How To Save Money Booking A Cruise: Cruising On A Budget

**How To Save Money Booking A Cruise: Cruising On A Budget**



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Hi Cruisers,
Let’s be honest, cruising is expensive. Don’t get me wrong. As vacations go we think cruising is a terrific value. All the same, it can get expensive quick. In this episode we’ll launch a new series on how to save money on a cruise, or as we like to say; cruising on a budget.

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In this first episode we’re going to talk about how to save money booking a cruise. We’ve got cruise booking tips, ideas on how to get the best deal on a cruise, and other cruise money saving tips. In future episodes of “Cruising on a budget” we are going to look at how to save money on a cruise ship, how to save money on cruise excursions, how to save money on cruise drinks, and even how to shop for cruise gear on a budget. If you are looking to cruise for cheap, how to cruise on a budget, or maybe ideas on last minute cruise deals, now is the time to consider subscribing to CruiseTipsTV. We are going to have lots of great money saving cruise tips. It’s going to be fun.

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36 thoughts on “**How To Save Money Booking A Cruise: Cruising On A Budget**

  1. Sue Oxford

    Great video. Okay…I have a couple money saving tips. First, cruising out of a local port – that is a port that you don't need to fly into. Also, check the "Specials" often. Carnival's casino club is currently offering $100 per cabin with $100 onboard credit and free cocktails in the casino to a bunch of cruises right now. And NCL is offering free airfare, liquor and WiFi to past cruisers right now. I've cruised for "free" on Carnival many times this way.

  2. Douglas Anderson

    I am impressed! Were you ever in TV news? I don't think I've ever heard you utter an "um" once. Nicely polished channel.

  3. Morgan Miller

    Great video Sherri! For cruise insurance, do you normally revert to your CSR card or purchase a separate insurance policy?

  4. Carmen Rosa

    tell me the trick how you do it with your son being in school or he is home school?, that is my thing my son goes to school so i have to do it when he is off uggg.

  5. Virginia Hutchinson

    Quick question for all of you experienced cruisers with regards to Wave Season: Does Viking typically get in on the action with discounts, etc, during that time of year as well?

  6. Thomas Kemp

    Do not not rule out luxury cruise lines may at the service look like the are a lot more $$ but when you add in what they have that is included like drinks, Wifi, special dining, and sometimes even airfare and excursions. If you add all that is included plus gruops go down to 8 cabins on average.

  7. Jenna Sheppard

    I have a tip! Not sure if it’s been mentioned but if you’re sailing with MSC Cruises, get your status matched before you book. You’ll be given a Voyagers Club Number which can save you 5%. This equates to a few hundred dollars on our upcoming cruise on the Divina!

  8. Nanette

    We booked a 9 day cruise thru Costco and will get back $355 for the cruise plus a rebate from the credit card company and credit towards the end of the year on costco rebates.

  9. Catherine Kayne

    I use a RCCL credit card. My points are saved each year and I usually end up with enough on board credit to either pay for one person or tons of OBC. I also have a fabulous Tavel agent that gives me obc and a great price.

  10. Carole Van Luvender

    Great tip on checking booking prices. On princess cruises I was able to be reimbursed $700.00 on our cruise to Hawaii in feb of this year! They sent refund right to my checking account! These tips really do work. Thanks Sherri!

  11. thejokerspeaks

    #1. Reposition cruises, or at least off season
    #2. Booking future cruise certificates onboard (should have got 3 on our first HAL cruise!)
    #3. Owning shareholder stock for OBC
    #4. Watching those cabin prices, if not locked in
    #5. Eyeballing trends on previous sailings, knowing whether to book early or last minute for best savings.
    #6. Credit Card Rewards comping Flights and Hotels.
    #7. Good TA, and knowing a couple who have exclusive sales.
    #8. Booking Private Tours
    #9. Bring Breakfast Bars on AK cruise tours, and eat locally sourced food.
    #10. Getting good credit card rewards on the cruise itself.

    The Chase Sapphire Reserve is probably the best card for straight forwardness, and the travel portal, as well as travel insurance. I personally use the Bank of America Cash Rewards for 3-5% back on online shopping, and Sam's Club 3% for in person / over the phone travel. I also get OBC promos through American Express, and buy cruise line gift cards through Kroger affiliates.

  12. SINternet Entertainment

    We have only be on one cruise and wish you would have done this video back before we booked our. We paid and $7000 for airfare back-and-forth, a hotel and Lyft and a cruise. When we was on our cruise we did talk to people and they told us how to save money. They even gave us the Number to the person that they use to get on on their cruise for around $200 and they had a drink package.

