How to Save Money on a Low Income

**How to Save Money on a Low Income**



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How to Save Money on a Low Income
Learning how to save money on a low income can be difficult. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck or worse, using debt to pay bills, the possibility of saving money seems far off. How are you ever going to plan for retirement or become financially independent if you’re spending every cent you earn? There are some easy ways for low income earners to increase their savings rate. No matter how broke you may feel, chances are that it’s possible to save money.

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37 thoughts on “**How to Save Money on a Low Income**

  1. Damon Keizer

    The idea that what you save matters more than what you earn is very liberating! Although I do think earning more is key to creating a greater buffer between your expenses and income so you can ultimately save more!

  2. Travis Williams

    If you can’t manage $5 you’ll never be able to manage $100,000. Get the management down then grow your wealth! Great video

  3. Justin Taylor - Let's Make Money

    Glad to see your channel taking off! I think I was like your 60th subscriber not too long ago 🙂


    I recently started biking to work a few days a week! It saves on some gas but the other day I got caught in a rain storm… only drawback so far haha…

  5. Naam Wynn - Personal Finance & Investing

    The property manager is a great concept. I heard of it before, but have yet met a person who have done it.

  6. Kirin Nguyen

    Awesome video! Owning a car can be very expensive. If public transit route isn’t an issue then taking the bus can save lots of money

  7. No Debt But Love

    I like your advice to cinsider property management jobs at the apartments you live. Being an Assistant Residence Hall Director saved me thousands a year in college on rent.

  8. Save Like a Pro with Leah

    Amazing Content! You are doing well with the Channel! I am just curious that why don't you show us your face?

  9. Hidden Freedom Investing

    Another advantage is they pay less in taxes. LOL. I love this video and hope that everyone in this situation can relate and learn from it. That cigarette reference is crazy, and sadly I doubt any smoker would think twice about it. Great video, great message.

  10. Just Frugal Me

    Great Content! Don't forget that successful saving is as much about mindset as it is specific activities. You have to set a goal and set checkpoints to make sure you are on track.

  11. Investing with Jason

    Excellent video! I think everyone should be saving as much money as they can. Doesn't matter how much one earns, just got to be smart with finances. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Blue Collar Money & Investing Channel

    Great tips! Live within your means. Most people can cut out some expenses and save a bit more .

  13. Pennies Not Perfection - A Merry Life, On A Budget

    These videos are always so well done Chris! A lot of people think you have to have a huge income to save but honestly you can save money on a low income too, you just have to be smart with what you do with the income.

  14. The Helpful Entrepreneur

    You have pointed out a lot of good ideas in order to decrease your expenses Chris….great job!! 😃👍

  15. Investing Engineered

    Great tips Chris! These are relatively easy to implement in one’s own life – but it’s all about having that money-saving mindset and taking action!

    I’ll definitely be considering some of these in my life 🙂

  16. shaylas78

    Hi Chris! Great video. So what happens we you believe in excercise, automated savings, planning for all money to have a designated home, but you can't find a partner who thinks the same way? Most men I meet spend more than I do and I make a decent income. I dont mind the spend as long as a person budgets for it and other important things dont suffer due to lack of good judgement. My only splurge is my coffee and I have a just for fun account. I have a savings for everything car tax(2020), car repair account (finished saving), clothing account(finshing savings goals this week), cruise 2020 (paid), Dubai 2021 (getting started) etc. All money is designated. If I don't designate where the money goes, I will wonder where it went. I know there is a guy that I have not met yet that thinks like me. I just finished school this Saturday so I guess I will get out and mingle a little.

  17. School of Personal Finance - Rich McCormack, CFP

    All reasons why increasing 💵 income is priority #1. Great Video Chris!


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