DUMPSTER DIVING AT WALMART, DOLLAR TREE  and MORE! ~ Freeganism and Extreme Frugality

**DUMPSTER DIVING AT WALMART, DOLLAR TREE and MORE! ~ Freeganism and Extreme Frugality**



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and here goes Rugel mommy climbing up the caboose here's the bag of dog food that Daddy just poured on my head when he was pulling it out of the dumpster but that's okay rope oh oh he's falling in he's falling in I'm gonna grab your foot here okay you're fine see his breath coming out people that's how cold it is it's about two degrees even if all we got was dog food that's well worth the trouble packing material beautiful styrofoam [Applause] daddy's always looking for packing material to ship his clocks I will put a link below to his clock Channel he's called the clock guy and to his ebay channel he repairs antique clocks and sells them really really nice clocks [Applause] you say your head oh that never fails to make me laugh can't be free dog food the Walmart in the party city are in the same strip mall so we're gonna go back and check Party City it's uh-oh it's 30 degrees that's cold that's below freezing it's cold out here I hope we find lots and lots of dumpster food these are the party City dumpsters anything good no that's recycling all right a good box and bubble wrap fine there you have more packing materials oh yeah giant bubbles dollars own dumpster we're always telling ourselves to remember which days we come and there's nothing in there so we can assume that's the day after garbage pickup but we never seem to actually remember because we go to so many different strip malls in town so I'm thinking we need to actually write this down and make a list oh my god that's what the lids doing well hopefully it's full of dog and cat food cuz we could use some these are gate in there big ripped open bag of dog food ooh look at that that's Blue Buffalo dog food is it not that's expensive stuff bonus clothing the duration somebody threw away a jaunty shirt was an anchor pattern oh they cut their butt whoa get out what you can get out so they cut their bags before they throw them in the dumpster but we don't care maybe it's just meant to be dog food day month or two what is that okay [Applause] you love that package stuff storage bins are always handy now those are whiteboard pens we have whiteboards at home so we can use the pens we could use that portable file cabinet for all this loose dog food this is the Dollar Tree dumpster something red in the bag looks like a whole bag of christmas stockings and we can personalize them ourselves [Applause] you know we should make a couple with the girls and then just drop them all off at a church

22 thoughts on “**DUMPSTER DIVING AT WALMART, DOLLAR TREE and MORE! ~ Freeganism and Extreme Frugality**

  1. Melinda Fraser

    I love the music! Also, watching your breath is fun too. It's great that you grab the dog food that is still inside the bags. It adds up and saves money. FYI – those big bubbles packing material is called pillows.

  2. Beth Unsworth

    You should point out the stores in your area that it is not safe for them to cut the bags open because it will draw wildlife like skunk and raccoons

  3. Vonnie Burt

    I, too, could watch you every day. I Love your frugal ways. We all get old and need to save our $ in any way we can for that time.

  4. Derek Ayriss

    I live in the uk,I don’t think we do dumpster diving,maybe we should
    it looks very good to get all that food,you two are great

  5. Tracey Brown

    i have to ask a question based on his e-bay store name… is/was frugal daddy in the investment biz? I am broker, i sell fixed income investment to larger institutions, the biz is not what it used to be, days of big money are long gone. if i adapted to ya'll's way of living, i could probably get out before I reach retirement age.

  6. Pam Steed

    I kept a journal for my dumpster diving back in the 70'/80's when i did it to help ends meet in my one parent two child household. . It didn't work perfectly because they change schedules sometimes. At the bottom of every page I would write down the things I wish I would find beyond the ordinary and note the things I did find from that notation through the months. I came to believe in something I called dumpster magic because almost all of the things I would wish for would materialize within not weeks but days of my wishing. It was stunning really. I notice several divers on utube having the same experience. Wow am I long winded today or what? Have a good one and thx for video.


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