How to save money with Pinergy Energy Services

**How to save money with Pinergy Energy Services**



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Electricity supplier Pinergy has announced the establishment of a new Energy Services division dedicated to providing both domestic and business customers with a range of energy efficient technology solutions.

In this video we interview CEO of Pinergy, Enda Gunnell about the new initiative. – Compare, Switch, Save!

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hello and welcome to this very special episode of bonkers daata eak TV where i'm delighted to be joined by Panaji CEO and ago and i thank you so much for taking the time to speak literally so we're here to talk about the launch of energy energy services tell us what it's all about the launch of energy energy services is the culmination of about a year's work where we've created a whole series of partnerships with energy efficient technology providers that we can partner with and as a result of that rollout to both our domestic and our commercial customers a very different energy supply contract and that really goes along with penalty's whole approach to the energy market which is to help consumers lower their bills by first helping them lower their consumption through the use of innovative technology solutions so give us some examples and be very welcome so consumers can expect once the energy services is fully launched absolutely typically people's decision to choose one electricity supplier over another is typically based on a price per kilowatt hour philosophy and our approach to the market is really to work with our customers to partner with them bring them technology and solutions and advice to help them reduce their consumption so from a domestic point of view a typical example may well be that we would as part of the electricity supply contract give our customers a complete LED lighting retrofit and what LED lighting does is that it provides that at least the same quality of lighting if not better but it uses about eighty percent less electricity therefore if you're burning less kilowatts you're spending less on your overall electricity costs also using our smart meter technology we can come up with innovative tariffs and products for both domestic and commercial customers for example we came out with a product earlier this year where we offered our customers free electricity on a Saturday or Sunday so rather than a discount based model free electricity trying to encourage people to change their behavior and using the the benefits and the technology available to smart metering to come up with something quite different in the marketplace so smart metering is being being a big part of penalties offering but what to take on the government's announcement or the serious enhancement of their intention to start the smart meter rollout in 2019 well we would very much welcome that we see that as an endorsement of the type of thing we've been doing for the last number of years in the marketplace so under the national smart metering program a full range of smart services will be available probably towards the end of 2020 for 2025 and delighted to say that Panaji and its customers can enjoy the benefits of smart metering and have been doing so since 2015 so you don't have to wait until 2020 for very good before we have to go and it's been a really interesting couple of weeks in the Irish energy market we've seen three suppliers announced their intention to increase prices we've seen the PSO levy go up tell us why customers should consider switching to pay energy if that's something that they're open to doing well I suppose in Panaji our approach to supply of electricity is very different to the rest of the market our approach is to try and work in partnership with our customers to help them understand their consumption to manage that consumption and as an extension of that to get control over their electricity spend and using technologies and information to reduce that consumption and as a result and reduce your spend on electricity so it's very different to just a discount based on tariffs excellent and thank you so much for your time thank you for watching if you want to read more about energy energy services you can do so right now on bunker start a forward slash blog and if you've any questions at all about Penner G's offer in the market just let us know in the comments below thank you very much

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