How to SAVE MONEY on Play Skins using Trade Ups!!

**How to SAVE MONEY on Play Skins using Trade Ups!!**



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Why buy skins when you can craft them?

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How to SAVE MONEY on Play Skins using Trade Ups!! | TDM_Heyzeus


50 thoughts on “**How to SAVE MONEY on Play Skins using Trade Ups!!**

  1. TDM_Heyzeus

    Check out Skinbay here –

    Q: What currency is the prices in this video?
    A: USD

    Q: How should I buy these skins?
    A: With buy orders. These are buy order prices

    Q: How do I make sure I get the right floats with buy orders?
    A: You can't. You just need to resell unusuable skins and keep buying until you have the floats you need

    Q: Won't I lose money if I resell skins though?
    A: Typically there will be enough of a gap between buy orders and the normal market price that you can resell for little or no loss.

    Q: What happens if I use the wrong floats.
    A: The entire earth collapses into a singularity and we all die. Actually it's not quite that bad, but you may end up losing money.

  2. Callum Wilson

    Hey man, love the videos, I was just wondering why so often there are so many different skins used in trade ups, I figured it would be easiest to use 10 of the cheapest skins in the collection that you want to trade up from. Cheers

  3. bichuter

    or you could go on csgoempire and farm the 15% bonus they have implemented ;D ( basically u can increase the price of it ) refferal code for a free case with 1% m4 neo noir ( code blyatman69hot )

  4. lio marizo

    i don't know what's the point of targeting palestin leaders and encouraging racists in your video ! your video was about trad up ,and now you show another content ! ,i was respect you until now ,you just lost a sub and get reported for intimidation .

  5. Finn McGillicuddy|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=2|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=3|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=4|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=5|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=6|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=7|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=8|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=9|24|802|0.00000001&custom[]=10|24|802|0.00000001 (if you come across this have a look, $250 average profit)

    (if not posted correctly 10 ump-45 momentums stat track)

  6. mozo

    Literally got scammed of my souvenir skadoodle d lore and stattrak karambit ruby so you owe me them now i dont care or ill call the police

  7. HeadHunter YT

    what does the avg float mean so the skins that I buy shouldn't be over the avg float or lower?? someone explain pls I'm new to this

  8. Shane Clough

    Just tried my first tradeup, went for a factory new AK Empress and got a god damn p250 see ya later.

    In AUD, it was $80 input for a 50/50 chance at either $25 or $200.

  9. Ктшник :D

    Best strategy:
    1. Acquire skins for a FN trade-up.
    2. I N S E R T
    3. Get the skin
    4. Sell the skin
    5. Buy a cheaper version of it, like MW or FT

  10. Joseph Rushing

    Enjoyed the video man, just wondering if you could do a video investigating some of the rapidly rising case prices (I recently looked at glove cases and realized that they had more than doubled since last I checked; same with many of the other older cases)

  11. Geerow

    For all who want to make the last trade up❗️

    The float of the minimum wear skins must be below 0.13! Otherwise the Usp-s neo noir and the ak47 asiimov field will be tested.

    Youre welcome.

  12. Mihai IGN

    Can someone plase explain how can you get low float skins using buy orders? Also how does the buy order work, how is it cheaper, if you watch the market history on the particular skin it will show the same price as the lowest seller, do the buy orders not show on market history? How does it work??


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