Dollar Tree Haul! Yes, Preppers you can use Coupons at Dollar Tree to build Preps ! :)

**Dollar Tree Haul! Yes, Preppers you can use Coupons at Dollar Tree to build Preps ! :)**



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Shopping at Dollar Tree is a great way to build up your preps and stockpiles for very little money 🙂
When you combine that with couponing then wow it is really a great way to prep!! 🙂
Dollar tree takes manufacturer coupons plus up to 2 internet printable coupons say from per day 🙂
Here is my latest haul. 🙂
The Colgate toothpaste and the Loreal eye makeup were bought using coupons.
The toothpaste was 25 cents each and the eye makeup was free 🙂
Except for tax. Dang tax man.
I love to shop for preps at the Dollar tree.
A few tips for shopping there.
1. Be patient with the cashiers, They do not have a coupon scanner so they must hand read each coupon. My cashier forgot her reader glasses today so I read the coupon to her 🙂
2. Remember only 2 internet printable coupons per day from
3. Make sure your item is for the right size and quantity since the Dollar tree often has unique sizes.
If you have patience you can get yourself some really good deals.
Remember to save items for gifts, donations or SHTF barterables (trading items) if you have no current need for the items 🙂 I have posted their coupon policy below for easy reference 🙂


Manufacturer Coupons
•We accept Manufacturer Coupons only. We do not accept retail-specific coupons, such as those of Target, Wal-Mart, etc.
•We do not accept photocopies of coupons. Coupons must be intact and not altered or modified in any way.
•Coupons can only be used in stores, must be presented at time of purchase, and cannot be redeemed for cash at a later time.
•Item purchased must match the coupon description (brand, size, quantity, color, etc.) and be presented prior to the expiration date printed on the coupon.
•We accept only one (1) Manufacturer Coupon per single item purchased.
•We accept coupons for over a dollar on a single item, but the coupon value will be reduced to the purchase price of the item.
•We cannot give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase price of the item.
•We accept coupons for over a dollar on multiple items if the coupon amount does not exceed the combined retail price of the items indicated.
•We accept up to four (4) like coupons per household per day.
•Coupons for free items are only accepted if a purchase is required to get one free (for example, Buy One Get One Free offers).
•Any applicable sales tax must be paid by consumer.
•We reserve the right to accept, refuse, or limit the use of any coupon.
•This policy is subject to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations where applicable.
•These guidelines apply to all coupons accepted at Dollar Tree (Manufacturer and Internet Coupons).

Internet Coupons
•We accept up to two (2) Internet Coupons per household per day.
•Internet Coupons must be a “Manufacturer Coupon”, have a valid expiration date, and must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer.
•We do not accept Internet Coupons for “Free” items with no purchase requirements.
•Duplicated (photocopies) Internet Coupons will not be accepted. Each Internet Coupon must have a different serial number.

Last Revision: March 1, 2013To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper 🙂

