How To Save Money On Paper Goods

**How To Save Money On Paper Goods**



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hi guys this is ty from his or her money calm where we're managing money marriage and everything in between in today's video it's sort of twofold I want to show you guys some great bargains that I just received on paper goods as well as garbage bags but I also want to give out a few tips on how you can make sure that you find a great deal when shopping for paper goods and things like that for your own home and not necessarily always having to have a coupon so I just want to share a little bit with you guys so let's get started my first purchase here was from Target Scott 1000 some toilet paper you guys know for some of you all who have watched my how I use junk mail to save on toilet tissue you guys would know this Scott 1000 she's Perot is our preferred brand because of the bang that you get for your buck you guys have not watched the video I will make sure that I include all videos mentioned in the description box so you guys can definitely check it out because I have I shared a few great tips there as well – but Target recently had a you say 15 dollars off any fifty dollar household cleaning products I believe they had some cleaning products some paper goods but I believe it was primarily paper goods like paper towels toilet tissue even Glade was in it or glad Surrey was also in that deal and I want to encourage you guys to make sure that you're not turned off by the dollar amount anytime you see signs in the store and they're saying something like fifty dollars usually you know I like to keep walking because I'm like I'm not about to spend $50 on toilet paper today however you want to make sure that you pull out your calculator and that you do the math so I was able to get a great deal on this particular brand for a number of reasons number one this was a 15 roll back the original regular price for this was $12.99 per pack but this particular week while they were having the promotion each one of these packs were also on sale for $9.99 okay Plus on top of that they had specially marked packages with a save $1 now coupon right on the front of it so number one it was on film it was not its original price $12.99 so it was $9.99 number two I also saw a $1 off coupon on the front of it and number three I would get 15 a 15 dollar discount at the register at Target if I spend $50 or more in these select products that didn't necessarily have to be $50 worth of this Scott brand you can mix and match and that's actually what I did so I picked up five packs which came to about $49.95 one sale but I also needed to pick up a few of these I was able to use a coupon a printable coupon I think original price for these were two dollars and twenty-nine cents I had $1 off coupon this was also included in the promotion so this brought my total over $50 so I was able to save an instant $15 off and I needed these for my son's lunches I mention to you guys that I buy the big containers of yogurt and I portion out any yogurt or applesauce myself and I store these inside of the refrigerator without having to buy the individual pack yogurts which cost a little more so this saves our family a little bit more money so after doing the math guys I brought this damper roll to just 41 cents per roll not as good as what I did in my original video I believe it was like 39 cents per roll but this is still not a bad deal you guys you will kind of get to know some of your popular brands or your favorite brands that you like to shop for you get to notice what rocks the rock-bottom prices that you're willing to pay for it and I knew that 39 cents on up to about 45 cents was still a good deal for me to be able to stop pal on this particular item so 41 cents could not beat it so I immediately grabbed this up and therefore saving my family money so this brought it down to just six dollars and 19 cents per pack so remember regular price was $12.99 just by me using the in-store promotion the coupon as well as it was once filled it took it from $12.99 to just six dollars in nineteen so it's per pay right there guys I didn't have to print any coupons or cut out any coupons the coupon was right on the front of the package even if the coupon wasn't on the front of the package I still think that this was fairly a pretty good deal because you would have been paying $12.99 so that was an awesome bargain my next deal guys this was an amazing deal if you have a home depot near you you definitely want to check your local Home Depot stores or inquire about this this was unadvertised so my mother was just shopping in the store she noticed that this particular brand the HDX which I read online they have phenomenal reviews on this particular brand I think that it's a home depot brand but they had their drawstring kitchen bags on clearance guys 50 bags you see that 50 bags regular price was six dollars this was on clearance for two dollars and three cents per box oh my gosh that's like remarkable so therefore you know hey that's definitely a stock up price because I don't typically find any garbage bags you know on clearance a lot so what I do I do like to stockpile a few years back my husband and I were able to get a phenomenal deal at Menards for kitchen garbage bags guys and we didn't have to buy garbage bags oh my gosh I want to say for at least three to four years at least three to four years so I will be showing you guys in a future video where I stockpile some of my items and some ways that I avoid it from being non clutter ish because I don't like a lot of clutter whatsoever and I like things to be neat and in order so any time I'm stock palatal items like this I have to have a designated area for it or it's just gonna drive me crazy so when I saw this deal for two thousand three cents we jumped on it my sister's husband went to their local home deep well we kind of stay in the same area but he by his job he went to another Home Depot and he saw just a few other boxes on the shelf so what did he do he acts an employee that's another tip guys if you all are seeing any deals online or if I'm sharing deals with you guys and you don't see it when you go eggs-actly employ you to look it up in their system and that's just what he did guys and when he did that the employees say wow we have actually over a hundred of them in the stockroom so not always things are not always out there not always advertised employees don't always know but if you inquire you may just be surprised so they had over a hundred boxes in the stockroom so he was able to pick me up a few pick my sister up a few my sister Michigan up a few so we were really happy about that we did not get all hundred by any means but that was just the tip that I want to share with you guys for two dollars increase its the box we should not have to buy any garbage bags for a while so we were excited about that deal my next deal here are sparkle paper towels eight rolls now guys I have not crossed over yet to not using paper towels I know that a lot of you guys do use like rags that you all cut up or towels and things like that I've seen some people videos and they use that as well and I'm all for that I just not have I have not graduated to that step just yet it's just very convenient for me just to grab a paper towel right now is probably is a little wasteful but for right now this is where we are we still purchase paper towels for our home but we do it at a discount or on bargain at a great bargain now I picked these up at my local Kmart I share with you guys many ways that I can get free products at Kmart I'll make sure that I'll link that that video below but this particular day the sparkle paper towels the regular priced seven dollars and twenty nine cents they were on sale for $5.99 however if you are registered for Kmart or C or Sears shop your way rewards which is a free program you guys can sometimes qualify for even better discounts in the sale price so I was able to get each pack for 399 because they have their ads are usually in the front of the store and if you look through their ads they have instant coupons where you can say instantly for items and get them lower so I was able to save instantly on each one of these packs took the price all the way down at 399 opposed to the $5.99 sale price however I did not pay for any of these guys you know why because here's another tip guys for some of you all who may need prescriptions or things like that you definitely want to check out Kmart's pharmacy rewards program it works the same way just like your shop your we way reward it automatically goes up to your account but for every 5 prescriptions or refills feel you will receive $10 to spend in the store so that's what happened we finally had our 5 prescription mark my son he has allergies and asthma so I had to pick up a few inhalers for him to take to school and voila they printed up I had a $10 coupon instantly that I was able to shop in the store and get the paper towels for free and we were in need of more paper towels so I was able to get them for free so guys these are just a few of my tips on how we save money on paper goods on garbage bags for our family if you guys have any tips please leave it in the comment section below if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up don't forget visit us over at our website at his or her money comm and we welcome all new subscribers too please subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with any of our videos now guys don't forget to check out all the videos that I mentioned like I said I'll put them in the description box because I shared quite a few tips there too that will help you guys save money for your home therefore paying off debt and if you are debt free okay just still save you guys from having to spend more money than you have to for items that your family uses every single day so guys let's shop smarter shop wiser and let's just save our money alright guys well I hope you all enjoyed this video until next time I will talk to you soon bye you

