Empowered Expats in Germany || Dealing with keys and saving big money

**Empowered Expats in Germany || Dealing with keys and saving big money**



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In this video, our expert expat shows you how to save big money by following these insider tips for people living in Germany. Namely, not locking yourself out, insurance and how to get back into your place if you have locked yourself out.

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hey welcome to our decks today we are going to help you see thousands of years by showing you what how to deal with important topic in German that mean how to handle keys in Germany keys are quite special first of all in Germany closure you can close your door to the apartment again here it just closed entirely that means for people coming from the cultures or you're used to having to manually lock your door this could be potential situations that you lock yourself up you're talking to someone who did this herself a few years ago when I moved to Germany vacuumed 2013 so first of all that's one tip we have for you you bear that you can lock yourself out just by closing your door and we also promised you the point to see you a lot of money and how are we going to do that well to raise one you know that in Germany there are a lot of insurances for a lot of things including four keys you get a an affordable insurance that will help you in case you lose your key all together or if you or if you lock yourself out that and why normal in some countries it only cost a few euros every dollar not very 22 rupees bikini but in Germany especially people you have to keep that use totally for the entire building so by having insurance you can protect yourself because let's face it and another other what happens if you forget you're going down to your laundry maybe time vixen and you need your key in your apartment and you close the door know what happens well I want to give you two tips look into the link at the bottom of the video you'll see our recommendations on how to find someone who can help you get back into your carpet because we've done all the work for you to find reputable people who will come and fortunately conversation they charge thousands of euros for a job that takes five minutes they say there's cost Sunday evening at night you can lose a lotta money listen rather follow our sources by going to the bottom of the video click you know that and avoid the fog in case in case you've lost your key inside so in review we've given you a few tips 1 how to realize not how that tourism journey usually bought themselves so that's a way to protect yourself – we told you about insurance for keys that one could also take about money and also we're providing those links at bonds menu to make sure that you in case you really do lock yourself out happen too many times you can find someone who doesn't know truthful and respectful matter to make sure yeah it's not a big stressful location so that's so it's a leisurely from empowered expat Club and we want to you want to encourage you to come to our cohort service and where you get much more than this to get tips on how to for life in Germany and okay work in Germany and get to meet and join a community so that's all for today thank you

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