How to Find Cheap Flights Anywhere Save money

**How to Find Cheap Flights Anywhere Save money**



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hey guys so your happy girl Jenny here and today's video is very exciting because I'm going to answer a question that I get asked all the time and that is how to find cheap flights I've used these tools to book a flight from the u.s. to Norway for about three hundred dollars and it's actually how I saved about two hundred and fifty dollars on this last trip from Nebraska to Koh Phangan Thailand my number one trick my number one things the very very very first thing that I do is I get on Skyscanner comm it's an app you can download it to your phone it's a website you can go check out the website Skyscanner is awesome because unlike the other ones kayak and Expedia I don't even use those so I don't even know the names it actually searches all these tiny little airlines that aren't big and well-known and it's going to help you find these obscure webs of Airlines that are going to fly for cheaper Skyscanner super cool because if you're not picky about where you're going say you wants to just go to Asia somewhere you can just go in there type you're exiting Airport so I usually fly in Denver Denver Colorado so you would type Denver and then I can click Asia and then I can click for the month of September and I can see all the different places in Asia that I can fly what they approximately what the cost and then you can get in there and and really check it out you really really really don't care you can actually type everywhere most people are more more picky than anywhere or everywhere or I need any day of the month but those options are available to you right on there and Skyscanner second tip is you should be somewhat flexible in your dates I usually end up flying on a Tuesday or Thursday as opposed to the weekends so you're gonna get a little bit cheaper there not only is it good to be flexible with what days you're flying out but also what airports you're flying out of to fly out of Denver to Europe or to Asia it's still pretty far so you're better off searching in like Florida or LA or New York or something like so I always check those flights so for example when I was flying to Thailand I had to get to Bangkok essentially so instead of just searching Denver to Bangkok I searched Denver to LA Denver to New York Denver to Florida all these different major hubs and then from those hubs I searched to Bangkok maybe you don't even fly to Bangkok I flew from Nebraska to Denver Denver to LA LA to Tokyo Tokyo to Bangkok I know that's a lot of flights but think about it I kind of went literally on the other side of the world from little town Nebraska it's not a super easy thing to do anyway if you're flying out of Chicago or LA it's a little bit easier okay next thing pack carry-on pack lights it's the best option for you if I would have paid for a check bag on every one of those flights I think it could have bought a new bag and everything inside of it once I actually got to the place where I was going my my last piece of advice which is my Golden Nugget my favorite thing in the whole wide world is the Norwegian airline their planes are absolutely fantastic and you can save a ton of money you have to go to a very very specific page on their website that not everybody knows about what you can do is you can search from Florida all the destinations that they fly to from Florida and you can see how much it will cost you to fly to that place in that month and you can search months in advance you can fly to Denmark four hundred and fifty dollars okay so four hundred fifty dollars spend a couple days in Denmark then get a connecting flight to wherever you're going wherever you want to eventually end up worth it I just told you guys like I just told you all my flying secrets um I hope that they help you I hope that you get to get that ticket and I know what you're thinking tickets are expensive I can't do it but it's not true you can get a plane ticket to pretty much anywhere from pretty much anywhere for about a thousand dollars it's the same as if you save $20 a week so what is that two Starbucks coffees and one meal out anyway it's possible it's doable I can't wait to see you I hope you buy a plane ticket soon you can subscribe below for more travel tips and more random videos for my travels and let me know what questions you have and remember you are truly awesome made it to coat ow

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