How to Budget for Christmas 2019/Christmas in July COLLAB

**How to Budget for Christmas 2019/Christmas in July COLLAB**



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Today I’m going to teach you how I intend to slash my Christmas Budget in HALF!

This is a Collab with these 2 FABULOUS WOMEN!



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it's Christmas in July this year I'm planning to cut my Christmas budget in half want to know how keep watching welcome back to Cait Canaan current subscribers did you just notice that intro is a little different let me know below if you like it or if you like the original I just felt like this topic needed a little pep so I changed it today I'm gonna teach you how I am going to strategize to cut my Christmas budget in half really Kate how are you gonna do that and how much do I spend at Christmas time I'm going to give you all the deets but before I do that please take a second hit the thumbs up hit subscribe hit the bells this all really helps my channel and I am so excited to dive in to the Christmas budget 2019 it wouldn't be Christmas without spreading and sharing the Christmas love with others today's video I am so so thrilled to share is a collab with two amazing ladies the first is Mary from a merry life on a budget and the second is Christiana from well-behaved wallets if you've never seen these ladies before I'm gonna leave the links to their videos down below please check them out after you watch this between the three of these videos I'm hoping you are gonna be so prepared for Christmas 2019 and now it's time to get to the juicy part how much do i normally spend on Christmas my typical budget each year is one thousand dollars how many people am i shopping for I just consulted my spreadsheet from last year yes I have a spreadsheet and I have about 30 people that I was gifting for last year the first thing I would do get a notebook and a pen and write down who you are intending to gift for don't forget your your parents grandparents friends co-workers if you have children their teachers or coaches and write all the people that you intend to give something to acknowledge them at Christmas next go through it again and see who you can remove I'm not trying to be a jerk I'm trying to be realistic sometimes the initial list might be different than the actual list go through it again and see if there's anyone that you really don't need to shop for okay so now how much can you actually afford to spend now this number is not what you technically could afford because you probably could afford more but realistically what is affordable and reasonable for your Christmas budget like I said historically my number has been $1,000 but this year I am going to work my hardest to literally slash that in half to $500 are you guys early Christmas planners like me if you are take a second right now go below in the comments and type in Christmas in July then I will know you are like-minded like myself and love to plan ahead and if you've never planned ahead and this is so foreign to you this video is gonna help you plan for this Christmas here's the biggest biggest most valuable tip I can give when you are shopping for your person say you are shopping for a sweater for your cousin let's just say for example the value of the gift and what you actually pay for it are the two big things you can find a $50 shirt at let's say : you got sno-isle of coals for using coupons and discounts and all that kind of stuff for like $5 if you are on this for super detail on this concept I'm gonna put an eye on the sky right here I'm looking down for a sec because it's my video that's called ten things I stopped buying / paying for or drastically reduce save money frugal living ironically I'm saying what I'm not buying but for the whole first tip I am discussing this concept in depth on how it's not about what you actually paid for but it's actually the value of the gift to focus on actually I will just include that clip right here into this video and if you want to hear more about the other stuff you can click on that video and watch the rest later but I'm going to put the important information right now the first thing I no longer spend money on is full priced items I'm going to talk today kind of specifically about gifting I my love language is giving gifts which is really ironic seeing that I practice minimalism and I don't want my own house filled with clutter but for some reason I like to give to others and it's like my way of showing you I care about you but I try to be smart about those things so that I don't clutter your home either but I all it's just my way of expressing my love for you is by giving you things so I will not spend full price on these things if you're giving a great gift its what the value of the gift is not what you spent on it that you can focus on so this is like my huge trick at Christmas in birthday time I love shopping at Kohl's this is not sponsored Kohl's doesn't know I talk about them relentlessly but I love shopping at Kohl's because they have really good deals and this is what I do okay for example I wish I would have done this video two days ago I'm sorry Kohl's just had a great men sale okay so this is what I do I have a couple men in my life probably like five or six men in my life around the holidays my family my brother my my uncle my son's father there's a bunch of people in my life that are men that I always get stuff for for Christmas or their birthdays so what I do is this I go to Cole's calm I go to the clearance section now please no I do not buy stuff that I would not normally buy if it were only I don't buy some just because it's on sale I would buy this item if it were full priced but I wouldn't ever spend that money so the point being you want to spend your money even if it's a smaller amount on stuff that you would get anyway so I go to the clearance tab and then I sort I have two filters I use I have percent off and I have low to high look through those items and for example I got my brother this awesome have zip Dockers sweater that originally is like fifty five dollars and I was able to get it for five dollars it was on sale for seven on clearance for seven and then I had a 30% off promo code and right now they have free shipping so and when you spent $50 you got $15 in Cole's cash which I think if you're a colspan you know normally it's ten it was 15 so if you spent $100 again only on stuff that you would actually gift then you had 30 extra dollars to