How do 0% purchase credit cards work? -

**How do 0% purchase credit cards work? –**



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Want to spread the cost of expensive purchases? 0% purchase cards are a brilliant way of paying for larger items and paying them back at your own pace, without the hassle of interest. To compare 0% purchase cards take a look here:
nor percent purchase cards the phrase interest-free credit cards sounds too good to be true the reality is there are plenty of cards out there with no percent Interest perotin purchases that means any spending on those cards is free for the interest-free period these cards ideal for big purchases where you know you won't be able to pay it off immediately so in the run-up to Christmas for example or if you're looking at a holiday an or percent purchase card could be your best friend so what's the catch well crucially you need a good credit score to qualify for the longest naught percent deals and that depends on your credit report a credit report is like your financial passport lenders will use it to judge whether they can offer you credit if you've got a history of missing payments for example your credit score will probably be lower luckily there are some simple tips to help you improve your score register to vote being on the electoral roll is free and easy and it gives lenders and assurance about where you live cancel any old credit cards and bank accounts you're not using show that you can pay back credit setting up direct debits on utility bills is a good start and get a credit card even a simple credit builder card is fine but it helps show you can handle credit and make all your payments on time you can get your credit report from each of the three credit reference agencies Experian Equifax and call credit they all offer a statutory report for two pounds which covers the basics or you can pair a bit more for more detailed report for more tips and tricks visit uSwitch calm

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