How To Save Money This Black Friday 2019!! ALL NEW Black Friday Hacks & Tips Plus A GIVEAWAY!!

**How To Save Money This Black Friday 2019!! ALL NEW Black Friday Hacks & Tips Plus A GIVEAWAY!!**



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I’m back with another money saving video for you today to show you how you can save loads of money this Black Friday 2019 with these shopping hacks.

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I have said it before and I will say it again, only buy what you can afford for Black Friday and what you need! Black Friday has a lot of great sales as does Cyber Monday, but so does Boxing Day, New Years Day and the Bank Holidays – Black Friday is great but don’t panic if you don’t get what you wanted, the sales will come back around. Definitely don’t get into debt over Black Friday!
I hope you like these money saving tips and more Black Friday hacks for 2019, I am doing a no buy year but I wanted to share with you all the money saving tips if you’re trying to save money in 2019 and want all the best tips for doing so!

If you’d like more budgeting, money saving hacks and info on how I have done a no buy year in 2019 you can watch more videos on it here –

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Lots of love, Lara x

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm gonna be back with another money second video for you today I have done a Black Friday hacks video in the past but I thought I would research it come at you with more amazing tips and hacks and just some amazing ways to save money you guys know I love to save money and I love to bring you guys the best budgeting and the money-saving tips advice so today I'm going to be doing black Freddie hacks but I'm also going to be doing a giveaway because I feel like you guys are such a loyal supportive network these days with my budgeting content I really love how we help each other out get involved in the comments I just think you guys deserve a little something so keep on watching to the end it's gonna be a biggie I think you're gonna love it don't forget to watch right till the end so you can hear what the giveaway is but let's just get with a hack shall we that's what you came for let's get going so these are things that are gonna be online first we're gonna hit the online and then the second half of this video is gonna be in-store shopping hat it's obvious I know because I've said it before but you guys need to be told again you've got a plan you've got a prep and you got a budget you can't be doing this on a whim guys Black Friday it's not the blade you need to be preparing yourself for what you want to buy when you need to buy it if it's gonna be something like a lecture cause you want to be buying it first off in the day because they other things are gonna save the most money on if it's things like a new coat you want to be making sure that you get the size that you want you've got to be prepared so make your list budget and don't go past that budget because it's not worth it marketing may lead you to believe this is gonna be the best sale you will ever see in your entire life I can use for you there's gonna be other sales guys just buy what you can afford and what you need my next tip is don't panic you can be in a bit of a whirlwind when it comes to Black Friday sales but don't panic if you don't get it on Black Friday you may well be able to get it on Cyber Monday this sales will continue and if you don't get it then there's a high percentage chance that there's gonna be a boxing day sale let me tell you so don't panic don't stray from your list and just go in with an organized mind my tip number three is the day before or maybe the week before all go into the online store and having a look of what you want put it into your basket but don't check out and then two things are gonna happen either one the brand will get in touch with you the next day to say hey you've got things in your cart that you didn't die do you want a discount on that or two if they don't do that on Black Friday you can go in and you know exactly where those items are they will be stored in your recently searched for and you're not gonna have to find them all over again just making it so much more streamline and quicker to get through to the checkout okay my next tip I think it might be five them before but we're gonna go with it let's say five it's just set up the quid Co cash back reminder tool you guys know I've been speaking about quid Co for so long and they are actually sponsoring at this video with the giveaway at the end so don't forget to keep on watching for that giveaway all you need to be doing is downloading the cashback reminder tool which by the way is like a no-brainer I have had so many messages from people saying things like they have earned four thousand pounds mind-blown just by using quid Co I've had people say they've two and a half thousand pounds 500 pounds it's not a scam I cannot tell you enough that this is legit and it is a money earning tool so if you're not using the cashback reminder tool then you are insane frankly because all it is is a quick Chrome extension I showed it in my last video I can show you the link here how to get it onto your browser and then every time you're searching for something rather than having to remember brain engage remember to use a cash back website it's all done for you it's there it's gonna tell you every single shop where it has a cash back offer and how much you can get and also additional money-saving advice do not be a cotton-headed ninny-muggins get the cash out reminder too and make sure you are making the most money every time you buy something online okay my next tip is – if you cannot afford to get Prime get it for the 30 day trial around now it's going to give you free delivery for every item that you're buying on Amazon and it's just gonna mean that you can cancel it afterwards if you can't continue but you're gonna get all of your Christmas shopping I don't love your Black Friday shopping delivered for free my friend okay so the online stores are going to be discounts things before in store so get in the mood for shopping the night before let me tell you you could actually get these deals the night before Black Friday if you're not too busy celebrating Thanksgiving we in the UK don't actually have Thanksgiving so that's fine I can log on at 11 o'clock at night and get ready to get the deals ok my next tip is to set up a doddle account and this will mean that all of your deliveries all of your many Black Friday presents that you're buying for Christmas within your budget can be delivered to a location close to you without having to stay in for work or miss the deliveries every time they come if you have ordered 5 things