How to save money as a family – check out our tips | ASB

**How to save money as a family – check out our tips | ASB**



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How to save money – ASB has tips to make it easier to save money as a family. Visit or watch more ASB money tips at

Our money saving tips include; setting goals together as a family, planning ahead, and joining ASB Save the Change.

Setting goals as a family can be fun, particularly if your goal is something motivating like saving for a holiday. With everyone working together towards the same goal, it is easier to stay on track.

Planning ahead is important, as impulse buying can be a barrier to saving. If you write down the things you want ahead of time, you can then decide together as a family if you really need to purchase the items.

ASB Save the Change helps you to save by automatically rounding up your electronic transactions and transferring the difference in to your ASB savings account. This way, you can save money as you spend.

Watch our video guide to saving money and visit to start saving with Save the Change.

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So you want to start saving money…that’s great. A fun way to do it is to set a savings goal, and get the whole family involved. To start off, get everyone in your family to stop buying things on impulse… instead write down whatever they want in a calendar on a date 7 days ahead. When the week rolls around, decide together if you still want the items. Otherwise, why not transfer the amount you would have spent into a savings account? Another great way to save easily when making everyday purchases is to set up ASB Save the Change. Save the Change rounds up your electronic transactions to an amount you’ve chosen, and transfers the difference into your ASB savings account. So you save money as you spend. If you have young kids, try giving them pocket money every month instead of every week, and help them divide it up. This will teach them longer-term money management. In a few weeks you and your family can learn many simple savings habits, and it will get easier to save as you see your savings grow, bringing you closer to your goal. For other ideas, check out more ASB Money Tips.

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