How to Cook for the Week on a Budget - Beginners Guide

**How to Cook for the Week on a Budget – Beginners Guide**



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1:10 – Yellow Rice
6:10 – Crispy Chicken Thigh
12:42- Roasted Vegetables
17:50 – Mango Coleslaw
27:45 – Worlds Easiest BBQ Sauce
32:12 – Herb Peanut Dressing
37:35 – Spiced Crispy Flatbreads

the almighty mama-jamma of cooking tutorials. Stop wasting your money on going out every time you need breakfast, lunch and dinner! Start impressing your work and school mates, and of course your stomach with the insane meals you will be whipping up and whipping out! Come join the brothers green for 45 minutes and learn how to feed yourself for the week!

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46 thoughts on “**How to Cook for the Week on a Budget – Beginners Guide**

  1. Alternate

    Jesus Christ! I tried this! Followed ALL instructions…f*ck it was delicious! Congratulations guys, you're awesome!

  2. Cyria the girl

    Thank you for inspiring me to cook again. I used to cook and do my own thing, but sickness left me unable to stand in the kitchen for a long time. I never really got back into it, until now.

  3. Joanne Reading

    I laughed out loud several times while watching and I learned new cooking skills. Win win 😂😊

  4. Juan Rial

    31:20 – pick nose
    31:40 – transfer to cutting board
    32:45 – and why not touch the ingredients with that finger as well?

    Combined with all the stuff that fell on the floor and was simply tossed into the meal without even rinsing, I gotta say. You guys are really big on hygiene… 😉

  5. Donna LaPrade

    Hey! I invented stove top pizza😁 I have also made meatballs and muffins on top of the stove! Love thinking outside the box!
    You guys are doing a good service for everyone. Thanks!

  6. Maggie Taskila

    That core is great in soup cut it small and toss it in , it gets tender . K8nd of reminds one of kohlrabi .

  7. Adnan Nawaz

    Actually the best way to make rice i found is in a enamaled cast iron pot. You can find a cheap one at Home Goods for 40 bucks. Buy the smallest. Then use 1:1 ratio for rice and water PLUS extra 3/4 cup of water for evaporation purposes. Your rice will come out PERFECT. Try making 2 cups. If you want to make 1 cup then use 1.5 cups of water. As soon it water starts boiling, cover it and let it simmer for 15 minutes. let me know if you try this method.

    You can add a little oil if you'd like. For that heat the pot, add oil then washed rice, mix them in the oil. Then put hot water or cold water (put cold water slowly so as to not change the temperature of the pot too quickly and crack it.)

  8. Julia Bradley

    Rice, dried black beans, dried chick peas, oatmeal, bouillon, powdered milk, vinegar and flour are something you should always have in your pantry. If you have those ingredients you can make any number of things including cheese, depression sausage, bean patties, tortillas, pasta, and chickpea tofu. I hope you reach a lot of people out there .

  9. Jade Eden

    im a stay at home mom/student, and im totally procrastinating on the student side while enriching the mom side with food videos… YUMMM

  10. Dejan Markovic

    These videos are so simple and useful…I just wish the longer-haired dude would stop trying to be amusing with those dances n shit…but other than that, I've learned more from these couple of videos than…well, I've never watch a cooking video before, but still…those two ''beginners'' videos are eye-opening!

  11. Charles Bronsen

    Are these spice jars on the right side wall stacked like I assume? Or are they sticked together with magnets? Well It's possible. Sorry got distracted, but since I'm from the HSA my eyes can't ignore this potential risk zone. 😊
    HSA= Home Security Agencie 😆

  12. Natasha Spiers

    It's so awesome that you two share the same passion and have brought us along on your epic journey 🙂


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