Homemade Carpet Cleaner/ Rug Doctor Copycat Solution from Dollar Store

**Homemade Carpet Cleaner/ Rug Doctor Copycat Solution from Dollar Store**



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Get the complete homemade carpet cleaner Recipe here:

Get the powerful DIY Spotting Solution Recipe here:

Watch the video where we show how to mix and use the DIY Carpet and Clothes Spotting Solution:

This DIY Homemade Rug Doctor Solution has only 4 ingredients and smells fantastic. We use it in our Bissel home carpet cleaner. We’ve even used this Rug Doctor solution to clean the upholstery on our couches. It’s easy to mix and easy to use.

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31 thoughts on “**Homemade Carpet Cleaner/ Rug Doctor Copycat Solution from Dollar Store**

  1. Christina Milton

    Just bought a house with heavy soiled carpet in the Master suite, I will be doing this tomorrow… I'll take before and after pics and update my comment. 😊😊 thank you for this sincerely, A Penny saving mama 😉

  2. ABQ82

    I have the Hoover power scrub deluxe which has two compartments one for the solution and one for plain water.
    I use ALL with oxi laundry detergent to mix my solution and add 1/3 cup Pet Stain remover that contains enzymes.
    In the clear water side I add 5-8 oz Odoban.
    I use the cucumber melon or the linen scent and they both work great!

    It's a pain to have to go over the same area to rinse but once I finally started to rinse my carpet after shampooing it really did make a difference and helps keep new dirt from sticking as much.
    The Hoover I have has a knob to easily switch back and forth from washing and rinsing so I wash and rinse the same section as I clean. It's still a pain (IMO) but saves me the hassle of having to come back once I'm done shampooing and having to go over the whole area again to rinse.

  3. Cowboy45G Ttv,youtube

    One gallon hot h20
    2 tablespoon non bleach laundry detergent
    one.quarter cup store bleach cleaner(isopropyl)?
    One scoop small laundry soap solids

  4. Surf Widow

    TBF if laundry liquid is good enough for our delicate clothes it is certainly more than adequate diluted in warm water for a carpet. Think about it! A carpet is much harder wearing! And laundry liquid is dirt cheap get it DIRT cheap 😉

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    I couldn’t find the LA products, so I used Oxy Clean, Gain, and another general purpose cleaner/degreaser. It worked GREAT! I have light colored carpets. So I was a little skeptical, but I must say, this was terrific! Thanks!

  6. Frank Gutowski

    Hilarious! Don’t quit your day job. You’re no chemist!

    Oxiclean releases hydrogen peroxide in water. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes to oxygen and water shortly thereafter. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes in the presence of light. You used clear spray and storage bottles.

    You have no bleaching capability left.

  7. werd

    I use a very similar homemade solution. Only difference is that i add roughly a cup of folex carpet spot remover as well. Works better than any of the expensive cleaners i have used in the past.

  8. Tanasha Brown

    Don't you have to use plain water to rinse the chemicals out of the carpet after you finish shampooing the carpet?

  9. Dennis Zdroik

    We tried your carpet cleaning receipe in our Hoover Shampooer. Our Dollar Tree did not have the liquid Awesome orange so we bought the powder – hope that is ok – used the same amount as the liquid. Do your carpets feel soapy at all?

  10. Desmond Chow

    Is there any substitute for the La total awesome cleaning solution? I live in Australia and they don’t sell it.

  11. Kalyan Gondrala

    The branded carpet cleaning liquids are so expensive. Thanks for sharing the video…we are going to try it out today.

  12. Rick Pazmino

    Love the video and just mixed up some solution with said dollar store products to try as well. I’ll be using this stuff with a Bissell big green machine, which is a single pre-mix solution tank style unit. My question is….when you use this solution, do you go over your previously cleaned areas with a rinse pass of some sort? Thanks again.

  13. oneoflokis

    Great one!! Found this video straight off Google search. Now, as I am from the UK, I will just have to find the equivalent UK cleaning brands from my local Pound Shop! 😁

  14. Ken Hoying

    I used to clean carpets commercially and one of our sales pitches was we did not use any detergent which leaves a residue which will clean your shoe soles or feet. We used a softening agent which was very effective then finished off with a spot guard spray. Your formula uses a very small amount of detergent, however.

  15. John Gronberg

    My Bissell has a small "solution tank" separate from the clean/dirty tank. Do I put this cleaning solution in the solution tank or the main water tank?


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