How cheap and frugal living really looks ( Update One Year Later)

**How cheap and frugal living really looks ( Update One Year Later)**



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How cheap and frugal living really looks Shout out to Coffee with Kate

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47 thoughts on “**How cheap and frugal living really looks ( Update One Year Later)**

  1. Mare Cee

    Hi Dawn, Glad to see you're still hanging in there trying to lose weight and as you know, it's hard, but not impossible. food for thought, since it took you a long time (sounds like several years) to gain weight it would be unrealistic to think you can lose it just like that! Some people think you can miraculously lose all your weight by joining a gym for a month! It takes a lot of time, energy and commitment to lose weight…like it did for me. FYI, I still think of you and hope you never give up! Just one question, are you eating a salad every day? Not only is it good healthwise, it's great for your digestive system. I make my lunch a salad (make my own salad dressing too) and skip the bread. Just my two cents worth!!!

  2. Nancy Bryant

    I just found your channel and subscribed. You have a lot of common sense tips that anyone could do. Little savings add up. By the way, if you want or need to lose weight, I wish you well. Me too! But it’s no one’s business to advise you.

  3. Reg Desousa

    Thanks for the all the frugal hints. And those trolls that made comment about you are just people who have terrible lives trying to hurt others.I tell ya you have to have courage to have a YouTube video..this is why I would never . Amen for your courage .You are a smart woman!And don't listen to people who have no souls. ..

  4. Dawnrae Jackson

    Thank you for the information on the Libby App! I am an avid reader and although I have a library card I didn't make it often to the library. I do love the feel of a real book and actually turning the pages, but this will do nicely and like you if I want to make it a keeper I can find a discounted copy. Something that my eldest daughter and I have done for some time, as she too enjoys reading and travels extensively for work is stockpiling a number of books and then send as "care packages' to one another. I especially enjoy this, it helps me feel close to her.
    Again, thank you for your time and information!
    Lastly, as a culture, we focus ENTIRELY to heavily on weight, not health. I work in healthcare and I can assure you that skinny does not equal healthy and heavy does not equal sick. Get with your doc and decide what weight for your bone structure, age, etc makes you feel good and reduces health risks. Generally it is 10-20 lbs. I think you are a beautiful and courageous lady, with wit, humor, and intelligence. Blessings to you and yours!

  5. matzohgirl

    You are NOT morbidly obese. I take with me baggies filled with carrots and grapes. Those are my snacks. Also freeze bottles of water and take them with you when you are up and about.

  6. Kayla Olshove

    You are an amazing person! You seem super caring and wise. Do not let people you don’t even know bring you down! You are doing really well compared to most people. 🙂

  7. Mampe Lesetla

    I have adopted your lifestyle recently, I don’t waste money buying things that are unnecessary and if I can get it used at a cheaper price I go for it. Gudoos mommy 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. I take my
    Lunch to work, make my own coffee instead of going to Starbucks!

  8. sharon anderson

    I am glad you are addressing obesity. Ppl. Who say they support you in being overweight and unhealthy do not really support you.

  9. Shannon Kringen

    try intermitment fasting- it might help your weightloss even more along with healthy fats etc. thanks for your frugal wisdom words.

  10. Missy Stitcher

    The Kindle app is good. Lots of free books on there. I'm shocked people have been so rude about your weight. Inspirational.

  11. Galaxies Are Born

    I can't believe someone would comment on your weight! How rude!!! Seriously! I know I have weight issues and I do want to get off my meds not only to save money but just to be healthy. Money is important in our lives but I wouldn't lose weight just for our budgets sake for sure! I would do it for my own health benefits. If it saved money then great. I am a person first. My budget is not near as important as my health or my self respect.

  12. Candi Cane

    I also do 12 months no interest. I always pay before any interest is accumulated. Good job 👏 also, shame on whoever mentioned your weight. You are God’s beautiful creation.

  13. Narelle Anne

    Hi Money Mom I just came across your channel. I've subscribed as I like your style of video and honest approach. I'm sorry people feel a need to ignore your frugal content you are presenting in your video and comment about your physical appearance. They have no right! Keep being you, for you and ignore the haters x

  14. Pat Stidman

    You’re a Doll. Thankful for you & your information. Bet your viewers would love Kate Kaden’s YouTube Channel & Diane in Denmark. You wonderful ladies have helped me so much.🌸

  15. Michael Kite

    Congrats to you guys 😊 I give you major props! Love that you’re basically out of debt and building up your emergency fund! I just went through all that myself. Paid off my debt and got my emergency fund in place (thanks to Dave Ramsey) it’s very freeing!

  16. Aurora Rose

    Good luck on your weight loss journey! It takes a very (mentally) big person to take such negativity and turn it around! Go you!

  17. Fox Kitten

    Good information, well presented. The trolls are awful… but she set herself up for them by starting the video patting her fridge.

  18. kelly

    Whoever commented on your weight needs to…. I can’t say anything nice. Use your imagination. Those people need to go away

  19. ELaine Downes

    First time viewing your vlog. Very refreshing. Ignore the haters. No one needs negativity like that in their life.

  20. Angela Stewart

    You could lose some weight for health reason. But really you don't look bad . Just work on you . don't worry about what people say .

  21. Normski Beat

    Love your positive outlook and have just subdued So will binge watch your older blogs to catch up. Good for you on your attitude toward nasty comments and even better if you are using that to improve your food health choices, here’s to your continued success 👏


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