and then you have to wait in for them to be delivered you don't when it's gonna be let's just make it a doddle and go and collect it from a store nearby and it will be so much easier for you and for your delivery guy do you have to keep missing you when you've popped out or gone to work ok I did mention this in my last video and I'm trying to make sure these tips and hacks are all brand new for you but some of them are too good not to re say so this one is all about going into your Instagram favorite accounts and signing up for the newsletter this means that they are going to be emailing you with their discounts before you will see them online so give you the chance to get organized and get buying before everybody else also it gives you an idea of what they sell and how they styled it and things like that so if you're looking for fashion pieces obviously I'm not because I'm doing a no buy year it will mean the you are making sure you've got your eye on the pieces that you want before they hit the sales okay my next tip is let's not just focus on Christmas guys you may have a list of Christmas things that you're wanting to get for friends and family that is great good planning tip number one but also think ahead think of sunglasses for the summer think of things that you may need later on in the year next year but actually you're on sale now and actually probably heavier discounted because they are obviously on sale from the summer and with Black Friday discount ok guys we are about to move onto the in-store hacks and tips for Black Friday don't forget if you like the video definitely like and if you're new around here why don't I just ask you just to subscribe because I would love to have you here for all the budgeting homemaking and wanderlust content that you could ever ask for ok number one tip for in-store is get your gift receipts and make sure that they can be returned our to Christmas because if you are buying something in Black Friday sale and you're giving it at Christmas it may well only have a 30 day refund policy so make sure you're getting that and obviously get the gift receipt so they can't tell exactly how much money you saved on it my next tip and it is quite a good one for asking and being brave guys you can do this it's money-saving you need to do this if the if you've bought something recently and then suddenly it's on a Black Friday sale they may well be feeling nice and they may well honor that discount and give you either the money in a voucher to spend on their website fair enough or they may actually give you the refund itself okay we've got to be organized here guys you've got to work out your route the next tip is to plan around the shops where you gonna go first get your electricals first that's gonna be saving you the most money and then work your way around the store and know where those things are and also then store to store so if you're going to the Curry's or PC world places like that does that still exist I think it does go to those first and then maybe hit the town shops go to the department stores where the prices are highest the discounts are gonna be higher as well just plan your route and make sure you are sticking to it so that you're saving the most amount of time the next tip if don't go with a non shopper let me tell you I would not take my husband with me on the Black Friday sales if I were shopping for myself oh honey he's gonna hold me back go with someone that's a good shopper or go alone I mean I prefer shopping on my own when it's stuff like this because I just get it done if you are going with someone the next tip is to go to the shop and one of you can cute while one of you shops because the queues they're gonna be around the bend around the corner of the shop queue you can queue up and your friend can go and shop and then vice versa you go shop while your friend goes and queues for you my next tip and it's a bit of a sneaky one guys the shops are not going to tell you what's going to go into sale they're not going to tell you how much you're gonna be saving go in or maybe the Wednesday the Tuesday maybe the Thursday and go and put the pieces that you want that big coat that's gonna be expensive and ask them to hold it for you and say I haven't been paid yet can I come back in a couple of days and get them to hold it for you and then when you go back BAM you're gonna get the discount baby okay my next tip for in-store shopping is go in and try on those items before the madness of Black Friday because let me tell you you don't want to be going into those changing rooms on Black Friday because it will be absolutely eaten nuts go in and try these things on make sure you've got your size you want make sure you like it how it fits so you're not buying things I'm having to return them afterwards okay next thing guys you will need a little bit of a breakthrough here I think there's coffee shops I'm going to look into this but I'm pretty sure where you can actually order the things and collect it so you don't have to waste time queueing in that Starbucks queue because let me tell you who that will be like half an hour long I'm sure with everyone doing the same thing if you get the app it will be ready for you without having to queue tada that's a time-saving hack for you there guys and also if you can maybe one of you is queueing for the coffee the other one run the bags back to the car because they're going to be weighing you down and it's gonna be stopping you from getting in those clothes rails if you're looking for clothes and it's just gonna be weighing you down so take the time out go back to the car and put your bags in there keep them in the boots here people can't see them and just start back refreshed after a coffee and good to go again okay come out to the last cup of tips now get in early they sometimes even do giveaways for the first people through the door but also you're just gonna be there before hopefully the madness of too many crowds arrives so get in early and get your shopping done and then he can be home by lunchtime and you know you have a bit of a relaxed I just noticed the lights going a little bit crazy in here guys so so sorry about that if you're feeling like it's suddenly really bright which is about to happen right now don't forget your bags guys don't forget to get your bags before you go in because you're gonna have to be paying five pence if you're in the UK for every bag you buy get some eco reusable bags that you can take with you keep them in your car so if you are just tempted to go shopping at some point you already already have them there with you and you don't have to buy them again okay my final tip before we start the giveaway information is to dress comfortably I said this last year but you need to be dressed