How Frugal Living Really Looks Like - Frugal House Tour

**How Frugal Living Really Looks Like – Frugal House Tour**



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How Frugal Living Really Looks Like – Frugal House Tour. If you’re curious about what a frugal person’s home looks like, here it is. I also have started my journey into minimalism and got rid of quite a few things since my last house tour.

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everyone so today I am super excited to do this frugal slash almost becoming a minimalist house tour I did a video on this probably like a year ago kind of showing you guys my house and there's some changes that have happened so let's just kind of go show you guys what this looks like when it comes to being a frugal minimalist and let's do this house tour by ourselves because my wife unfortunately works really late in the day and I have to do this on my own so this is our house here we live in a three-bedroom two-bathroom house I actually was purchased a long time ago when it was actually a two-bedroom one-bathroom so we completely remodeled it this actually looks way different than it used to I don't have photos or videos of it which would been really really cool so if you guys have been a fan of the channel for a while you actually know this looks way different than my normal living room videos because there's my clock but this looks entirely different so this right here is a brand new couch this wasn't actually purchased this was given to us by a family member which is my dad which was super awesome so that was entirely for free for us but the cool part was we were actually saving up for a couch because we wanted to get a new one so all that extra money we went into putting like new decorations putting like a new table in and these lamps and everything else as well too so that was really really cool and we were super excited to be able to do that but we did it on a budget we shopped at Ross which is we got like most of our decor from which is really cool because I own shares in Ross which means I get paid out those dividends from me buying my stuff from them and also of course the value going up but this is not an investing video but that is my couch there then we got our piano right over here which if we're lucky maybe towards the end we can have Daisy who is hanging out right here with me maybe we can have her play you guys some tunes because I've actually taught her how to play the piano so we got our entertainment system here we got our little TV alright so let's go ahead and show you the bedrooms which are on this side of the house so we go into this little hallway we got some nice little greenery going on over here got dizzy now just moved over here onto this bed because she kind of knew where I was going with this tour apparently she's kind of probably thinks this is weird because I work from home so I normally am in my office so now I'm recording while I'm walking around the house so she probably doesn't have any clue on what's going on here so we got our little bookshelf here with all of our books we got our guest bed over here of course got like a little theme going on we got a little Daisy hey Daisy you gonna play the piano for us later yeah all right so after Daisy is done getting so much attention we can continue moving on so right over here we actually have this really awesome Blue Chair this is what we like to call Dumbledore's chair it is super comfortable hey what's that a lot of attention that's what she needs anywho so this chair anybody that sits in it loves it it's so comfortable and yet Dumbledore's chair so if you guys are Harry Potter fans you guys could hit that like button alright so next up is going to be our bathroom and this is actually also quite different from before as well too so if you actually watched our previous video when it comes to the house tour this actually looks a lot brighter in the room and that's because the other stuff in here were like super super dark so we had a little theme going on here which is kind of like the tan and pink we have like the towels we have like holders we got like a little candle and then this right over here so kind of a cool theme we did a lot of this from Ross and this is not like a ad from Ross but we love them because they have some really awesome stuff at some really great prices so that's where we usually get a lot of our decor from our for a house so here we have our bedroom so this has like a grey and yellow theme I'm actually kind of a big fan of the color yellow very nice and bright so right over here we have this that we added a couple of months ago found it for smoking deal also at Ross as well and then of course we got our bed itself we got very minimal amount of stuff here you know obviously I'm not gonna lie I actually cleaned up the house a little bit before we started recording here just because of course I wanted to look nice and clean so we have you know like this was cleaned up because I had all of my wife stuff on there and then I cleaned up the nightstand a little bit but this is generally what I have – the actual phones when they're being charged that night and then we got our closet over here that has all of our clothes which you guys don't really need to see you right so if we move on over to the other side of the house here I'm going to kind of rotate like I mentioned I'm recording this all by myself so that's why we're kind of doing it this way I might like tossing some b-roll stuff here in between so this house was like I mentioned purchased a long time ago when it was only two bedrooms one bathroom so we did all the remodeling including the kitchen this looks completely different than it used to there was no bar over here this was actually a full wall so we've broke down the wall and then we turned the sliding glass door from what used to be just like a one regular door we wanted to open that up and give it some more light in the house so this is our kitchen area so kind of have a few things obviously our fridge here is very empty on the front we actually don't even use this but then the side is kind of where all of our little clutter is when it comes to that got our fruit stuff here which we don't have a lot of fruit right now we've got some of our wines the counter is a little a little stacked right now because we have some wines there but usually I like to keep it nice and clean that way it's nice and organized I would show you guys the back but honestly there's quite a bit of a mess it's been a long time since we've actually been able to do anything back there we're actually planning on the future to kind of fix it up a little bit more since there's so much dirt and we live in Arizona so there's a lot of different storms that go through the process of like just getting dust everywhere and so for me personally I'm just like I really want to get that taken care of so no more dust we can hang out outside a lot more and go in from there so here we have a new frame that we actually just got also from Ross we haven't even taken the edges off here because we're still debating if we like it here so you guys can let me know if you guys like this right over here it looks good I don't think it's centered right now because I didn't like actually put it on the wall I just kind of put like some thumbnails or thumbtacks so that way I can actually just have it up temporarily so what I'm going to show you guys next is actually my office and our craft room and this was actually all built in this used to be a garage so this is gonna be the bathroom here so right over here we actually put this built-in shower which is really really nice trying to get some good angles there I'll probably do some b-roll after and then we got of course the rest of stuff here in the bathroom there's that we got our bath and Bodyworks hand soaps for the holidays cuz that's what my look that's what my wife loves to get and then here we're gonna have the office now I was kind of mentioning that I'm becoming more of a minimalist and if you actually watched my previous video a long time ago this whole wall right over here used to all be full of stuff just like random nerdy things and it's now mainly my office and Daisy's little bed over here to hang out with me when I'm working but this you should just be full stuff and now it's condensed to about a third of what it used to be and I'm kind of proud of myself because two things one I actually was able to sell a lot of that stuff and make some good money and then to you know it just means less things that I have to worry about so it makes me really happy I'm actually probably gonna condense this even more down the road but it's mainly Futurama and like old-school video game stuff like none of the new stuff like Nintendo 64 and Super Smash Brothers and like all that kind of Jam so if you guys are fans let me know by hitting that like button or commenting down below as well too this is a little bit more closer look at my office here this is kind of where I work every day you see the lights you can kinda see the camera right over there awesome and then like I mentioned we got Daisy that hangs out with me pretty much every day and then if you guys have a wife that loves to craft this probably looks all too familiar or hurts you hope to craft yourself that right there is all of her stuff she has her Cricut and then I think she was doing some stuff a couple of days ago but this is kind of what it looks like that's the time and then we have our little closet over here that has probably the most like junk I guess you can say we have Daisy's food we have some stuff for when I want to sell things online um and then like all of our like picnic stuff and whatnot up there too so a couple little things here and there that we can still get rid of and clean up the house a little bit more but overall this is kind of a frugal house looks like I mean we don't buy a lot of things that we don't need we try to be very practical with our purchases because we want to make sure that we're getting the best value but then also being very useful with the things that we're using so we don't want to buy something that is just gonna sit around and not be used now of course we do buy things that are decor or things that are you know seasonal but that what that makes my wife happy and that makes me happy too and you know it kind of gives us excitement for like the holiday seasons or whatever season we might be in but these things make us happy but not also at the same time overstuffed with things in the house so for us this is pretty good I think there's more room for improvement when it comes to the minimalism side but as far as frugal side all the things that we buy we are very cautious with we do comparison shopping so we don't ever overspend when it comes to having to buy things like getting these lamps were unbelievably cheap and then I think I had to buy the smart lights which were maybe a little bit more expensive than the actual lamps themselves which is kind of funny but overall that is the house tour and as I mentioned if you stuck around let's get Daisy to play on the piano because I honestly did teach her how to play the piano and it's pretty cool so let's see if we can get her over here come on baby come on all right Izzy thank you so much for joining us you ready to show everybody your piano skills let's do it piano good girl sit sit good girl piano good girl all right guys thank you so much for hanging out and watching if you want to keep on watching more content here on the channel click on this video right over here and until next time take care

