Harbor Freight Shopping & A 25% Off Coupon!

**Harbor Freight Shopping & A 25% Off Coupon!**



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hey guys welcome back to the store Cavill YouTube channel we're back at Harbor Freight you can see the big sign right there there's gonna be a parking lot sale on the 8th 9th and 10th of June so if we're lucky we'll be able to get that ad to check it out and see what will be in the sale next month also there is a 25% off coupon for Memorial Day which is like 10 days away or so so hopefully we can get our hands on one of those and we'll have that at the end of the video but first I got some shopping to do so let's go inside and see what I'm picking up today I'll be a good like 3 second clip craziness red tag sale you think there's a perk unless they live by Hornbeck priceless we'll take one just because I don't think there's any coupons oh I'll take them both damn did you get one in the 2400 you're breaking stuff we'll just keep right there oh yeah oh yeah man just obscuring you know yeah we'll get the rest of it later okay there's that bran led trouble light 20 bucks Oh focus that's not the one I'm getting I like that okay Oh through my pocket Oh see got the dead blow hammer for $5.99 yep it works hey that's a don't mean throttle adult man triple Oh tell you that it's every man's dream ugly one male three females No 319 what's this thing that's autofocus there we go you know that'll work better okay so 20% off 26 inch red roller combo 319 for that 101 319 oh it's got the stupid no it doesn't it's locked okay really first cuz that's what's on the top top coupon cuz yes I print out my coupons because I'm an old man I did print them from my website though so at least I used my own stuff um where were those brushes B look at that and right there it says everything under ten bucks I think they do there I mind uh yeah they look like it I don't know oh it's a six piece brush what the hell I get three more hello I have to find them I never got the brushes before you wanted that magnetic bar you want to grab one because we don't have enough of the easy okay I'm debating on these they have a coupon on these for $4 I didn't put that out though maybe next time I don't think so this time but there's a four dollar coupon 400 then all that light all these us generals series – it's funny they don't say series – on them where I thought my five drawer one said series – right on it snow relax like the card this is a card from the wheels on the way this one they have the locks on it suede well no this one's got the locks I let that okay someone explain to me why that cart does not have locks and this cart does have locks I thought maybe the one wasn't a card or something that sucks maybe they were smart they took him onto that one too just like I did and the only Yukon that's not the price for the Yukon that's the price for the Yukon 249 it's usually coupon for 199 on this to yep the four-drawer tech cart 149 and it's got the locks I think no it doesn't have the locks damn how do you know which ones have locks which ones don't I mean whistling at me sucker I could have sworn mine says Series to write on it but these don't say series to want them either am I just retarded idea whistling bastard I heard you whistling hey well I don't want the open box when I'm getting it for free either way so is it that one uptown Jolly Green Giant making fun of my height size that's right it's all about the amps size don't matter all right so the beeping would stop please stop you're ruining my video please stop put it in Drive okay anyway so we got the three ton heavy duties $23.99 is the sale price but I have a coupon for $17.99 boom ah giveaway what I'm getting next oh no one's alright they didn't pay attention hold that six ton that's six times uh-oh three time six two three nine two 6 2 3 9 2 yeah you want to get one of those yeah Thanks it looks good to me okay next oh yeah that's it that's it right there yeah that's it you know all these quantum lights and you got the headgear lights and the underhood light which I still would like to get at some point but we're here today for is the 499 work like get him off my camera all right that time it wasn't me being an asshole that was Monica so defectively bright quantum work light qsl 2:15 that's pretty big they put a pocket clip there's a magnet on the bottom yeah right geez so let's see 2 or 15 lumens 55-foot range 3 hour 30 minute runtime to one one function high low magnetic base warning very bright oh that's clever that's a good marketing technique why didn't they put that on all the other stuff warning very bright I'm not bringing you along anyways anymore I don't get why it has a pocket clip though because it is so huge you are not putting that in your pocket like hold that no no no hold it like that yeah well yeah it's bigger than my hand and I wouldn't put my hand in my pocket we get to shut up all right we're getting it here's the pocket good oh it's on the back all right we can do a review on that I'm not gonna do a review on Jack stances what the hell am I gonna do with that like a leg pocket or a cargo pocket maybe well the picture on the website I think shows a shirt pocket and it's like hanging from the guy shirt pocket you would have like a five pound flashlight that's 12 inches long hanging from your pocket that's weird okay the girls have a 12 inch thing sticking out of their pocket talking about boobs yeah let's get out of here now now you're embarrassing me look at all the stuff and see what we got here so pretty successful we've got the Memorial Day Sale adhere with the coupon which I'm gonna get on my website and on my app it'll probably be posted on both of those places before you ever see this video so there will be a link down below to these coupons is running on the back that's of interest well we can check and see that $74.99 is a good price on that jac here I don't know if that's the lowest price available used to be free for that light there's another coupon Brown remember the price that it was this stuff always has coupons on it so I don't think there's a free item or there used to be a free item coupon on the funnels so we'll see the tool bag was in the last parking lots they opened remember the price then either all right get that out of here then we got the parking lot sale ads we'll do a separate video on that and I'll go through all this stuff and see what's a good deal $99.99 for the four drawer cart sounds like a pretty good deal but we'll see what the coupons on for that usually are pressure washer yeah we'll go through the whole ad later whoa whoa whoa wind look out I'm not sure what that is none of its coupons little just sale prices so I don't know if it'll be too interesting might be a video my not hey speaking of what you looked over those solar panels there and went those solar panels there of course there's a coupon for one $49.99 but I just picked up a harbor Harbor Freight brand or and you had a Harbor Freight SKU number on it anyways solar panel at a thrift store it's only a 5 watt and it's not something they sell anymore but there might be in a video later I haven't even opened it yet but its new in the box okay there's that red tag sale again I don't think there's any coupons in here and just a big-ass sale flyer so I probably won't do a video on this because it doesn't matter alright guys that's it thanks for watching make sure to subscribe for already subscriber look at all the thrift store stuff we found some of this stuff's gonna be in a video too because I think this thing's pretty cool you can't read it in here Toledo cooker like smoker deal really cool so we'll check that out maybe make a video and there's some other cool things buried in here so just watching guys yes

