Eight Tips For Clothing On a Budget: ( Some will not cost you any Money)

**Eight Tips For Clothing On a Budget: ( Some will not cost you any Money)**



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35 thoughts on “**Eight Tips For Clothing On a Budget: ( Some will not cost you any Money)**

  1. But Olive U More

    I have way too many clothes bc I haven’t decided what size I’m going to be lol. I saw a good tip from someone to hang your clothes hanger backward on the rod and as you wear them put them forward. Whatever is left after the season you never wore!

  2. Jackie Collins

    Is your daughter frugal like yourself or does she not like hoarding clothes? Love that size tip and the quality over the quantity. I have ranged in weight as well so you are not alone dawn. I might try that rotating tip! Do you think that rotating tip is still applicable if you have your clothes in a dresser and not hanging in a closet?

  3. Winnie Woodland

    Thanks money mom! As a plus size person who is also extremely tall I buy most of my clothing online. What I have found in the last 4 years is that many of the clothes are poor quality, being this slinky stretchy, or see thru Now I buy online and pick it up at the store and look at it, and decide if I want to keep it. More expensive doesn't always mean better quality.

  4. bonnie sorenson

    Having a garage sale tomorrow. I have so many clothes that don’t fit anymore. Ugh. Lol. Whatever I do not sell, I’ll donate. Great video Dawn. Have a great weekend, 👍everyone .😃

  5. Gary Simeone

    I loved this one! I do the very same thing and in fact..I sell my clothing that I do not want on Poshmark. Great share.

  6. Rachael Lyn

    You said you probably have too much and I was thinking you don't have a lot. But you know, I don't need half of what I own! These are really great tips! I do the rotation thing and it's helped me wear more, but sometimes I still wear the same things over and over.

  7. Nesa Dcruz

    Great tips. I must say you and your Daughter are very disciplined to have Minimalist wardrobes. I have way too many now so I rarely go clothing shopping unless we are on vacation in Bangkok where we usually buy most of our clothes.

  8. Happy Jess

    "Stay the same weight range" – Oh, if only! I have held onto clothes for 15 years in the hope I'll fit back into them in a future "one day". 🙂

  9. pauline frost

    I buy online because i am housebound. I always get mid priced in an XL as i am 176lbs and everything is loose and comfortable. I search for the best price on what i need online, and amazon always wins. I have a very miniable wardrobe. usuall3 only 3 of everything. works for me.

  10. Jeanne Bowes

    We had a little garage sale 8 to 12 today. Made 107 on dollar items. Tomorrow , we will do four hours but now have very very little amount left. I am happy with the pocket money and friends visiting.Plus I used the time to sweep out the garage in every square inch and reorganize, so although not a big money maker, it was time well spent. I ran laundry during this time as well. Alan’s family met at the park nearby and we had a nice dinner. I then pampered myself with a home mani and pedi. Happy feet!

  11. Bonnie Schlink

    Great tips! Also watch the dry cleaning items..yikes..it can run a bundle. I have a few cashmere sweaters that i use woolite drycleaner on at home in my clothes dryer. I find that does a good job and seems more affordable than a professional dry cleaner.

  12. Georgiann Maloney

    I love clothes. Nice clothes that are comfortable and I look good in, make me feel good about me. I get casual clothes and wear when I work or at home. I shop the clearance at Kohl's online. I get very good quality clothes for very little. I do donate stuff, also. I donate to places that do good things for people and or animals.

