How To Clip and Use Dollar General Digital Coupons!

**How To Clip and Use Dollar General Digital Coupons!**



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hey guys so it occurred to me that I'm always posting videos about Dollar General and talking about their digital coupons and yet I've never really explained how you get these digital coupons because some of you guys might have never used digital coupons before you don't even know what I'm talking about so so I'm on a Dollar General website right now now I'll tell you guys typically I do all my couponing my digital couponing on Dollar General I do it on the app but it's very similar looking on the app I'm just going to show you how you can do it on your desktop or laptop or whatever I'm literally just at Dollar General calm and I'm going to click right over here see it says sign up or sign in so I'm going to click on the digital coupon part now since I already have an account I'm going to sign in right here but if you've never done this before you click sign up and then it will just have you put in your cell phone number right here and then it will send you a code and you'll like verify that that's your phone number and then I'm not sure exactly what step is after this but don't think there's much to it after that you might give them like your email or something like that but it's very simple all right so I just signed into my account so you can see that I've already got some things going on here there are 169 available coupons I've already got 44 of them clipped to my account I'm going to show you how you clip coupons to your account like I said it looks a little bit different on your phone if you're going to be using your phone to do this but it's pretty much the same principle if you're on your phone or your laptop whatever but for example first off the bat here we have the five off 25 so this one says it's valid on Saturday so it's five dollars off your purchase of twenty five or more if you want to have this coupon in your list see this Add button you click that and then now it's got a check mark by it and it has added it to my list you had added it now I have 45 coupons that's basically all it is you're going to scroll through all these coupons there will be several of them like I said how many are there 168 you're going to scroll through all these look at the deal see if there's things that you like to buy even if there's something that you're like maybe I would like to buy that make sure you clip them because while you can I mean I just all the time if I'm in the store and I find something on sale I'll go through and scroll through the coupons really quick and clip ones that maybe I hadn't already clipped but the best way to do it is just clip them if you're like me I like to dial so I'm going to add that I mean just like clip things that you think is possible you would want to buy so they're there in your list and they're available to you so honestly right now I don't think there's any more that I need to clip I don't really haven't seen any new ones on here in the last couple days so I'm not going to clip any more out we've actually I might close this Palmolive line just in case you know you never know so the coupons are all in your account so then you go to Dollar General you shop around you get your deals whatever you're wanting to get and then you get to the checkout so what do you do it to check out how do you use your coupon first I want to say this if you're going to be using a three off 15 survey coupon if you don't know what that is so for example here is my receipt from the other day when I did my dog food deal at the bottom of your receipt there is typically a thing it says say three dollars off your next visit DG customer first com tell us what you think about your store visit today and receive a coupon for three dollars off your next purchase of 15 or more so I'm covering the code right here as my fingers but basically you put in this code blah blah blah and at the end of the survey you print out a coupon that is three dollars off if you spend 15 or more I just wanted to warn you guys if you're going to be doing the 3 or 15 bill don't do what I've done before since 3 or 15 is a paper coupon you will want to hand that that coupon to your cashier first because if you put in your digital coupons first and then it takes your total below 15 and you're like oh I've got this 3 or 1538 coupon you hand it to them your total is going to be under 15 so the 3 or 15 isn't going to apply does that make any sense so I know it's kind of a lot to think about when you get the checkout but make sure that you hand them that three out 15 first unless you're just buying like a lot of stuff and no your total is going to be well over fifteen dollars but that's just your own discretion I always like to hand them the three or 15 first then if you're not even doing that if you're just using digital coupons I want you guys to see when you're checking out this is just a picture I found online a little screen like you know where you swipe your card or all that kind of stuff there will be a button that says DD digital coupons sign in or join this is like a touch screen thing so all you do is touch that little screen and then the next thing that pops up will be this and all you do is type in your phone number and with the little keypad or whatever and then whatever coupons you have clipped to your account will apply you know they'll run it runs through the list through this little magical computer brain and applies the coupons to the items that you are purchasing and it's that simple you know you don't have to like hander all your paper coupons in sets all digital after that all of your coupons will go through hopefully and that is it so it's pretty simple I really like the way Dollar General those are digital coupons I'll I think it'd be cool if like Walmart came up with some kind of system like this where you can just type in your phone number and apply coupons that was really cool I just want to let you guys know how to do this in case you've never done it before if you've never done digital coupons before I literally just started using digital coupons and couponing in general I just started it like in February January or February so I'm still very new to this myself I just would recommend starting out with small deals because I don't know I'm doing here just like changing the background for you guys start out with small deals if you're a beginner because you don't want to get like overwhelmed with too much all at once like I'd say the first time you go in try to just use digital coupons you know just have to enter your phone number at the checkout you know whatever and then after that maybe try stepping it up and using a three off 15 on top of your digital coupons and just work from there and you'll get more used to it and yeah and then also you can you paper coupons on top of all of this as well on top of three or 15 and the digital UK newspaper coupons as well at some stores I've heard some people he pant but if you guys have any questions let me know in the comments below and I think that's it I hope you guys liked the video if you did please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe if you haven't already because I post a brand new video every single Friday so I'll see you guys next week I hope you have a good Memorial weekend and I'll talk to you later bye

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  1. Shorty Duwop

    Will the digital coupon stay on your list? I’d like to try this, but need to use the digital coupon twice in one transaction. I hope I’m making sense.

  2. Katherine .km1

    Very helpful video. I'm planning on starting couponing in the next few days. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Brenda Wright

    Hi I'm so happy you should me how to work the coupons at dollar general I swear your videos was right on time I'm going in the morning so thank you thank you so much I am a beginner to my first day is tomorrow

  4. Cornelius Thomas

    If I Have More Than 1 product associated with the coupon Item Will The System/Coupon Take Off For Each Product?


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