33 thoughts on “**How Frugal Living Really Looks Like – Frugal House Tour**

  1. Make It Enough

    Very lovely! Minimalism and frugality are a great combo. My house is mostly thrifted. Thanks for sharing your house with us. Dawn sent me, btw!

  2. Hidden Freedom Investing

    Love minimalism. Found it just two years ago and dumped so much junk and stopped buying so much stuff! Thanks for showing us around your beautiful house.

  3. Vanessa Trufin

    Love our home. Especially love who I get to share it with. Also, if I would have known you were going to record, I would have cleaned up the craft table haha.

  4. Melissa Shares

    You crack me up about shopping at stores you own shares of! My 5 year old talks this way too! (Kroger, Disney, Home Depot are hers). 😂

    As for decor, we are devoted to our amazing thrift stores in LA. Takes a little more work to find and make everything come together, but huge savings (I even buy chandeliers, hardware and light fixtures secondhand).

  5. Naam Wynn - Personal Finance & Investing

    Great house man! Frugal living seems pretty normal to me. Lol. Its what goes on in the background that counts!

  6. I am Jane

    Very nice home and lovely décor. I don't have a Ross near me, but similar stores like Marshall's, Home Goods, etc. offer great deals on home décor. I firmly believe you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful home.

  7. Centsible Living With Money Mom

    I am going to let my viewers see this. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home. Daisy is such a beautiful smart, and sweet dog.

  8. Virna Vargas

    My sister recently moved from Northern California to Arizona. I love Arizona! I recently visited her in Chandler.

  9. GenExDividendInvestor

    Neat, thanks. I still want to see someone do a "here's my 10k square foot minimalist house" farce video 😉

  10. Joshua Paulino

    Now this an exciting video that I’ve been actually waiting for! Destroyed the like button even before watching the whole video


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