40 thoughts on “**How to Save Money without a Bank**

  1. ravi sth

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  2. David Venson

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  3. MrPhilowneus

    Maybe if people understood that banks make imaginary money out of debt they would realize that banks are the most evil and criminal things the world has ever seen and they will most likely cause society to collapse.

  4. ajudaaduja

    you Americans all have your own car with 18 but you can only drink when you are 21. That's just silly. In my country we only drive with +20 but we start drinking with 15. lol

  5. itsthefreemind

    Do you have to charge your Paypal account before using it in the USA? Or is it possible to pay stuff with paypal and afterwards its automatically paid with an credit card or checkings account? In Germany you can pay with Paypal and than the transaction amount is debited from a checkings account. pls answer, thx

  6. Marius Egeland

    @DemoncChivas if you are going to buy a metal the only one that have a stable price around the hole world is gold and you store it in a safe, a big safe

  7. D Reed

    Hate bbt…Im currently being charged $230 in interest each month not including their "free checking" fees which are $20 per month. Im so done with bbt once I can get a loan together im going to credit union for sure

  8. Supralobe

    @oldSchooLson There is a huge amount of gold on earth but very little of it is easily extracted, so its supply is stable and it has done well against inflation historically. If we adopt the gold standard again with Ron Paul, it could certainly do well in the future. Precious metals are a good part of a diversified portfolio but I have made more trading stocks in the same time period.

  9. Supralobe

    @oldSchooLson Gold is a store of value unlike fiat currency which makes it a good hedge against the dollar, however, the correct value for gold is whatever people are willing to exchange for it since its intrinsic value is far less than what people are actually willing to pay for it so its future is somewhat uncertain.

  10. Mystery Guy

    I thought you couldn't be ripped off an a debit card, then our(Irish) government charged me a fiver stamp duty, arseholes -.-

  11. Supralobe

    Credit unions are annoying as you have limited options when it comes to ATM's but certainly worth looking into. It's generally a bad idea to put your money in a bank because the interest won't outpace inflation. Gold certainly would have been a good investment 5-10 years ago but now I'm not so sure. I would max out your Roth IRA every year, pay attention to your 401k, and put the rest of your money in mutual funds, stocks, and possibly ETF's, etc.

  12. Inachu Ikimasho

    you buy silver. I have now over a few years have over $5,000 in hard silver using just chump change over the years


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