How I Feed my Family of 6 for $100 a Week! Frugal Family Living 2019!

**How I Feed my Family of 6 for $100 a Week! Frugal Family Living 2019!**



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How I feed my Family of 6 for $100 a Week! Frugal Family Living 2019!

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38 thoughts on “**How I Feed my Family of 6 for $100 a Week! Frugal Family Living 2019!**

  1. CleanCutCouponing

    Do you need to save on your grocery budget? I've been getting so many requests on seeing my grocery hauls and how I save money for our family on our grocery shopping. Let me know what you liked about this video and if you would like me to add anything. I love hearing your feedback!

  2. Della Mae

    I definately love videos like this i am horrible about a grocery budget but i never make a list or plan out meals so that might be why…lol…

  3. Amanda Crosby

    Great video! Yes please continue to make these types of videos. I have a family of 6 so any help is greatly appreciated!!

  4. Kimberly S

    I need to do better on planning my meals for the week ahead of time. it would be very helpful if you could share a list of quick, easy and HEALTHY recipes that you make (that even the little kids like) and that doesn't take up a whole lot of room in the freezer (since I live in an apartment, I don't have room for an extra freezer) Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Love it and would like to see more about saving money on grocery and food planning and prep for the week! Thanks Natalie!!

  5. Mojodi77

    We live in Lancaster County, home of Turkey Hill tea. My hubs prefers Swiss tea but will drink TH if it’s on sale. Great video. New subbie ❤️

  6. Eileen Sobrower

    Hi natalie, I also live in pa. I dont know if you know this ,turkey hill ice tea /
    ice cream ,you can get coupons every month. by calling turkeyhill
    1 800 my dairy they will send you coupons xo Ronni

  7. tinmanlover1994

    Natalee I watched on my local news that hamburger meat is a recall it has salmonella and theirs been many cases thoughout the us of people being hospitalized from the recalled meat. They didn't say what brand of meat but I just wanted to let you know.

  8. karen koecher

    I'm always looking for ideas to save on groceries. I love that you save bacon grease and put it in the fridge. know some people who keep it on the counter, yuck. We eat a lot of bacon (sorry to say), so I accumulate more grease than we use. So I strain it and save in canning jars in fridge til I get enough to fry a batch of cake donuts. Bacon fat makes the BEST tasting donuts.

  9. Dennise Curry

    Thanks for sharing sounds good. I would love to see how u make some of your meals and the way I see it save money however u can

  10. Msdee Natural

    Similarly to you I look to see what I have on hand. I asked my kids what they felt like eating combined with what I feel like eating. I don’t cook every day. On the days I cook, I make extra to make sure we have left overs . That works for us family of 5. My budget is $125 weekly. I shop every where. Aldi, Publix ect

  11. xErcaWhalex

    I love watching your money saving videos, all of them. How to save money how to budget how to shop I wanna know it all! I will make one suggestion about Walmart though, if you have multiple Walmart’s near you then you need to scope them out! We have 2 Walmart’s that are the same distance from us but at one store a gallon of milk is $1.04 and at the other store a gallon of milk is $1.88!! So just by shopping at this particular Walmart we are saving .84 cents! I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but add .84 cents (for example) to each item you purchase & that really adds up!

  12. J J

    Your hair looks great and yes please more videos like these. I get cleaning products and make etc down pack. But need help with with food.

  13. Libby Duarte

    Back in March 2019, I gather all my bank statements and found out I was spending around $1,200 a month on groceries!! And we are a family of 4. That's why I started couponing. Now I'm getting all the diapers and household items through couponing and my grocery bill is around 100-150 a week. I need to start doing meal planning to lower the grocery bill even more!!

  14. Joni Holmes

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THESE VIDEOS MORE MORE MORE!!!! I think this is the second time I’ve ever commented on anything YouTube but I watch your channel weekly and I love your vibe and your information is life changing. I just had a baby a yr ago and am trying to fix meals we can all eat that are relatively healthy but on a one income budget so your videos are perfect for my life. I cringe at paying full price for things after keeping up with your channel. Let’s go #cleancutcouponing squad!!!!🥰


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