in comfortably don't wear a big coat you're gonna get too hot it's gonna be too crazy as it is you don't need to be hot and they overheating as well and also we're sort of leggings so that you can just chuck things on over the top so you don't need to be changing in the changing rooms you can just chuck it on we're a lightweight top as well and it's gonna stop you from having to queue up and wait around but obviously you would have already tried on your things if you followed one of the other tips but that's just another tip for you and of course if you're at home then dress comfy like loungewear on a coffee in hand you're gonna be comfortable for me I don't really have a shop in the shops well obviously I don't this year anyway but for Black Friday I always do it online because is just how much less stressful okay guys if you've stuck around well done because I'm gonna be treating you so if you're anything like me it's been a long old year it's been like quite a tough year doing this no bye and if you have been doing that as well I want to reward you and if you are just needing a bit of a winter tree I also want to reward you so what it's gonna be is a spa day treat for you and a friend or a partner or your mom or your dad whoever you want to take with you it's up to you and all you have to do is enter the free giveaway I'll leave a link in the description it's easy to enter you literally have to do three things so one of them which I'm sure you would have done anyway because let's be honest it's like my number one tip for making money and save you money is get the cash back reminder tool it's free to use it's literally clicking a button it's so easy and then everything is there for you when you're shopping to remind you to get your cash back and activate it and that's literally the click of one button so that's one thing the next thing is to get the app on your phone which makes internet browsing on your phone make sure you're getting the cash back there is again just an app from the Play Store or from the Apple Store and you literally click it and you can shop there and then it takes you via the cash back site to make sure you're getting your cash back and also the third thing to enter is to share it with your friends because let's be honest guys you should be sharing this with your friends they need to be getting these discounts and this extra money as well I'm not lying when I say someone told me they had earned over 4000 pounds just by going via a cash back site it's a no-brainer go into the description there's a link in there for the gleam giveaway and it is three simple things free to enter and you will be given a lovely spa day treat for you and a loved one courtesy of my lovely friends at quid Co whoo I'm so thankful too because honestly I've been shouting about critical for years and now it's great to actually work with them and be able to give you nice treats like this so thank you to them for giving that away to you guys and thank you to you for watching I hope this video was fun and informative and you've got some tips let me know in the comments if you've got any additional ones just get involved in the conversation I love you guys you are so engaged in this content and this week is gonna be money-saving week last week I did all my gift guides if you miss them I'll link them down in the description affordable eat sustainable gifts I've got one more gift coming which is eco actual products because the last one was like non-physical ideas so experiences over things so this week is all about money-saving and then next week guys is all about finding the best of everything in the supermarket so I'm going to be taste testing price testing make sure it's on budget making sure you get value for money things like mince pies because puddings turkeys everything like that so let me know if you want me to do it for any particular supermarkets or any particular foods and I can include it in those videos anyway I'm gonna get going cuz this video is so long oh my gosh thanks for watching I'll see you so saying bye if you are beady-eyed which most of you are let me tell you they mapped people that try and catch me out on my Instagram which is Loredana Jarvis they're like is that jumper new I'm like no you will have maybe seen this gorgeous necklace which was actually in my Christmas wish list after a year of doing a no-buy look at it guys in a woman's glory oh it's actually super long well let me tell you my beautiful schoolma'am besties saw my video and gave me her old one which was the one that I was saying that I really loved and I kept asking her where it was from and she was like I don't wear anymore and I want to give it to you so that you can enjoy it how nice is that so obviously and it's my birthday so she said it's my birthday present and I just think that's lovely and that's what I love about no buy because people are like into it as well and then it means that you know you're helping each other out so if you have something that you don't wear anymore don't be afraid to gift it to somebody because it may well be very well received and you're obviously saving yourself money in doing so by not buying you anyway I thought I'd add that for those eagle-eyed of you season

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    Your hair & makeup look good😊 I think the pink lipstick is more flattering than the red.
    Downloaded the app, but is that all we needed to do for give away? I dont do IG.

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    I watched your video like this last year And I loved it so much. Yeah I can see your other ideas in thus one,they are all good. I'm not entering as I'm already with Quidco from your suggestion before. You sound super quick today,you look very pretty xx

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    Good videos with some helpful tips! 😊
    I think the most important thing is to plan what to buy and watch the price before. Some offers on black friday are not really the best price. And also not buying anything always saves you the most money πŸ˜‚

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    I love yours saving money video 😊 Your makeup is realy beatiful and you too πŸ˜‰ maybe a makeup tutorial ? 😍

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    My black Friday list is really boring. I need a new hoover and a fitness watch. I've been tracking the price of the two I like the look of since September, to make sure I'm not duped by false offers.

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    Don't forget that John Lewis price match all deals and you get two years guarantee on elect rivals as opposed to the one year that most shops offer! ☺️


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