How to travel CHEAP! Save a LOT of money!

**How to travel CHEAP! Save a LOT of money!**



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Hello guys, what’s up?

Today I will be showing you how to travel INCREDIBLY cheap!

is the BEST search engine for travels! Here you can find cheap car, busses, train and flight travels! I suggest to use this for busses!

is a website where you can find drivers to share the trip with, and is very cheap as well!

is a website which is working almost in the same way as Bla Bla Car.

is the best search engine for flight, beware, do not search everyday for your flight or the prices may get higher!

is an application which allows you to predict changes of the flight prices, so use it if you want to save up to 40%!

These are the websites for daily news and offers about travelling.

The best accomodation app and community! Super suggested!! Meet new people and stay at super cool host!

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Cya mate!!

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  1. Viaje Sem Limites

    I star follow your channel yoday and your videos are nice. After check mine. Is in Portugues but I'm planning to do some English playlist 😂😂


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