Enter This Promo Code For FREE ROBUX on ROBLOX (July 2019) | Free Robux Promo Codes 2019

**Enter This Promo Code For FREE ROBUX on ROBLOX (July 2019) | Free Robux Promo Codes 2019**



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Enter This Promo Code For FREE ROBUX on ROBLOX (July 2019) | Free Robux Promo Codes 2019

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Today I will be going into this Roblox game that claims to give you a “prize” if you finish the obby! Lets see if he actually gives us a prize, or if it is just another fake game.

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all right you know what is happening everyone it is your boy I love today what I'm going to be doing is actually looking at this game and apparently you can get not only roebucks but you can get promo codes and all that just from this game obviously I do not know if this is actually what you can get but the title of the game is play this for a prize and it's pretty obvious that one of the prizes is going to be either roebucks or a promo code or builder's club or something like that so we're gonna go check out what the game is right now when on the terms of games I mean if you want to go to my account on roblox I do have a game over here called escape Burger King obby and it's a pretty cool game link will be in the description if you want to go play it anyway yeah so let's get started obviously this account right here is called July promo code no no it's not called July Koh it's 2019 as you can see the player is right over here and this player has this game right here prize ah brbrbr v not sure what it is but we are going to go play it it looks like he was online four minutes ago but yeah we're gonna open roblox and see what this game is see what the prize is so I'll see you guys when I'm in the game alright we just entered into the game and I it looks like I'm floating but okay wait a second I see roebucks there already alright guys let's see what this game is okay okay okay sorry to interrupt the video but basically before we go any further make sure to scroll down and smash that like button and once you smash that like button make sure to scroll down a little bit more and click that subscribe button and not only that but click the bell beside it to get notified every time I upload you liking and subscribing just shows me that you support my channel and enjoy the video and not only that but you'll be entered for a chance to get a notification shoutout you may be asking how am I gonna get two notification shout-out if you do not know who I am basically all you got to do is comment down below hashtag great video and basically under that all you gotta do is comment literally anything that you enjoyed about the video once you have done that make sure to comment that down below and I'll pick one of you to get a notification shoutout basically what that is is your comment will go on the screen for that video and maybe people will subscribe to you you never know so yeah guys make sure to LIKE subscribe and turn on post notifications and if you want to do something even more you can even go follow my roblox account all the links will be in the description anyway let's get straight on to this video obviously guys as you know the notification shout-out for this video is going to be this person on the screen right now if you want to notification shout out I got to do is do all those steps and you'll be next to get a notification shoutout anyway yeah so I don't know actually okay so it looks like their stairs here um there is some spooky man right here let's click this and see what he has to say I can't even click it now yes I can okay welcome to the game what is this game about you want a prize don't you okay so we're already going into the prizes I'll say yes I would love a price okay well just try to complete this hobby that seems easy have a good day shadow thing yeah yeah you too so okay so that looks like it is it but I think he's made it hard cuz I cannot see anything so there is a block here and it looks like there's a block over years so can't I just move over here and just okay no I can't okay so that that does kill me alright so we know that we can't do that okay so he's not gonna try to outsmart us so we're gonna have to jump on the block so I mean yeah so we go on the block and then there's a block of there so I'm guessing left okay so it seems pretty easy so far okay so now we need to get that block okay so let's just go here then nope alright I guess we we don't go there cuz it kills us alright so I'm guessing it has to be that tough I'm guessing it has to be that top block over there so let's go get that no it kills us as well what okay so do I just go on the floor okay I think yeah okay so this time we have to go on the floor okay and then I'm guessing we have to go on this thing all right cool now we have another guy here saying you have completed all those quick okay you have completed the AVI what now all right that's that's yet four of these blocks will kill you one of them is a teleporter find the right one oh okay that seems quite easy but where does the teleporter take me you will see okay well I'm pretty sure it's over there he says hehe but I'm pretty sure that's where the teleporter takes me because I do see the particles but we're gonna see anyway so I'm guessing one of these the teleporter so we're obviously gonna start easy and do the first one nope all right that is not the teleporter that is incorrect all right next one let's see this one over here is this one nope it is not all right so that is a good start I mean two out of five and they're both wrong let's go for the one all the way at the back maybe that one works let's see nope it doesn't all right so it is not that one is three out of five complete so I'm guessing he's gonna probably put it in a corner so it's this one up here no what is it all right four out of five nope is that three out of five four out of five maybe four out of five one two three four five six oh it's six out of five so this guy's wrong there is five that can kill you're not four I don't know what he's saying anyway unless there's two teleporters let's see this one's a teleporter no wait it is did it is it did i teleport no wait so is it the middle one then it is the middle one all right so we have made it up I just teleported backwards all right that's cool all right so I guess that worked we have a roebuck stash right over here that can we click it no we can't all right so let's click this year Wow you actually got to the end so here's a surprise as we are we actually got to the end of this maser Bobby whatever it is yeah so what's the prize well tell you what if this bit how does he know I'm recording well tell you what if this video does really well and everyone who watches likes and shares it to their friends and he and he stops there wait what chat ended because he didn't reply late so he knows I'm recording and he wants the video to do well is what the heck this seems like I staged it or it's fake but literally it's they never mentioned the video once alright well let's try that again wow you actually got to the end so what's the prize tell you what if everyone watches likes the video and shares it to their friends and then you stop there I'll be like then what I will see but most likely I will give you a few hundred robux to give away oh so it's not that much but a few hundred I could give everyone like 50 roebucks oh really ok cool good luck so I'm not really sure how he's going to give me the robux but I mean I mean he said like the video and share it so I mean if you guys want to like the video and share it you don't have to because I don't even think this is gonna work I don't even think that this guy over here is gonna give me roebucks but I mean you never know if you guys want to you can like the video hopefully you do because obviously you'll also be entered for a notification shout out but if you do not like the video that is totally up to you obviously this guy just say don't like the video I don't really know how I'm offending key I don't even know if this will work but hopefully it does I'm trapped oh no okay no I'm not I'm good alright so yeah guys I guess that has been the video hopefully you have enjoyed if you did smash a like obviously to see if this does work share it to a few of your friends just so your friends can see the video make sure to obviously subscribe and turn on post notifications I'll see you guys in the next video very soon and I ya guys have a good day if you want follow me on twitter the link will be in the description and yeah I'll see you guys in the next video very soon peace out guys

48 thoughts on “**Enter This Promo Code For FREE ROBUX on ROBLOX (July 2019) | Free Robux Promo Codes 2019**

  1. Kenikko_ 06

    I always love your vidzzz…
    Because you give us opinions of having robux thank you very much…😅

  2. Nikki And KK

    Hi! I’m trying to get robux for my cousin so we can buy her bloxburg!! And me and my sister need robux too so can u plz plz donate…
    me: nso2006
    My sister: kkss2006
    Cousin: Robloxian945340653

  3. Sophie Stewart

    Helo 😉 i just clicked on this and now I love it :DD i dont need any i have alot already but i like this im subed!

  4. XxxCG GamingXx

    can I pls get robux I sub and like
    I really wanna have 50000 robux if that’s ok

  5. Somersaultshake

    I think the real prize is having to get a new computor because you just gave yourself a virus 🙃

  6. Tanika Albert

    This wasn’t even a promo code-_- eh…I won’t even win but imma do it anyway!
    USERNAME: That_kittygirl123


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