6 thoughts on “**Grapevyne: Save Money on Healthcare**

  1. Jonathan Ueki

    Love the idea. I think it would be difficult to convince all of the hospitals to cooperate, but this is a good first step

  2. ProfGREvans

    As others have remarked, slide narratives slowed this down some, and this is an idea that is already out there, but I still liked the idea.

  3. Michael Reeve

    The increase in access to information should drive the prices down, but is there any effort to ensure that doesn't come with a decrease in the quality of treatment?

  4. Jonathan Chang

    I really like the idea but the presentation needs some polish. As David commented, the reliance on slides made the video rather boring – even some animations might have helped there. Having only a single voice narrating for all 4.5 minutes didn't help either.

  5. Jonathan Lum

    I like the idea. A doctor rating system would be solid as well. Quality doctors might be worth the higher price in some cases

  6. David Tenorio

    demos at beginning were engaging; dependence on slides of solely text made it a little monotonous at the end


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