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you know before making this video I was just thinking back to some of the greatest things that I learned in my days in school we sure did learn a lot of great stuff in school didn't we for example if you give me the link of two sides of this right triangle here I can actually tell you the length of this third side right here pretty useful stuff huh I can also write in cursive play hot cross buns on a recorder and I can even spell boobs on a calculator my favorite lesson in high school though was how to become a millionaire with just five dollars a day wait a second I didn't learn that in high school did I did you guys learn that in high school did anyone learn that important lesson in high school or was that just left out when we were learning how to cite a source using correct MLA format my point here is about 99% of what you learned in school is useless information and this is a very important lesson that was left out that I'm going to share with you guys today I'm going to show you how to become a millionaire with five dollars a day this is the magic of compound interest pretty magical all right so the first thing I want to point out to you guys is this you cannot save your way to millionaire status one of the most common things people tell you to do if you're looking to grow your wealth is to save your money and put it in the bank that is the most stupid piece of advice anyone could give you because that is a guaranteed way to lose money I'm going to explain why that is so first of all if you have five bucks a day can you simply save your way to millionaire status absolutely not here's an example let's say for whatever reason you were able to save five dollars a day from the day you were born to the day you were a hundred let's say you even lived to be a hundred years old if you save five bucks a day for a hundred years it will have one hundred eighty two thousand five hundred dollars that is a far cry from a million dollars so unless you're planning on living past five hundred years old you cannot save your way to millionaire status second of all interest rates in a savings account do not keep up with inflation so you cannot put your money in the bank and expect it to keep up with inflation so in 2016 inflation was two point one percent okay the average checking account pays zero point zero five percent interest on the money you put in there so here's just an example in terms of how much money you're losing by keeping your money in a savings account so ten thousand dollars in 2015 is equal to ten thousand two hundred 10.20 sixteen based on that two point one percent rate of inflation now let's say you had ten thousand dollars in your checking account over that year as well so you're ten thousand dollars grew to an astounding dollar amount of ten thousand and fifty dollars at that point so you made fifty dollars okay also known as you just lost one hundred sixty dollars of value maybe that doesn't sound like a lot of money but if you had a hundred thousand dollars in there you just lost sixteen hundred if you had a million dollars you just lost sixteen thousand dollars because your interest rates are not keeping up with the rate of inflation so that is why a savings account is a guaranteed way to lose money so when people recommend you save your way to retirement or you save your way to being rich that's a guaranteed way to lose money there you're basically guaranteeing that you're going to fork over a lot of money because you're not going to keep up with the rate of inflation with what these banks pay you as far as interest goes so what is the solution to this problem I'm going to give it to you right now I'm going to show you how to become a millionaire with five bucks a day all that I ask you guys to do is subscribe to my channel and drop a like on this video and help this message be spread to other people out there who are stuck saving money in a bank account all right guys here it is here's how you become a millionaire with five bucks a day no this is not some course that I'm selling for a thousand dollars on how to become a millionaire that has 40 hours of video content this is this is four steps four steps guys and you can become a millionaire with five dollars a day okay here's how you do it number one set aside five dollars each day I'm talking about the amount of money you probably spend at Starbucks every single day at the end of the month you will have one hundred fifty dollars saved up okay what you're going to do with that money you're not going to put it in your bank account you're going to invest that money you're going to invest in a diversified portfolio of blue-chip stocks and investment-grade bonds okay for those of you who don't know blue chip stocks are these stocks of well-established companies they have a very high market capitalization they are things that have been investing in for many many years and over the last 100 years on average blue chip stocks have paid a 10 percent return you're also going to be investing in investment grade bonds these are high-quality low-risk bonds over the last 100 years these bonds have paid out on average 6% what I recommend doing is investing 50% of your money in blue chip stocks and 50% of your money in investment grade bonds over the last 100 years on average this portfolio page you 8% return on your investment you're never going to sell you're going to leave it there and you're going to let it compound over time you're taking advantage of compound interest now you may not have enough money each month to invest but you're going to save that money and when you do have enough money you're going to buy more shares of blue chip stocks and you're going to buy more investment grade bonds okay after 50 years now we're talking 50 years I know that sounds like a long time but like we said before if you save five dollars a day for a hundred years you'll have a hundred eighty two thousand five hundred dollars okay so now we're talking about half the time 50% less time we're talking 50 years okay you do this for 50 years and due to the magic of compound interest you now have a portfolio worth 1 million thirty two thousand seven hundred eighty six dollars and 28 cents you just became a millionaire for the price of a starbucks cup of coffee each day why is this lesson not being taught in school I have no idea it's very frustrating to me that's why I started this channel on YouTube they try to educate you guys on the power of investing and how it can really change your life anyways guys that's all I got for this video if you guys enjoyed it please drop a like please consider subscribing to be notified of any future uploads and please please share this video with other people so they can have their eyes open to the magic of compound interest and how you can become a millionaire with five dollars a day thank you guys for watching this video


