Ebates (Rakuten) is real ( demo and walk-through) & Sigma Brush Sale NOW $5

**Ebates (Rakuten) is real ( demo and walk-through) & Sigma Brush Sale NOW $5**



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Sigma Brush sale happens like once a year. Near the summer Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
so this is Ebates it is real I saw commercials like years ago it's time to kind of sketch actually signed up for it and used it for years ago but what was it really worth it back then but now with the $10 welcome offer it's worth so you just hit join and then you can either a link with Facebook or email so you just type in your email and create a password and then under the did you refer doesn't wanna refer you if you would kindly do so you can put my email that's GOI over 10 but you Washington don't need to you have the hiccups right now but yet join I get like a small referral bonus and I'll just kind of help grow my channel but you could hit join and then when you are first signing up let me see sign-in let me show you my account so yeah you heard quite a bit cashback which is great the first part is you have to put in your address so I think it was my account and then you go to account settings I'll block it out but you're gonna can't change your address you can either get it directly sent to you and the address you can put a business address if you'd like so your work address or you just send it via PayPal I prefer the old-school style of a check but you can click either or you to go ahead and block my mailing address because it's good too much information for the public but yeah this is Ebates I will show you the check I got in the mail in another clip but it's super great I don't like the new name of route contends but Ebates definitely amazing it's not sketchy how they make their money is working with companies so they'll get a cut of that or they're advertising through their site the other way they make their money is they have a credit card so if you want to get their credit card you can but not necessary it's not necessary at all the reason why they're having this promotion is so they get more users on here and potentially get people sent for their credit card for their credit cards it would be different cash backs depending on the store that they have so it's very similar to how Bank of America I kind of sets up their rewards system sorry I'm still thinking every month it changes so the special might be like six percent here 80 percent there so I think they're just kind of starting up their company and they just have a great promotion so highly recommend going for eBay and combining it with any purchases you have especially for the first time it's the most worth it after you use the welcome offer it doesn't really matter if you continue with Ebates just because it's you're just getting nickels and dimes but these do add up so and you'll get a check and once you hit the five dollar mark all right hopefully this helps you save some money I was really happy when I first signed up and hopefully you will too three months later you'll get a check in the mail this is what it looks like here's the front and back this is my first checker and forgot for me Bates so I know this is not really a minimalist video this is more geared towards the people that have been with me subscribed for a little while I used to do a lot of makeup reviews on the channel and there are a small chunk of people that have subscribed for with me because of my kind of beauty reviews and not so much my minimalist videos so I'm gonna go ahead and make a video for those people the small crowd of probably about 20 or so I just wanted to let you know Sigma is having their sale they had this last year it was great this year is even better the time frame is usually right before nor shrooms doing their anniversary sale so I feel like they're trying to get in some of the money or something like that a lot of retailers are doing sales right when noir shims is doing your sales as well their anniversary sale the brushes are cheaper or compared to elf so that's saying a lot and these are really high quality brushes and I would highly recommend them I think the sale goes till this weekend or something like that but the brushes last forever there are brushes starting from like five dollars for a single and there are some sets if you do the math they're about three dollars so yeah they're just abundance of products to choose from there's also makeup I usually don't really go for their makeup just because there's nothing really special they're really affordable so now it's probably the time to try it if you really wanted to but their brushes are just amazing they're nice and fluffy and soft and they washed really well they don't shed or anything like that so there's just like pages of great sets to choose from and great brushes so I stocked up I bought some things from my sister and then I made an order for some really cool face brushes that were popular a little while ago let me see if I could find the brushes that I got I'm definitely more of like a I brush person but I really love like these kind of puffy brushes as well I'm surprised like these items haven't sold out so I bought this one because I just want to play with the detailing brush I was debating this one I ended up just buying this separately even though it would have been a better deal getting it as a bundle but I already have two of the brushes and the fan brush I never used that this is the only other brush that I probably use I do love the Eco kabuki though it's definitely really popular I think it was one of the original favorites from Jaclyn Hills channel when she first started that's a great one this one I bought I didn't buy this but I bought something really similar the brush tile from oh I actually didn't use it much so and they're all very similar so you have to be brushes exactly like that and I haven't been reaching for it even though it's a great deal I passed on it and I have this one already but I would have really liked enjoyed this one and probably this kanji on one right here Wow I think they might have sold out for the one that I bought me see so brush maybe I'll go to brush sets oh they might be here oh I got this one for my sister it is a great travel set and especially the fluffy the the first three are probably really handy to have so I got my sister that oh here's the one I got this looks like a really cool item I really am interested in the second one and also the last one I seen a lot of youtubers use they bought it for like $100 or so like two years ago individually but now they have it as a set and I guess they might be discontinuing it just because it's really affordable right now but if from the looks of it it looks really ugly but when you use it it looks amazing when people are planning it really close to the eyes so I think it spreads out can see they're really well so if you have time I would definitely recommend checking out the Sigma sale I think it's gonna go till the weekend or so and then pair it with Ebates so you get 3% cashback when you first sign up you get a $10 welcome offer off a 25 dollar purchase or more less likely you'll be spending about 30 because there's free shipping then if you use my code down below you will get that temper about $10 off your first purchase of 25 or more and then I will get a referral so if you would kindly use my code that would be great but definitely a great deal so hopefully maybe one or two of you will check this out I don't have too many subscribers but hopefully somebody will benefit from this little sale that they give announcement about all right have a good day

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