**HEATED DEBATE Over CVS Coupon Carl**



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when you were asking why the guy was shaking because when black and that your skin is the weapon then yes that does heighten people that's the reason why he was shaking because he was alarmed by the situation but he had gotten himself into but how did it how was it weaponized I mean are you saying that inherently that black people make white people feel more nervous and that would call them to call the police more often well the reason why the reason why we have so many rushes to judgment is because my skin is the weapon yes I often times will tell my husband to handle a situation because sometimes it seems a little bit too much if I get heightened or upset so at that point I'll just tell him you handle this and I'll be in the car because I understand how these things go yeah he probably was nervous he was nervous when she walked in and she had something to say but he didn't like and they had a back-and-forth so he was trying to call in enforcement's when this woman was just simply trying to use a coupon he could have felt legitimately harassed I mean if we take race out of this and I really hate to put race into it because I can see someone just being like hey you're not honoring my coupon screw you I don't know your name I want a new number I wanna know everything about you and just hammer exactly but when you do it in such a her assing tone I can see how someone would get flustered of course it is but everything's subjected why is it we pick up this phone and feel the need to film every single little dang thing that's going on it's the difference between life and death that's why nobody he'll tear the these are these are situational okay how do we know how this is going to go down until it actually goes down yes absolutely because Erica because you meant every single thing because you may not get that chance after it's all set in rather than resolving the issue she wanted to film it and that's that's my point you could have resolved this here's the problem people always want things to go one way things don't go one way if you want to go about calling the police and infringing on my personal rights to simply be a customer at a CVS then I have every single right to pick up my phone and film you doing out of your piece you have violets for my personal rights so I'm violating yours that's just how it works everything that happens happens for a reason because it's turning around full circle maybe if people will use a little bit of common sense and courtesy and look at people like humans one on one that we wouldn't get into these predicaments but until that happens hell yeah I'm picking up my phone every single time because I want to go home to my family they'd be polite and be courteous be polite be courteous and don't let the situations very polite and courteous in situations where I found myself found a little upscale heightened heightened okay I am heightened yes I absolutely I'm having a very respectful conversation that I'm not having conversation it's a little bit stressful I think and I would come would you shake would you shake when you called the cops on me that I personally wouldn't know but that's because I can keep my tone down okay all right well great conversation either way I'm sure you guys are having them at home as well please write in and tell us what you think

45 thoughts on “**HEATED DEBATE Over CVS Coupon Carl**

  1. Jacqueline McGrath Curtis

    Her personal space and rights were never violated. And she the customer did not treat this manager with humanity, civility and respect as other customers witnessed her yelling and being belligerent towards both managers. The other manager not on the video was harassed by her as she followed him to a back room for employees. What customer would do that? Obviously only her. It’s funny and absurd that people would cry out racism as they figure this guy was filmed and not learning all the facts before calling it racism. This customer was wrong and the video does not show this manager saying anything racist and yet the media once again along with those out in the public are throwing the race card in when it does not apply.

  2. Brenda Ilalio

    White people don't want you to film what's going on so they can lie as usual or put their spin on there truth ,so we film so the real truth will be reviled

  3. Megumin

    I dont really care about race or anything but that white dude annoys me almost asking a fist on his face


    He is sickening. That sista is the shit! And I’m white btw. He is delusional and people like Kim are typically a cop or a mass shooter

  5. NthgCanGetMeDown!

    I wonder how he would feel when someone technically calls him a fraud in a store, in front of other people

  6. James DeVries

    I can both sides as a person of color. Cell phones can be great and bad.. because there’s only proof of what is on the film.. not showing the full entire event. But if there’s proof of hostility then by all means fire. I honestly think it’s so stupid to show hatred back to someone on the internet. Death threats and name calling. Harassing them like they did to others is not the way to go.

  7. herrlebensfreude

    Beau is a racist and ignorant but what can you expect. That is inherent in being a racist. He is the definition of white privilege, and no he was not respectful. He had condescending tones like he knew better. He is a MAGAT (Make America Great Again Trumpster.)

