have you heard of the Hopper App? Super informative and useful

  9. Y&S FOOD!

    Superb online video! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we really like to check out these sort of contents. We produce Travel & Food videos as well, around the the world, and so we are always looking to get inspirations and concepts. Thank You.

  10. BrawlBro

    This is great and all but how can I travel when Iโ€™m under 18 ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ you canโ€™t book hotels

  11. mikedok1

    Thank you so much for this video, Ricky. I actually do plan on traveling overseas, hopefully this year. Your tips have been very helpful.

  12. Marcus Dreps

    Damn Ricky your all about saving that money! I need to take notes lol I blow money when traveling

  13. David Q

    Speaking of saving money one time I saw a $50 discount to join Ricky's LPP in one of his youtube video. Does he do that often or it was one and done deal? Getting married soon so any penny I can save counts. Thanks!

  14. Andrรฉ Mariano

    momundo also shows in real time. you can set it to "anywhere" and it will give you the best prices to everywhere if you want to just travel somewhere haha

  15. WorldAtPhone

    Everyone wants to travel but only few people know how to start, this is a very educating video and it inspire us to do more , Good job Ricky! <3 ๐ŸŒŽ

  16. blazian83

    I literally used this last week to book a flight where my family paid $490 to $500 and mine was only $160 for leaving a day early. Super simple!

  17. Ric

    skipping a connecting flight will cancel your return trip of the ticket many times (I used to work for a airline), unless buy 2 separate one way flight ticket

  18. It5meSam

    Definitely could've got this sponsored Ricky. But really appreciate the advice with the new apps! Skipplagged definitely going to help

  19. Ben Doherty

    I was expecting
    1st class to 2nd class
    Ferrari to fiesta
    Champagne to fosters
    5start hotel to tent
    A la crate to mc dโ€™s

  20. Brendan Smith

    Haha I love skiplagged… but you have to be careful on your return (reverse wont work, u cant start in the middle of a leg) if there is a weather problem, the airline is only obliged to get you to your FINAL destination too.

  21. CryptoJack

    Hey bro love your videos! You should invest in some acoustic foam would improve the audio 100x โ™ฅ

  22. robertito Sanchez

    You're the most inspiring close real situation person I've watched so far, totally agree with you!!! Greetings from Florida

  23. Jose Dominguez

    Thanks Ricky its crazy how low the prices drop with those apps.. if it makes sense then it makes dollars๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘


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