How to Paint Countertops - Looks Like Slate - $65 DIY Budget Friendly Kitchen Update

**How to Paint Countertops – Looks Like Slate – $65 DIY Budget Friendly Kitchen Update**



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Today I’m bringing you along as I update my kitchen and paint my laminate countertops. This was a very easy and budget friendly way to refresh and update your kitchen! I am certainly not an expert by any means, however, I will show step by step the products I used and how I used them. I hope this video inspires you in your search for a way to renew your kitchen.

Supplies Used to TRANSFORM my Countertops:

Minwax One Coat:

Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer:

DecoArt Americana – Zinc:

DecoArt Americana – Slate Grey:

Martha Stewart – Wet Cement:

Craft Smart – Nickel: Found at Michael’s Craft Store

Finnabair Mica Flakes: Found at Michael’s Craft Store I am an Amazon Affiliate πŸ™‚ Any Amazon links found in the video or in the description box may produce a small commission for me from Amazon. Thank you for your support!

27 thoughts on “**How to Paint Countertops – Looks Like Slate – $65 DIY Budget Friendly Kitchen Update**

  1. Marlena Smith

    Hi Lisa! Great job on the project and taking photos of the process! Beautiful! I want to do this to my kitchen sink and do a kraft paper floor in our laundry room. As an artist and visual art educator. Why should I let someone else charge me to do what I want and can do. Great job!!!


    Can you do this to butcher block counter tops? Remember I am someone that is having to learn to do some things to update at a budget so if I ask a stupid question bear with me.

  3. Cindy B

    I tried this when I bought my home 5 years ago just on my island to start. LOVED how it came out UNTIL I added the polyurethane. Used brushes, sanded, rollers, sanded and it never came out without marks in it from them. Of course I left it that way until replacing it a few years later.

  4. babyluvsmusik

    Great video! I noticed your dishwasher. How did you make it pretty? Is there a how-to video for that look?

  5. christine cervantes

    Why didn't you do the countertops before installing the new sink? coating the counter with resin instead of clear coat would have solved the mica problem and resin is SO easy to use and is far more durable. You'll be very lucky if that thick layer of polyurethane does not start to peel eventually.

  6. Tricia Brandt

    this looks great and thanks for the step by step directions..I would update the knobs though since they are dated..

  7. Sandra Adams

    Great job. I actually did the same thing to my counter tops in 2004. My plan was to buy me some time. In a few years I would be able to afford to have new ones installed.
    WHO knew???
    Here it is nearly 16 years later.
    They have held up wonderfully. They need a little attention around the edge by the sink. That's all. We're getting the house ready to sell and I am thinking I will go over the top with a new color.
    This is well worth the time. I've had tons of complaints over the years too. You did a good job.

  8. Robert Chriske

    My ceramic floor is a lot like yours in color . Would like to do the countertops in an off-white in light-colored rust and brown. Would that be possible? Like 50/50. Just a little less Darkness

  9. titli ila

    wow that's really beautiful
    I would like that colour for my floor
    and seal it with epoxy
    do you think that's possible?
    thanks mate!!!

  10. Mary. Reynolds

    Very, very cool. You did an awesome job. And explained everything so well.
    Now you got me to thinking of looking into this possibility.
    Thank you.


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