Friday Tips for Frugal Living and Preparedness

**Friday Tips for Frugal Living and Preparedness**



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Watch some quick ways you can live frugally and prepare in your every day life.
hey guys good morning it's me again and it's Friday which means I am going to tell you everything we did this week to live frugally and also what we did for preparedness so we did either working on preparedness or food storage so first I am going to start off with frugal living and one of the first things we did is I made dishwasher detergent and I love dishwasher detergent and it saves me a ton of money but I do have to say it is not 100% the best it cleans your dishes and it doesn't really make a foggy anything but we found after about using it for about six months our dishwashers would get this it will just get yucky on the inside and like this thick greasy gross stuff and I feel like maybe because the date urging didn't have any bleach in it or something that wasn't eating that away so we found that if I do homemade dishwasher detergent for a month or two and then we do store-bought detergent for one packet and then homemade and we go back and forth we still save about 50% by still making our dishwasher detergent and we can't tell a difference between the dishes clean or dirty or not it's just the dishwasher is just a little bit more dirty so I recommend doing homey dish washing detergent if you want to it's pretty easy I'll have a link in the bottom of this post video so when I'm done I'll going to link that up to the detergent that we like to use and then also some of you may remember that we had a health store a couple weeks ago so our window got cracked and so we took our carton to be looked at for the insurance and we had a ton of damage and they gave us this check for getting the windshield fix and all the hell dents to be fixed and so what we have been doing is researching how to pop the dents out ourselves and so we haven't actually done it yet we've had a busy week with work and stuff but so we have been doing researching how to pop and remove the dent out herself so that we can keep a little bit more money in our pocket from that insurance and also along the lines of that quote that they gave us for the windshield I went ahead and I quoted like the price they allowed us to fix the windshield I went ahead and called around for a couple of different places and I found a place that will fix our windshield for a hundred bucks cheaper so even though we got that money from insurance just by doing our own work or doing the research and price matching what different companies will pay for the work we're still going to be able to save some of that money we got from the insurance so that is a tip and even if you guys get health storm damage or tornado or flood damage from housing stuff just price match with contractors and you might be able to get a cheaper price and then the rest of the money will just stay in your pocket and then the last thing we do this week for Google living is some of you may have been aware but Amazon Prime day was a few days ago and I am kind of silly I like to plan our Christmases in the summertime and we like to think about what we really want to get our kids and there's a couple different categories we go over but we start buying our Christmas presents and putting them on the Amazon wish list and stuff early June or July and over the next few months when they drop we'll buy them so on Amazon friend a there are a couple of really good deals and we bought some of our kids Christmas presents for 40 to 60% off versus waiting until November or even October or they would an event that are off because sometimes they're not the same things or the price off as Black Friday and sometimes I'm just busy on with Black Friday's but Thanksgiving a family and stuff so that's another thing we did for really this week now on to preparedness we actually were able to go through our 72-hour kids this weekend when you have kids if you have kids you have noticed they grow really fast so we switched around clothing Kait event drinking a bottle anymore so we put some more food in there versus just formula and stuff for her we also switched around some of our food in there so we are going in the direction of doing more survival bars because they're super light and easy and we've taste tests of them and our kids love them and so we've been reorganizing taking out some of the food that we had that was a little bit more prep work and throwing in some easier food for Less prep work and then also I forgot to grab it we you know a lot of people say for water storage too if you drink two liter pop bottles to just something out and fill them up water but we don't drink pop in our house so that's never really been an easy way to store water for us quick and easy other than buying containers or buying water bottles but my husband had an idea good morning and he started saving the half gallon syrup bottles I was going to bring an empty one over and show you but forgot to and so we and they're just crushed bottles and they have a nice lid that pours easily so we've actually been saving those bottles and filling them up with water and storing them in the basement and then of the plastic it doesn't have any color or any tent into it so it's clear so you don't have to worry about that so they've done that also what food storage this week and then some of the food we have made this week with food storage if it is we made pinto bean casserole with some pinto beans and that was surprisingly really good we also did bran muffins and I made zucchini bread and I just used wheat flour when I ground up wheat from it and with zucchini from our garden so those are the things we did this week to lift fuglie and to prepare or use up our food storage you guys have any questions comment below I will link up the homemade laundry detergent no only dishwasher detergent that we use and I want to give you guys a heads up next week on Wednesday we are going to be talking about how to manage your budgets and different ways to manage your budget and what I like to use or different tips and stuff so if you have any questions about that that you want me answered in the video be sure to comment below and I'll talk to you later have a great weekend fight

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  1. Esther Loske

    Hey hi.. maybe try adding vinegar to the soap mixture ?..
    I,ve seen on youtube somebody taking a dent out of car using heat of a blow dryer.. it was a big dent and only one , but it worked.
    Yeah Team Frugal 😊


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