How to save money on Closing Cost when buying a home?

**How to save money on Closing Cost when buying a home?**



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On top of your down payment when buying a home there are things that need to be payed for at closing such as title insurance, survey, appraisal, HOA fees, taxes, property insurance, attorney & filing fees, home warranty, among others.

All these items will have sections in the contract as to who pays for what along with other terms which in most situations is 100% negotiable.

All these factors need to be considered when making an offer and how they effect not only your closing cost but the sellers bottom line as well…nobody wants any surprises at the closing table that might kill a deal or put your earnest money at jeopardy.

When it comes time to buy a home in the San Antonio area let us know and we will help you step by step through the buying process making sure all information and bases are covered.

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hello Joseph would go home how to save money on your closing cost when it comes time to close on the proper your purchasing on top of your down payment which is going to be required depending on what terms you're using VA FHA conventional all gonna have different requirements but on top of that there are things that need to be paid for such as lender origination fees who's paying for the title insurance survey Home Warranty want home warranty if you are getting one and one of the more costly is taxes home insurance who's paying for this HOA transfer fees all these things are gonna have different sections in the contract of who pays for what things such as survey title insurance 100 percent negotiable who pays for this so we're gonna sit down and go over this make sure you understand things such as home warranty there's a way to put that in the contract so the seller covers that from their proceeds at closing less money out of your pocket Lindner origination fee taxes there's a way to put that in the contractor as well just keep in mind it's gonna affect the sellers bottom line on their net proceeds so you need to put that into account when we are making an offer including it all in the terms so it's mostly attractive want to make sure your option fee is credited towards the sales price or down payment along with your earnest money what you put down upfront and that is there at closing held in escrow which can be used all this will sit down go over make sure terms are in your favor we negotiate best for your situation and that you fully understand so that there's no surprising surprises when closing does come if you have any specific questions let us know happy to help out however we can give us a call shoot us a text two one zero eight one six ten seventy seven and again go home thanks talk to you soon

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