How I Save Time AND $$$ On Bills! | Lifestyle at Home

**How I Save Time AND $$$ On Bills! | Lifestyle at Home**



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If you know me you know I like to save my coins. For travel, for new home decor, to feed my never ending craving for the best plate of veggies! It’s easy to fall into paying more for conveniences, but here are some tips on how I save money and TIME. Trust me, if I can find way to save time so can you!

Tip #1: Do your laundry overnight
Tip #2: Load dishes while cooking + schedule your dishwashing for overnight
Tip #3: Prep dishes overnight

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7 thoughts on “**How I Save Time AND $$$ On Bills! | Lifestyle at Home**

  1. shaun lomas

    If you can get free electricity you should mine bit coin during that time. You can make free money with free electricity wish they had that in the UK.

  2. Pum2018

    That is actually how I have been doing my laundry for years. I am the dishwasher, since my dishwasher is down at the time. I wash dishes while cooking so once meal is done I don't have all the pans & pots. I wash dishes after dinner. Thanks! Where can I purchase those earrings you gave on?

  3. Benieja Boynton

    Nice refreshing video..and yes I do laundry over night that’s the only way I will have the desire to wash dry and fold if not I will procrastinate for sure

    Funny thing I was thinking about the videos from a while back when you would go to the Avalon cafe I think that’s the name and you were OD obsessed with the brown with peanut hahah

    Also yes the cooking videos need to come back lol I miss when you always was cooking plantains lol 😂 yes! I been watching for some time now


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