use for more gifts or maybe something for yourself that you need or your family member so I mean why wouldn't you do that it's awesome we've got a visitor hi buns okay so now you know how I get larger priced items for much less the next thing I'm going to do is get less gifts per people and as I just described this is my love language giving gifting but I really need to tone it down so for some people in my life I feel like a standard amount people spend on other people is like $25 I'm gonna cut that down to like ten on many a lesson I keep learning over and over again is you don't have to spend a ton of money on people to let them know that you love them and care about them also you don't want to make people that are not gifting you the same way uncomfortable by spending a ton on them and then give you a card I think a little bit of strategy with this can go a long way and in general you want to be giving people stuff that they that they would love or be that symbolizes something of why they're important to you or just something that is a token of appreciation for all they do and all they are to you and you don't have to break the bank to prove that so make your list trim your list find out how much you can spend and see how low you can actually get that that still makes sense that you're still giving the way you want to but maybe not so excessively I know a lot of my subscribers are pen and paper people which is totally usable for me for Christmas I defer to Google sheets I input all my people amount and then I feel like the math is easier because you can just add it up easily on there now this is another step that if you are Christmas crazy like me that you can participate in but you don't have to for my spreadsheet I have the name of the person the amount I intend to spend and then I have three columns one what the item retails at two what it is on sale for and the final column is what I actually spent now you don't have to do that but I like the statistics of it all like for example I'll give my mom as a good example currently my brother and I each spend a hundred dollars on her at Christmas so she gets $200 worth of gifts but the way I shop she gets a value of way more the value I had in her value column was close to 500 the sale prices were play around 300 and then what I actually spent the dollar amount was the 200 my brother chips in 100 and I chip in 100 so $200 but she got nearly $500 worth of items another strategy I'm going to use is do you get gift cards either for gifts that you don't necessarily need anything that you can save up the other great thing for me is with my work we have our health insurance and they have this website called on life that we get to utilize you can earn up to 250 dollars worth of free gift cards just by entering stuff regarding your health your weight your your health goals all that kind of stuff I don't know if you have that with work if you do totally use that that's gonna be added in that's not gonna be okay when I'm saying five hundred dollars is what I want to spend that's the five hundred dollars I want to spend out of my pocket five hundred dollars of my cash but if I get free money in other places that's gonna help supplement this for example that on life I can get two hundred and fifty dollars worth of gift cards and guess where one of those places that I can use the gift cards is no t.j.maxx holy moly what I can do in t.j.maxx so for me if the five hundred dollars is really cutting it close I will use those gift cards to gift my friends and family and that didn't cost me a dime yes could I spend it on myself of course I can but this way I can have a little bit of wiggle room get great gifts and not have it come out of my pocket if you are a credit card user and you get reward points this would be another way to use those points and gifts for not having to spend any money of your own that you're already using and again don't use credit cards to get reward unless you are in control of your credit cards some people are very anti credit card I'm not anti credit card because I am in a place where I pay it off every month but if you're a person that's gonna start racking it up and using it like it's free then don't do that so if I am intending to spend $500 at Christmas it is now July and I didn't budget for it pre like in June leading to my July budget and I will put up here how I budget a link to how I budget for your viewing pleasure so I have five months left I've got August September October November December $500 that's $100 a month that I need to save or $25 a week however you want to break that down so do that figure out what your number is divide it by the amount of months you have left and then that's what you have to save to get to Christmas without credit card spending going into debt let's do this cash only you guys it'll be so great there's nothing worse than getting to October November and then being like oh Christmas is December 25th that's the joke in the debt free community did you know Christmas is December 25th this year guys we know it we know it's coming it's no surprise I've said that a million times we know it's coming so let's plan for it now in July so it's really not a surprise and we are prepared I know if you're watching this to the end you want to hear more on this topic so go check out merry at a Merry life on a budget and go check out crystianna at well-behaved wallet and watch their videos and comment and subscribe to them and enjoy this kind of conversation because this is the stuff I live for you guys if you want to share with us how much your budget is go ahead and leave that below if you don't want to leave any numbers comment below with when you start saving for Christmas because I am very interested in this topic and I'd like to know when you start some people do it all year long which is awesome but just let me know below when you start planning if you want to see a little bit more of me please check me out on Instagram I'm Kate dot Kaden or my facebook page Kate Kaden I hope to see you there Tiger Christmas budget in half oh I wish Christmas women July 2 but my birthday's in July which is kind of like Christmas don't forget hit subscribe hit the bells hit the like and please if you think this is useful to someone or you know someone that's like crazy about Christmas please share it with them I make videos every single Friday so please come back and see me and then sometime during the week I try to add a bonus video Christmas in July bye guys