  13. Joey Dieringer

    Last spring we booked a spa balcony cabin on NCL for a Greek Isle cruise in October 2020, which gave us a choice of two perks. Last month Norwegian was running a 20% off special for past guests, so we called our NCL customer service rep and ended up rebooking the same cruise. This time we received all five perks and saved $1,000. It definitely pays to keep an eye on specials for the cruise you want.

  14. Diamond Nicole

    I know a lot of people say cruising from a local port is a great way to save. Unfortunately (at least for me) it’s always 2 to 3 times the price to leave from a drivable port. Which may have to do with the amount of time it takes to get to islands so we always fly in .. we’re on for January 5 night cruise and paid 400 bucks each. What a steal for ocean view. We paid $10 extra to be able to get the on board credit so worth it for me. We plan on using cash to add to our account and sticking to the free things included. I never buy a soda package. Lemonade tea and juice are enough for me lol.

  15. Carolyn Speir

    I always use the rewards from my Norwegian MasterCard for the spa! It’s like getting a week at the spa for free!

  16. Dennis DAlessio

    Sherri, Great video and very informative. We for the longest time booked are own cruises. We now have a travel agent and she is the greatest. Not just making it easy for us during the booking process, but she was able to get us a $1500 refund after final payment due to her constantly checking prices. Also the Chase Sapphire Reserve card is one of the best cards out there. Thanks

  17. Carol Kalin-Lamberson

    I booked a Princess cruise in May/2019 for April/2020. I have caught three times since booking where the fare for our cabin has gone down! I have been so far able to save over $1,400 dollars!!!

  18. Cathy Cordell

    I have cruised during wave season. I book through a AAA travel agent. My next cruise is next month. We had booked an interior room, decided we wanted a balcony. When we changed Princess Cruises was having a sale. The balcony room was less expensive and had more on board credit.

  19. Charles Duboise

    Booking a February cruise is one way to save a lot of money but even in February I booked my next cruise starting the 23rd of February but the week just a little over a week before on Valentine's day cruise that cruise was couple of hundred dollars higher so wanting a week saved a fair amount of money

  20. Robert R

    I belong to AARP and use their website (associated with Expedia). I find it very easy to compare prices, itineraries and get ship information from the site. Plus, AARP often has additional perks that you won't get from the cruise line. On four cruises I received at least an additional $250 (on each cruise) of on board credit from AARP in addition to the deal with the cruise line that gave me credit. You don't have to be 50 to join. Sign up for price alerts from A cruise I booked last January for this November dropped in price in early August. I was able to save $300 before the payment due date (although I lost $100 in on board credit, leaving me with a measly $650 of OBC). Then, two weeks later, the price dropped again. I saved another $600 (but lost another $100 in credit but it was worth it). Every time I see that email that shows a price drop I'm right at the AARP Travel site to check out how much it changed. Booking early pays off. I booked another cruise last September for this November. The price today is about 3 times what I paid then. Getting a suite can save you money depending on the deals being offered. My Celebrity cruises got me a free premium drink package (for 2), free wifi (for 2), free gratuities (again, for 2) and on board credit (based on the cruise fare). If you like those perks it can be cost effective to upgrade your usual cabin class. In addition you get priority embarkation & debarkation, a private lounge and restaurant, and a butler (!). Your cabin will also be bigger (we got a smaller suite that included a bathtub).

  21. Rileigh Byars

    Hey cruisetiptv Is there anyway that you could do a live pack with me it would help me pack for my cruise thanks❤️

  22. Deborah Sugden

    As a solo traveller I keep my eye on sales. Last fall NCL was taking Canadian $ at par so I booked a studio cabin for a January cruise and saved myself a bundle. It was my first time travelling solo & I had a great time. So in July I found a 21 day LA to NY sailing – 1 of my bucket list cruises – where a balcony was less expensive (for 1) than a studio! So how could I pass that up – I couldn’t. Setting sail on November 3. So excited!

  23. The Summit Push

    Really good video, as always. The credit card tips is a huge one for us. We always save lots of money by leveraging that. We appreciate you and your channel!

  24. Garlanda Joyce

    These are great tips! We are sailing in Dec and we booked an oceanview room to save money. We always check the cost for interior as well but sometimes the price isn't a whole lot more so we book OV if possible. So far we've been able to save big time on our hotels. My husband uses to book for any work trips (2-4/yr) and after 10 nights you earn a free stay valued at the avg cost of the 10 days. We had 2 hotel credits built up so we were able to get 2/4 hotel nights for basically $30/night since we only had to pay the fees/taxes. That was a savings of over $200! We also got a new credit card recently that gives us lots of Airmiles and we were able to use those to cover the 2 rental cars we will need before/after the cruise. We only had to pay $40 cash total for 4 days worth of rental cars. The savings we earned from all of these things allowed us to get tickets to take our kids to Legoland a few days before we set sail. We also use points where possible to pay for things like hotels and rental cars.


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