12 thoughts on “**Harbor Freight Shopping & A 25% Off Coupon!**

  1. Kyle Victor

    I just picked up the same quantum work light and love it. I use the pocket clip to clip it to the outside of my pants pocket so I can light up the area I am walking in and have my hands free. I also think it says warning very bright because it faces you when you turn it on. Keep up the awesome videos

  2. Marcos Reyes

    Loving the app! Used that 25% on a multimeter and got the free 18" magnet ❤️ thanks for the beast ass app man

  3. VMSystems

    I picked up one of those lights a few weeks ago. They are freaking bright! and it will hang from your shirt pocket like in the photo. It also works well if you stick the magnet to the underside of your car's hood. Extremely good value. Gonna pick up a few more when I go back.

  4. InfiltratorNY

    Why do you need to print coupons, when your app has them? The cashier's scanner works on my cell. By the way I used your app the 1st time the other day, I saved $20 on my purchase.

  5. Atticus Draco

    i still print 'em out 'coz i have my wife go fetch the items for me and she doesn't know how to work her F'n phone!
    i swear to gawd, if i could transition the 'fetch and purchase' into an app game she'd be all up in that sh!t!
    "Baby, you gotta do it this way in order to get your free coins"

  6. Ryan McKee

    Ive gotta get one of those long ass pocket lights. My flashlight drawer is only about half full in my tool box! lol I can see it coming in handy when I’m welding and need extra light somewhere and I don’t want to get slag on my fancier lights. lol $4.99 isn’t a bad price either. Didn’t look rechargeable.


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