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hey everybody healthy prepper here with a you know trip to the Dollar Tree and all the excitement that that brings couponing yes if you guessed it okay so here's my little adventure today and I'll show you not everything here was coupons but these items were and for this is the Dollar Tree where everything is truly a dollar and this Colgate sensitive there is an Internet printable that mentions different kinds of Colgate's it doesn't have a size restriction deal well it doesn't have an ounce of size restriction it does say no trial sizes but this is bigger than a trial size and they both went through just mine at the Dollar Tree for me but I had to get the sensitive one because that was the only one that carried so that was $1 off the Novus 75 cents off 75 cents off so these are 25 cents each and if you have any of the Loreal coupons there's a lot of a lot of them out right now from the recent Sunday inserts over the past few weeks I they had some of this eyebrow powder at my Dollar Tree L'Oreal brand and the coupons were for a dollar they were a dollar off so it was these were free just had to pay tax on those those were a good deal and other little pepper like goodies I got um I was very excited to find out my Dollar Tree has completely revamped itself and they have a frozen and cold section in the back which opened up many possibilities so I picked up some frozen veggies there which I use regularly and they were only a dollar bag great deal they had some coconut juice and I really like coconut water and coconut juice and things like that so it was very excited to get those they were irregularly price a dollar needed some floor cleaner what can I say they had this big bottle of awesome it's no residue floor cleaner and gonna give it a go we'll see how far a dollar gets us on the floor cleaner I like sliced beets and they had them for 79 cents each so three cans of those went in the cart lo and behold we were planting the tomatoes the other day yeah have a reverse season down here and this little prepper was starting her proper garden at most of the times where the rest of you are just finishing up your seasons so I planted my 12 tomato plants kiss them all wish them good luck and realized I didn't have one of these little guys so I have about probably seven of these little guys but you think I could find one when I needed one no but there they were at the Dollar Tree for a Plex so we'll see how that goes I got another little filer for my coupons because I want to divide one category I keep these in a big bag and that's how I coupon that way I can have all my coupons with me at any time and I can just pull out a small file so I don't like like look like the coupon monster that you know I'm not that adept at holding the binder and I would drop it and there would be in a coupon explosion and they would go everywhere so these little folders were great for me and I got a composition notebook I'm gonna be crazy colors right it was only a dollar at the dollar tree but which is kind of the average price around town nothing special but I want to start top logging my finances each week so I can keep very close detail on my expenditures what I'm spending we're really budget conscious around here we only take out so much a week and we've never spend more than that and once we're at the end of the cash it's game over so the coupon really comes in handy with that but anyway I've got a bright in here some other plans for other things that I want to do and I want to get and I can navigate better if I keep a log so I do that weekly and I just had to totally show ya I'm so excited my avocados I produced fruit people my avocado tree I'm so excited it's a peppers dream come true and actually taste one of these the other day it was really really good – these are Florida avocados and they you actually pick them while they're always green when you pick them but they're hard when you pick them off the tree and you wait until they ripen so right now it's about almost ripe I'd have to wait till it turns up like kind of black and really soft and then it's ready on the in so if anybody was ever wondering about that that's the deal with avocados at least mine alright so that was it just a fun trip to the Dollar Tree a couple of little coupon finds there and I'm gonna I have four dollar trees close to me so I'm gonna explore them all and see what goodies I can gather to show you guys four coupon purchases so there you go folks happy and healthy prepping keep gathering those goodies and building that supply cabinet and we'll be good to go for calm seas or stormy seas take care everyone

23 thoughts on “**Dollar Tree Haul! Yes, Preppers you can use Coupons at Dollar Tree to build Preps ! :)**

  1. Don Hanson

    Ok I know this has nothing to do with this Video but check into James Yeager Fighting Pistol classes.

  2. Tiffany Bramlette

    It must be nice having fresh fruit up here in ohio fresh hardly lasts since our state is worse than a chick on PMS when it comes to it's weather

  3. Tiffany Bramlette

    I need to see if my local dollar tree has one of those little folders for coupons. I like to have my binder but I would like to have one of those organizers since I tend to shop at three stores. Then I could organize by store instead of hauling a binder! Oh if you have an android there is an app that you can get to help organize lists and you can put in the price of each item and how many of that item and it will automatically total for you!

  4. HealthyPrepper

    Congratulations on your big and happy family Jessque! 🙂 There will be lots of good deals for you coming 🙂

  5. Jessque~Pinkadore

    I'm 27 I have 3 children under 5 and my common law husband has4 teens that often come to stay with us. So purchasing merchandise for $1 is something New I will be starting My $1Tree 50mins away. So please keep up the videos and possibly do some REVIEWS on Products from DollarTree Thanx

  6. winkiewoo

    I have an avocado pit splitting in my kitchen. Can't wait until it's a full blown tree that I can plant!

  7. Pleadship

    I nvr tried advocatos but I bet it's good. I think it's good you keeping a monthly budget on your expenditures so that's great. Plus I have a blue coupon book like that and it's at Target for 1.00 in the dollar section thanks!!

  8. yourlipslikeice

    Your voice makes sitting and marathoning through your videos so much easier. You're adorable! Keep going with these videos I'm loving them!

  9. yarnprepper

    I had bad time at my DT. They hate couponers. After 10 minutes of reading all 8 of my Q's, they told me I could only use 4. Not 4 of one kind but 4 total! Nowhere in their coupon policy does it say that. I wrote corporate after tey didn't return my call.

  10. My Foxy Designs

    Awesome haul. I haven't been in Dollar Tree in a long time. I need to stop in there at least once a month to see what they've got.

  11. HealthyPrepper

    Thank you 😉 I am very proud 🙂 I am known to kill the healthiest plants but this tree is surviving even the likes of me 😉

  12. HealthyPrepper

    Ha! Guess what! I just checked my toothpaste and it says made in ……Mexico!! I would have never guessed that 🙂 Go figure.

  13. HealthyPrepper

    I like your story a lot 🙂 There are good folks out there! Yay! And I have to admit I have dropped my coupons more than once, many disasters on all scales 🙂 I'll bet an avocado tree would grow in Georgia 🙂


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