24 thoughts on “**How To Save Money On Paper Goods**

  1. Ashley Rowzee

    Thanks for the Kmart tip for Rx….we just got a letter that our Pharmacy is changing. Hoping to see on list.

  2. Sabrina Estrada

    All great tips! Thank you Tai! I'm not into brand loyalty for most things, but my toilet paper is non-negotiable. I must have Quilted Northern. Lol.

  3. Alesha Jefferies

    Thanks for putting yourselves out in the YouTube community. I love watching & learning from you & Talaat. I just started a channel along the same lines & it's very exciting (& a little scary😁). Keep doing what you do!

  4. Alesha Jefferies

    Hey guys, thanks for your insight in all of your videos. I especially enjoy the Sunday Night Sit-Downs. I enjoy your personalities & your relationship dynamics! Keep doing what you do πŸ‘πŸ½ I just started my own channel along the same lines & it's exciting & a little scary 😁

  5. luvinlifeat40

    I have been using HDX brand for years. They are great quality and very affordable. I havent used any other brand for about 3 years now.

  6. Tamela Bowie Interiors

    Wow Tai! I am going to Home Depot to purchase those trash bags…great deal! Don't feel bad because in my household, we still use paper towels as well. It is just more convenient and in my opinion, more sanitary because they are disposable.

  7. Angel Mejia Valdez

    You should do a video on how to save money on cellphones and cellphone bills.
    Do you guys buy on contract or off contract phones and what is your preferred cellphone company.

  8. Laurie McMillan

    Happy dance time! I stopped at Home Depot this morning for those garbage bags. I got the last one and it was only a PENNY! I don't know if that's the case at any other Home Depot….don't want to cause a stampede πŸ™‚

  9. GettinGazelle

    I need to check out our Home Depots! We use the plastic grocery bags in our office and bathroom trash cans. But we still buy kitchen trash bags.

  10. Well Behaved Wallet

    Great tips! I go back and forth between Target and Costco for paper goods. Sometimes I have to weigh the "hassle factor", i.e. – is it really worth it to haul over to a different store to save something like 50 cents… Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

  11. Neelo & Blue

    Coupons aren't a huge thing here in Australia, but I never pay full price for our toilet paper (of course, I like the most expensive brand!). Every store puts it on sale now and again, it goes from 48c per 100 sheets down to 25c…but the other day I found it for 23c, so grabbed a couple of packets. My husband was like, "we didn't come here for toilet paper!"
    But we're always using toilet paper! I'll grab it when it only when it's not a good price. We're going to install a bidet hose to reduce our reliance on TP, too.

  12. YT4Me57

    The HDX 13-gallon kitchen trash bags are showing for $3.00 on Home Depot's website for the 25 count box. The 55 count box is $7.97. So you guys got a tremendous deal!!!

  13. My frugal life

    We don't buy trash bags. Out garbage containers are small enough to fit the grocery bags. And that's what I use. I might have to take trash out more often because they are smaller, but I don't pay anything for the grocery bags.

  14. Erika Murray

    Hello, you guys are an awesome couple, I love your videos. I live in the Naperville area and my store have the bags for $12. what area did you get your bags from? Thanks!

  15. Grandmasaves42

    That is an awesome deal on kitchen bags, I'll be stopping by my local Home Depo after work to see if my area has them on clearance!Β  Thanks for the information on saving money on paper goods.

  16. Living Weird Esther C

    Great deals. We are one of the families that gave up paper towels. It saves money and you dont have to store them. πŸ™‚

  17. OasisofBeauty

    I recently went to target and bought 4 shea moisture body oils, 2 body lotions, a deep conditioner, a shampoo, and a body scrub for $26. I used target coupons from the cartwheel app and the mobile coupons along with manufacture coupons. For some reason I was able to print out about 20 Shea moisture coupons from my phone and computer. Usually the limit is two but I didn't complain because I needed it! I was so excited because that haul would have cost around $90-100.

  18. Life As Crystal

    I always love doing deals like this at target. I remember when they had that promotion i stocked up as well! Thanks for sharing.


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