  8. Empire Jackson

    He's saying black folks should keep their head down and shuffle along when white folks berate them. Those days are over. And he obviously doesn't like it. Oh the good ole days!

  9. Leo Ix

    If we take race out of it…
    Image if she did not record it?
    He would have told the cops a story and they would have believed him and she might have ended up shot and dead.
    The fact that, that white man cannot understand that IS the fucking problem to begin with.
    I am not surprised that he would whole heatedly side with the other white male.

  10. Carl Darl

    The white guy was slamming his phone down on the table but no, he's being respectful and the woman's tone is aggressive. He just demonstrated the difference in the way which people perceive white & black people's "tones".

  11. Mikey McLean

    But you twisting and twitching in your chair through the confutation sign of nervousness just like the man shaking in the video as the woman said your facing a black person… That weapon.. You see these fools try to always prove a point and don't even know his ignorant ass just prove her point

  12. TAZ MAN

    Classic case of white denial…This guy is a perfect example of why white people push the stereo type of blacks being angry or dangerous…

  13. brian babatuan

    isn't he just a douche . what the hell? it's a woman against a man and you want her to bow down? wow! you're not only discriminating but also a sexist.

  14. Jason Yang

    Some customer service people get flustered over nothing. One time I asked a store clerk for an out of stock item. I politely asked her a second time if she was sure there was no more in the back. She walks away and two minutes later, a manager comes out screaming at me, telling me I have to leave. And shes hiding behind his back shaking.

    If I was black, I could've called out, racism. But I'm not black. So I shrug it off and go to another store. Life goes on. When blacks encounter this situation, they scream racism everytime

  15. Careese Williams

    He has that mentality that all white men have: “How dare you talk back to me? I am above you.” She doing exactly what he was doing. How dare her speak her mind…and be right? “How dare you?”


    There is an entitled homosexual racist on the loose. Make sure when you come across this whitesupremist homosexual you take your phone out with finger on the trigger. 🤔🤮🤭😁🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. tonisha sullivan

    As we all saw from this clip, this white man man was "HEIGHTEN". And clearly was looking at the situation one sided. If it was him that was getting the police called on him for mistreated and treated as equal, best believe he would had his phone out to prove that he did nothing wrong. Yes some white people are intimated by the darker skin. I know I have been there. And it's hard to prove your innocence when there just word of mouth and not actually prove. Yes this lady was dead right for filming this idiot. And He'll no he shouldn't be alderman. Nowhere. Thank you

  18. Jeff Johnson

    I've seen so many people draw conclusions on why he was shaking as if they can read his mind. I don't see the point of that. Speculating is one thing. But pretending like you know when you don't know is stupid. Focus on the tangible – his actions. Plenty to focus on there.

    OK, now to go in a completely different direction. That blonde-haired guy was saying things that were flat-out absurd.
    1. He said she was escalated the situation. She's not the one who called the cops OVER A COUPON.
    2. "He might have felt legitimately harassed." I don't give a rat's ass how he felt. I care whether he had a legitimate reason to feel that way. She did nothing to harass him. She presented a coupon. He reacted inappropriately. She asked for his information and recorded the incident. All appropriate actions to take. Also, I love how this anchor is all of a sudden so understanding about how this 'poor guy' might feel. Yet, how often do we see Right-Wingers accusing Blacks of crying racism at the drop of a hat. Do they take the time and try to understand how those people feel?
    3. "Why do we pick up the phone and film everything dang thing that's going on?" I love it. People like this guy will be the first to harp when someone making an accusation lacks evidence. But when they gather that evidence he throws a hissy fit.
    4. "Rather than resolving the issue she wanted to film it." RESOLVE IT? How was she supposed to resolve it? He was calling the cops on her. WTF does he suggest?
    5. "You sound a little upscale now." Wow, did he just call her uppity? Then he talks about how he's having a 'respectful conversation' with her?

    They end by saying how this was a great conversation. Well from one side it was. We basically had on one side a guy saying the most idiotic things and on the other side a lady making great points to refute them. Kudos to her for keeping her cool. Not easy to do when you're getting hit by rapid-fire stupidity.


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