43 thoughts on “**How to Budget for Christmas 2019/Christmas in July COLLAB**

  1. Mary O Riordan

    Hi Kate, I like to buy my xmas presents during the sales. I already have about half my xmas gifts bought and I agree with you I almost never pay full price. I also never buy anything that I wouldn't like to receive as a gift so I buy good quality presents for half price or less. I know not everyone is in a position to do this, there was I time I couldn't either but thankfully I can at this time in my life. Xxx

  2. FrugalOverFifty

    This is very informative. I get impatient with the whole idea of gifts, much less the practice of gift-giving. But at Christmas, I do have a few people in my life for whom I search for gifts, and this way of thinking ahead will help me out. Also, I do want to budget for decorations. I had a big stash of old, worn out decorations (not vintage, just old and ratty) that I got rid of after last Christmas, so I need to restock. Budgeting sooner rather than later will definitely help! Christmas in July!

  3. AfricancoolChic

    Is anyone else getting Christmas WISH adverts every time you click on a video? Thought it was a bit early. Anyhoo I've started saving for Christmas.

  4. Tara Travis

    Christmas in July! I absolutely start in December after the holiday and keep my eye open the rest of the year!

  5. Scott Dow

    In your video after this video you mentioned the book by your frind Sweet Dream Lima Bean. I can't zoom in on the words like how I can make a ebook large print. Does your friend know when I can buy a hardcover book I can bring to my face to read? Her ebook is in Landscape mode because of the illustrations and my phone kindle app won't zoom in on it. I can screen shot it and zoom in that way but Id rather not steal from her so Id like the boom

  6. Georgina Odeyemi

    Christmas in July! I love Christmas so much, the season and also incorporating my religion(Christianity) in it! I start planning in August and so does my mum. I am a teenager so I just save up money and buy presents for my family. Last year I saved ยฃ200 and bought 30 presents with it. I always buy gifts whenever they are on sell.

  7. Maritza Galvan

    Lol my budget is 450 thay includes dinner hahahahaha and what I was thinking on spending on gifts for the kiddos ill use it this year for some events wed ratger go to… They already have enough toys ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ but then again i only include my kids and husband… And we just give eachother some small but cute gift… Im trying to minimize cause Im a hoarder at heart so probably spend xmas gift money for xmas experiences โคโคโค

  8. Celia Gorleski

    I spent a lot less on my kids and grandkids last vear and no one noticed. My husband and I stopped exchanging years ago. We've got more stuff than we have room for.