  1. Tom Autry

    the 5 dollars is just an example people, if you save more than that do the math it wont take 50 years, most people just want hand outs or just lazy i guess. he Ryan thanks for your video.

  2. walid hus

    This is how I was able to save ยฃ30000 in a year
    Simple steps
    Open a saving account
    Put in ยฃ200 a week of that's not possible atleast put in ยฃ100 a week.
    If you have extra money that you do not need for example ยฃ1 to ยฃ10
    Put it in the savings
    So ยฃ100 a week and extra penny's.

  3. Julissa Rivera

    Where do you get the blue chips and the grade bonds who I talk to .the bank or you.i know I play stock but at work .I know I check and do not have it who where I get it.its good and want to have it.and sound good .and live it to grow .not like some stupid people who take it out .and not save it .so get in touch where you look for blue chips investment.

  4. John Justjohn

    Enough with milions….let me generate 300 000 dollars……you keep the milions…i am glad you earned them..

  5. Cameron Sanchez

    I know this probably sounds stupid but I'm 17 and just got a chance to go to LA for technically my first time ever and I think I wanna move there lol I live hours away but by the time I get older, I think I wanna live in the hills somehow…I'm already trying to make music but I gotta find a way to support myself before my music career grows!

  6. 4862cjc

    "I can play 'Hot Cross Buns' on a recorder!" OMG! Holy shit! LOL! I thought I was the last person on earth to play the recorder!

  7. Intelligent Evolution

    Thank you so much for this video! I'm glad I'm finally finding some Financial education. I was wondering if you still recommend this a year or two later and also how does this compare to index funds? Would you recommend that over this or this over that?

  8. Robin Brown

    The initial statement about just saving $5/day for 100 years omits to consider leap years (366 days) and assumes no interest at all, just stacking $5 bills in a bag it seems? You can easily find 2-2.2% interest (Ally bank for eg.) so if you invest your $5/day in there and earn 2% and let that compound over 50 or 100 years that will grow to a lot more than $182,500 – but will still under-perform stocks. Your whiteboard says โ€œstocks 10% and bonds 6%โ€ but shows the 50/50 split as also 6% but you correctly say 8%.

    If you invest $5/day into a savings account earning 2.2% annually, and let it compound you get $662,323.77 after 100 years

  9. Faiz Muhammad

    99% what you learned in school is useless and only 1% is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division ๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Roger Williams

    Super simple. Anyone can do this. The other thing I would add is STEER CLEAR OF DEBT as much as possible. Utilize a couple of credit cards for the purpose of building a history but limit debt to ONLY the necessities. It's a killer.

  11. Anabele Boyd

    How do I start investing in blue chip stocks and investment grade bonds? Please provide what company to work with and step by step procedure. Thank you. Great video!

  12. staffie1uk

    They teach you about how to be financially independent at school, because if they did, consumerism would die on its arse.


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