Groupon Super Bowl Tibet Ad - Offensive or Funny?

**Groupon Super Bowl Tibet Ad – Offensive or Funny?**



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NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Online coupon site Groupon Inc.’s first foray into Super Bowl advertising aimed for humor but instead struck a raw nerve with viewers and human-rights groups for mocking serious social issues.

In one commercial, Timothy Hutton says “the people in Tibet are in trouble, their culture is in jeopardy,” as pictures of Tibet are shown on the screen. The punchline? It turns out he’s talking about a fish curry deal offered.

The ad, which debuted during American TV’s biggest night in advertising, when spots go for $3 million for 30 seconds, sparked widespread negative reaction on Twitter and Facebook.

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this episode of The Young Turks is brought to you by Netflix go to slash tyt for your free trial membership this is the most hated ad from the Super Bowl and it's Groupons controversial ad featuring actor Timothy Hutton let's watch the video mountainous Tibet one of the most beautiful places in the world this is Timothy Hutton the people of Tibet are in trouble their very culture is in jeopardy but they still whip up an amazing fish curry and since 200 of us bought a Groupon calm were each getting thirty dollars with a Tibetan food for just $15 at Himalayan restaurant in Chicago save the money a lot of great deals in your town bomb that was disastrous okay so it starts off as a very serious commercial you're starting to feel really bad inside and you think this is gonna be something that's you know gonna ask for donations or asked to help Tibet and then all of a sudden is like ah they whip up a mean fish curry how random is that so of course people are upset about it and they think that it's offensive and it makes light of something that's a very serious situation what do you think Jake I'm gonna go the other way a little bit here I thought it was bordering on funny I mean like here's the thing right the Tibetan things tragedy yada yada yada but I mean that tragedy is there whether you make it out about it or you don't and like it's not like I'm taking it lightly yeah I you know Free Tibet rock and roll you know West Coast I don't know whatever right but what it's like you're never allowed to joke about it I don't I give people a million times more leeway if they're joking than if they're serious I / I was almost amused by oh my god but you know what jank it all depends on what their intentions were I don't think their intentions were to be funny where I'm een I don't know I think that it was this unexpected no go ahead Jake they had no they did no that was a joke there's no they they were like Oh too bad oh they're in such bad shape but damage very rocks bring it know that nobody can be serious about that no well I don't know it then if it was a joke I think it was in bad taste I don't think it was a funny joke it was terrible it was funny because I was talking about it with Tom and Tom's like can you imagine if they like started off by talking about blood diamonds in Africa and they're like look at all these people getting killed but you know what I got 15% off my diamond at Zales I mean it's it's a very similar thing and that's not funny that's terrible Jake Jake do you see do you see what I'm talking about we're already worried about defending people at super blinds because oh my god the sensitive audience just might be oh oh that was a little bit – I'm offended watch the game and get a lot of Netflix they deliver the move into your house no late charges free shipping you can watch thousands of movies or TV shows straight on your PC or on your television through a gaming console slash tyt free trial membership you get Netflix all over

29 thoughts on “**Groupon Super Bowl Tibet Ad – Offensive or Funny?**

  1. Peta Gonkyi

    You cannot get away joking on Holocaust, Slavery, Black Diamonds, or Muslim because there will be serious repercussion through backlash.

    But you can exploit Tibet because Tibetans will not reek revenge as Tibetans have been suffering alone for the last 65 years with no country supporting Tibet.

  2. Card Index

    Ana practically said the blood diamond joke. She just put up someone else to take the hit. Did you all notice that????

  3. Durzo

    I didn't find it especially offensive since they didn't actually mention anything in particular, but the ad itself didn't even border on funny; just another lame-ass commercial "joke" that fell flat on its' face. But in reading the responses from Groupon spokesmen on this issue and others, they reason and articulate themselves like 21yo dumb-ass frat boys who crush beer cans on their heads after the football game. I was amazed at their pathetic, uneducated grasp of what professionalism is.

  4. Yorosero

    I'm actually studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK which is why I can string a fucking sentence together unlike you. I wouldn't hire a bitch like you who is only good for making babies with. I'm not sexist, but it sure was fun raping the shit out of you in the comments section.

  5. Yorosero

    The population of Tiber has more than doubled since the "invasion" thanks to hospitals and schools being built. Some genocide that is.

  6. MaxAck


    "It is unlikely, however, that all these sterilisations were voluntary (1994 TIN Survey; p19). While the law does not specifically demand abortions or the use of surgical controls, the effect of the law in practice, with its use of fines and other punishments, is that many women may feel forced to accept abortions and sterilisations." …

  7. Caleb Andersen

    so why doesn't anyone ever think about the genocidal caste system that was in place in tibet before chinese occupation?

  8. MrHumpity

    There are no boundaries when it comes to humour but that was totally tasteless. Professional comedians know when not to cross the line. I guess Groupon got their publicity though.

  9. mschpop4546

    how could anyone think this is funny? it would never be ok for another country to joke about an american tragedy such as 9/11 but we're americans so its ok, right?
    hell no.

  10. caitiethedavis

    WHAT? I mean, I'm not OFFENDED (though, I have empathy, so I CAN see how others would be offended), but it doesn't make SENSE.

    why? why even start with Tibet, and why make a commercial start out with such a serious tone? it makes the entire thing seem thrown together & disjointed.


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