  13. Deborah Benjamin

    Hehe…clothes are my thing, but I almost never pay retail! As a matter of fact just last night I ordered from Full Beauty catalog that had just came that day. They are multi brand…Woman Within..Roamans, etc. It was up to 85% off with an additional 40% off if you spent over $60, So I made out like a bandit… lol! But you can’t wait usually to order or what you liked might be gone! 😊👌💕

  14. Lois Campbell

    Stains are taken care of immediately. One tip you and your followers may find helpful is to use a moistened bar of Fels-Naptha ($1 at Wal-mart) on stains. It's a miracle worker. On the subject of closets/warbrobes; I have a HUGE closet (not walk-in) in my bedroom and it's pretty full though not as full as it WAS a few months ago. I pulled out everything (a section at a time) and sorted my tops first. I love spring and fall jewel tones and had many duplicate tops in each shade. I inspected each one and choose the best of the lot to keep for myself and carefully folded the rest and set aside for donating. Anything with permanent stains was tossed. I donated 1/3 of the tops, a housedress I bought on line and detested and 2 pair of black dress pants (that no longer fit). I also parted ways with many turtlenecks and sweatshirts since I haven't worn them in several winters. I still have a long ways to go in order to pare down but I feel I've made great headway. I take good care of my clothes and have still have some dressy tops from when I worked as a secretary. (I've been retired 19 years). I love them STILL! I apologize if I drone on too long, Dawn, but I feel like I'm talking to a friend when I reply to your videos.

  15. Carol Brown

    "What about ALL favorites?!?!" Love that idea ❤, that's the goal for my closet!!
    I took a bag of items I wasn't wearing to the thrift store at the beginning of the week, starting on the 2nd bag 👍.

  16. Joyce

    Good video Dawn. I purchased the style of blouses I like from Dressbarn over 20 years ago ( on sale of course) and they still look like new. Always wash my clothes on gentle cycle and cold water and hang most of them up to dry. I have had nightgowns for over 20 years also that I paid 5 dollars for that look like new because I take care of my clothes! One tip I can give is I find that men's socks are cheaper to buy then women's so always buy them.

  17. Nyx773

    RE: #5 2:57 Rotate clothing: ELASTIC and SHOES
    A) Elastic needs to "rest" for 24-48 hours to regain its shape and keep it stretchy. Avoid wearing clothing containing elastic/spandex more than 1 day in a row (bras, socks, undies, pants/shorts with elastic waistbands, pajamas, leggings, spanx, etc.) . Store socks folded, not rolled with the opening/cuff folded over.
    B) Shoes also should not be worn more than 1 day in a row in order to allow all sweat to evaporate.

    Thanks Dawn for the great tips and reminders!

  18. Flower Child

    Have a wonderful Friday Money Mom !!!! I have to give ya the WOOT!!! WOOT!!! Enjoy your weekend &.do something fun 😃

  19. Barb Khan

    Most of my clothing is from donations to my senior apt bldg..some from goodwill, some given to me, some from dollar stores, and some i bought on sale or clearance at various retail stores..some are even mens clothes such as t-shirts, shorts, socks, pajama pants, etc

  20. Flower Child

    Love clothes, I've always washed mine in cold water and gentle cycle , then i hang for most part to air dry.I've found clothes don't shrink or fade in color and last longer. Also if purchasing newer or different clothes take a few item's that you are not wearing anymore and give to someone who will or donate to charity

  21. Xena Bellezza - it's all about Beauty and Grace

    Hey my cutie, very nice video… And you have a great collection of clothes. Hey new friend added in your YouTube family dear all the way from India and I would love if you could also be a part of my YouTube family dear and let's just stay connected

  22. Gigi CS

    Great video, Dawn!
    Suggestion: How about making a clothing organization video for us… and clearly SHOWING us, specifically, as well as telling us how you have found to do it, inexpensively, and so it is easy to STAY neat, with everything easily “findable”. I think it would be a hit! Most all of us can glean from the way others organize. Savings is savings… including our time! Have a great day!

  23. Life with patti

    I do rotate my clothes. Actually I have a rotation problem. lol I think I'm going to do a video on it. I'm really trying to only buy something if I really really like it also. Pajamas all day long sounds good to me.!!

  24. Virgie Rutledge

    The idea of loving what you have is like when I take a vacation, I only take my best clothing. So my closet has lots of things I do not "love". Also, If you have fewer clothes in there, it is easier to clean.


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