eShield Attic Insulation | Save Money On Utility Bills | Basement Doctor Columbus OH

**eShield Attic Insulation | Save Money On Utility Bills | Basement Doctor Columbus OH**



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The Basement Doctor’s eShield™ is the revolutionary, multilayer, reflective, radiant heat barrier that along with your existing blanket insulation, is the best option for homeowners looking for serious energy savings. Its advanced design brings you an unsurpassed e-value. This remarkable insulation protects homes from an industry-leading 97 percent of radiant heat transfer. Working in conjunction with a home’s already-in-place insulation, eShield™ utilizes state of the art foil laminating technology to block radiant heat transfer, which is often neglected by traditional insulation.

Oftentimes, homeowners are happily surprised to find that rather than needing to replace or add to insulation, they can lower their monthly bills by just as much, if not more, by installing eShield™ thermal insulation. In fact, eShield™ has been shown to provide more energy savings than the addition of twelve more inches of fiberglass insulation, and it also usually pays for itself much faster than most home improvements.

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welcome to the 62nd home show today we're installing this state-of-the-art insulation product called a shield let's go inside and see meet Ron Aikens from a shield now Ron how does something dis then do its magic what we're going to do with this rich we're going to install it on the rafters here in the attic and that's going to kick back 93 to 97 percent of the radiant heat because the product breeds we allow the moisture to go through the product so you don't have any problems with mold or mildew and it also because we put it up here and we don't put it exactly on the roof deck it's not going to heat up the shingles not going to hurt your shingles at all if you install a co we guarantee your energy savings on your utility bill what e she'll does is keep the outside temperature we're supposed to be outside and the inside temperature in for a dryer cleaner healthier safer more energy-efficient home call me now call the basement doctor beat the doctors on job

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