  9. Scott Dow

    Hi, Kate! I didn't really kniw where to ask your opinion on this but Retro Report made a video on Relying in retirement is a thing of the past and You're my age but you habe your stuff together more than me so I feel you're smart and I was wondering what your view on the future for people is if people are finding that they have to stay working till they pass away, not in a grim paas away but how life will always need more money. For me a disabled person, this idea scares me


    I appreciate the effort. How to budget for xmas? Don't get caught in the trappings of this man-made holiday…don't spend your heard earned money on things that people don't appreciate…including kids. Find people that need help and bless them in God's name. Then we'll have real peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Thank you.

  11. Susan Caleca

    I don't buy anything for Christmas my family knows how poor I am. They almost always dont get me anything either . My sister will get me gift cards to stop & shop or CVS or my favorite restaurant

  12. Susan Caleca

    I just found out that if your going to negotiate your credit card debt a lawyer told me you have to stop paying them before they will help you.

  13. Amanda Ramsay

    I used to shop all year long, but I would forget things I had purchased and over shop. So I needed a new strategy or a later start. Lol. Thanks!

  14. TheMysticsoul77

    Your intro is fitting for this topic. Your little elf is adorable. #ChristmasInJuly. Last year was the first year in five years (yes 5 years) that I had to shop for Christmas gifts along with other holiday gifts. I ALWAYS shop clearance and after season sales. That is how we were able to do that and that was for a total of 8 people people. It definitely saved us well over $1,000. I found unique gifts for my parents and brothers. They all have specific and unique tastes. They still love what they recieved.

  15. Nancy Burke

    I like to shop all year long.ย  I start in January, picking a gift at different places that are on sale, at the end of the season.ย  I do have a shopping list to get started, and stick to the list, and pick up things along the way.ย  The Christmas Holidays tend to stress me out, about shopping and buying the right gift.ย  Cant stand standing in long lines!ย  I have 1/2 of my shopping done!!!ย  I get everything on clearance, mark down shelves, and lowered the amount I spend on each person.ย  Everyone wants sox!!!

  16. Catherine P

    I love the Xmas blanket & pillow. โ˜ƒ๏ธ๐ŸŽ„
    Great video & tips, Thankyou for sharing.

  17. Cheryl T.

    I have two Christmas club accounts at two different banks. I usually use one of them for Christmas gifts and the other one ends up being used for car repairs or some other such bills!

  18. Joanna Collier

    How I save isโ€”โ€”- save my 5 th week for Christmas. Then I have $1600.00 no sweat. Thanks Joanna

  19. Paula Estcourt

    Iโ€™m an Aussie, my best friend was American she passed away last September, I miss her so much, sorry I digress.
    So she told me her family had gag presents ( only the adults) the rule was the gift had to be free, no money spent on them. Once she got a pair of under pants ( they were new) and they were huge she had an idea as who gave them to her so the following year she gave them back. She told me that every member of her family got those under one time or another, the fun thing was they all got a good laugh from the gifts they received.
    If anyone from Iowa knows who Iโ€™m talking about maybe you would like to elaborate on this story.

  20. My frugal life

    We spend around $200 on Christmas, and my kids get cash for their gifts. So, no shopping or wrapping required. I do buy some gifts for others, but I donโ€™t buy anything until itโ€™s almost time, or I just regift the gifts I received the year before or for birthday.

  21. Moonchild suzanna

    You are so right Kate! I hate crimbo but I canโ€™t escape it so itโ€™s better to spend less rather than more! My usual spend is 1000 Euro. I do pick up a few bits and pieces in the summer sales! I have this very wealthy uncle who lives in LA! He come over from LA every year to get get a free Christmas dinner. He never brings me or my grandchildren a gift! Very tempted to take him off my list. The thing is that I donโ€™t want to be a Scrooge like him!!
    Love all your videos ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป


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