How To Save $118 On Your Water Bill

**How To Save $118 On Your Water Bill**



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My dripping faucet was costing me $118 dollars a year! Time to fix it! A dripping faucet costs money every minute of the day…but how much? My dripping shower was being neglected (honesty is the best policy)…partly because I’ve wanted to measure it and make a video. This video illustrates what I found and details the math of how I figured out the dollar amount hitting my wallet. It was more than I thought! Yikes! I’m making time to fix this faucet.
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how much money does the trip cost let's find out my shower has a pretty bad trip i catched the water and set a timer for 15 minutes measure the captured water and multiply by 4 for a whopping nine thousand three hundred and seven point five gallons per year at a cost of a hundred and eighteen dollars picture drips save big money twenty six second green you got time for this if you're curious about my calculations here's the math 4.25 cups for every fifteen minutes equals 17 cups per hour multiplied by 8760 hours in the year for a whopping total of a hundred and forty eight thousand nine hundred and twenty cups per year divide that by 16 cups per gallon for a total of nine thousand three hundred and seven and a half gallons my water rate is four dollars and 85 cents per thousand gallons but I'm billed for sewer as well based on my water consumption and that has a rate of seven dollars and 82 cents per thousand gallons for a combined rate of $12.67 per thousand gallons of water nine thousand three hundred and seven point five gallons divided by a thousand multiplied by $12.67 equals a hundred and seventeen dollars and ninety two cents ouch time to fix the drip our mission at Green Schwartz is to help you see green so you can be green and save a little green thanks for watching and please subscribe for more 26 second green

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    I don't have a broken faucet drip- I have kids that close the taps all the way. I just showed them the video and told them they need to turn the faucet off all the way or the $188 was coming from their allowances. Haven't seen a drip since! LOL


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