How To Fly For Free - Student Pilot Or Private Pilot

**How To Fly For Free – Student Pilot Or Private Pilot**



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Ever wondered how expensive it is to get flight training done? well it can get real expensive very quickly. Whether you’re just starting out as a student pilot or you are already a certified private pilot, Here are 3 proven methods you can use to start your Flight training today, and it won’t cost you a dime out of pocket.

34 thoughts on “**How To Fly For Free – Student Pilot Or Private Pilot**

  1. Alisha Walls

    Hi Mojo. What can you do or what benefit is there to free online pilot training? What are the benefits and cons of a bachelors degree as a pilot versus a certification. I expect to have be be a cfi upon completion, sputhwest / united to fed ex or ups is my goal.i already have a bachelors in another field. But i do not know what is benefit of bach over cert. Thank you.

  2. Michel

    "The average pilot flies a hundred hours a year." If you're talking about PPL holders that fly as a hobby, I wish I were living in such a place. Where I'm from the average pilot will fly the bare minimum to keep his license, and the guys that make flying their primary objective and invest all the time and money they have on it will fly at most 50 hours a year. Beyond that I find only pilots that will pursue a commercial approach later on.

  3. Dean Phillips

    I'd also, add that in addition to the Civil Air Patrol, there are also, opportunities to fly for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Aviation. I belong to USCG AuxAir here in Florida and I'm in training to fly on observation flights on aircraft volunteered by their owners (themselves, USGA Aux members) for USCG missions. It's taking a while to get through a lot of training. But, I'll be flying first for six missions as an Observer, then training for Co-Pilot. For Co-Pilot or Pilot roles, you obviously need your Private Pilot's license. However, for those that want to fly as Observers, they can train for that role without having a PPL. The roles require an extensive background check. We have Grumman Tiger, Cherokee Six and Saratoga planes flying in our Flotilla. And you're serving your Country. Here's a link to more info.

  4. M Chap

    A good way to get flight time after you get your PPL is to join the civil air patrol. They normally have planes and will reimburse your fuel cost when flying missions. The great thing about this method is the more you make yourself available the more you will be called upon to fly missions for them.

  5. TimTV

    I didn't ask for the first option; however, I have an A&P Certification and always offered to do the grunt work on the maintenance of the aircraft (while I was a student pilot) for free if a particular flight school if they would offer continuation of my flight training; unfortunately I usually just ended up doing the A&P work with no flight reward and had to resign while at least trying to persuade them to get money out of them for me being the one freely fixing their planes without the reward. They eventually only gave me the gas money it took me to get there, and what I actually had put in between home and work cost me more even after their small offers.

  6. Kostina Trnava

    Lovely Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you tried – Rozardner Flying Bird Reality (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great one of a kind product for how to get pilot license minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my m8 after many years got cool success with it.

  7. Clarence Watson

    Just start planning for the PPL-H. Found a College with an Aviation Degree Program for Rotor Wing. But if working is a better route then I’m on it. Great Video.

  8. Seraphina P

    how would you go to the school and ask to work for free in exchange for the flight training? I'm about to start my private, and it may appear like I'm soliciting or illegal if I asked them that…how did those you knew who did that go about it?

  9. Chuck La Mont

    Good video Mike and again your right on the money. Early in my flight career bought an older Cessna 172 and did a lease back this is back in 1972, they paid the insurance, maintenance etc, when I flew it just had to for fuel used wet time to me that was a bargain, footnote one of my first instructors charged me $ 12.00 an hour wet pre-solo his personal plane in his backyard circa 1970…

  10. Sara Beth Williams

    Mike is right here about leasing your own plane to a flight school. My brother had a twin that he leased out to a school. It started to get thrashed. He didn't like it so he eventually took it back.

  11. epic save

    wait a minute my friend check faa regulations that would fall under flying for compensation, you can't receive free flight time as compensation.

  12. ELK

    Another option is to start a business, earn the money through the business to complete your pilot certification and then write off that educational expense as a legal tax write off for the business and go on to bigger and better things.

  13. redfox435cat

    When your ferry someone else's plane "for free" or your flying someone else's plane to go get parts or whatnot you need to keep that shit on the down low. It is breaking the fars because flight time does have a monetary value, fuel, oil, tires, engine time all has a calculable time value. It is harder to enforce than say taking your buddies for a ride and charging them the rental fee but if you go around bragging about it you will get popped to the tune of 20k in fines and losing your cert for over a year.
    If I take someone for a ride I'm not really good friends with I'll charge them the cost of fuel. Running the numbers for me, the cost of fuel is right around 50%.

  14. Jack Ray Long III

    Most of the employees at my school here in Vegas do the number 2 route. I have about 4 flights left before I go for my checkride but I already am working on getting hired there myself. Number 1 is a good thought though and number 3 personally is my favorite idea. Just be nice to fly whenever you want for free if you can offset those costs.
    Check my videos out let me know if any of you guys have flown a C162 Skycatcher before!

  15. Veni Vidi Amavi

    some great tips, but some are not totally accurate, for example I work at my local FBO but they do not do trades…it's just too expensive.
    wishing you sunny skies! 🙂


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