Disneyland Paris for CHEAPSKATES! Money saving tips Disneyland Paris

**Disneyland Paris for CHEAPSKATES! Money saving tips Disneyland Paris**



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Looking for a way to go to Disneyland Paris cheap? This video is for everyone who is on a budget. In this episode we give money saving tips for Disneyland Paris. Hotels, Food, Entreetickets / admission and even some bonus tips on how to save money. We visit Disneyland Paris very often and many times we need to save money too. In this video we give you our saving secrets!

Link to 2019 crowd calendar (low and hight season) Disneyland Paris:

After we uploaded this video it got to our attention that Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost in the Disneyland park was due for “reimagining”. It will be re-opening as a character dining location, due in Summer/Fall 2019!

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hey guys about gozu a whole new episode of CUA main street as you can see we're not inducing outbursts anymore but we are in our new studio so we made a server setup that's right we tried some things and it might change over the couple of weeks we will go back to disconnectors of course but yeah in the meantime we wanted to try something new yes what is this episode about this video is about how to go to disneyland paris as cheap as possible yeah this new impaired sport cheapskate and there are many things you can do to save money so why not tell you how you can save your money on your dissonance Paris trip in this video we're gonna talk about three major subjects that's dead tickets your stay and food yes because those are the things that you can save a lot of money on and after we spoke about these subjects we have some bonus tips for you about saving even more money at distant land Paris first we're gonna talk about the hotels don't do this enhance Paris on a very tight budget it means that yeah you might not experience the whole tasty bubble everybody's talking about so keep that in mind with all our tips that we are going to give you in this video the best option for a cheap hotel in this land Paris is just outside the circle as we call it that lies around dissonant Paris be advised that most of these hotels don't have a shuttle service to the parks and you might need that when you are depending on the public transport because for example you came by airplane or train to give you an idea of the hotels that keep popping up when we're looking for cheap state these are high park in city the EVAs hotel and a roulette spot you see these are just some examples of cheap hotels it's very easy you can just look on booking.com or whatever website like to use and you can just type in that you're looking for a hotel in the neighborhood of dissonance Paris and yes some options are coming up it's just that easy one of these hotels we made a video it's hypothec Surrey almost put a link in this video I just had a look on the website and I looked for just a regular weekend in February and it was for two nights 150 euros maybe this sounds like a lot of money to you but if you compare it to stay in this lens Paris in one of their resorts it's cheap really cheap as a price comparison we booked for two nights in the Disneyland Hotel with our annual possum discount and we pay around 800 euros so that quite a lot of money all right so yeah just outside Murray it's a whole lot cheaper so this gives you an idea about prices that you pay in additional and resorts of course this was the disclaims hotel which is that the most expensive hotel you can choose but it just gives you an idea about prices if you are a real cheapskate you can also choose a hotel that's far away from this land Ferris let's say half an hour drive it will save you a few euros and will take a lot of time to get to this and embarrass not only because you have to drive half an hour but also because of the morning traffic there's a lot of traffic in the morning so that's the downside of that yeah we did at once and it took us a really long time to get traditional Paris oh yeah that was that time that I booked a stay at a hotel through an auction website and we paid 33 euros per night we stayed I guess three nights or something it was a very difficult to drive there because we have to cross highways and yeah we had to move from one highway wait another highway into work so roundabout it was in the suburb of Paris or something so it was an adventure it was an adventure that has to be said we might be cheapskates but not that much so that's why we are not doing that ever again and it's nice to stay within the bubble the Disney bubbles are within the circle if you go too far outside of Disney at bears you get into normal life again and all the magic stops what you want we just told you that some of the hotels within or just about around the circle I have a shuttle service that means that they will bring you to the park you have to keep in mind that some of the hotels share their buses so at the end of the day in Disney embarrass it can be very tired anyone go to your hotel as fast as possible but you have to make two or three stops different hotels so mmm keep that in mind we know that the reticent blue one of our favorites has its own shuttle bus and that frees you from the hotel to Disney on Paris and back no stops yeah except for traffic lights of course yeah staying at a Radisson Blu on a regular night when it's yeah offseason and you have your discount because you're a member of Radisson Blu which cost you nothing is around 88 euros a night yeah and we love that hotel so well we don't actually make use of the shuttle service now again we have in our bars yeah and the VIP parking so yeah yet it comes in handy that comes first it comes in handy but if you don't don't worry they have a shuttle bus so the next option to save money on walking around in this event Paris will make you hungry you burn a lot of calories and everything smells so good before you know if you took the money out of your wallet and you paid for an overpriced meal so these are our advices on how to save your money on food first of all don't eat at buffet restaurants or table service restaurants only eat at the counter service restaurants and many people might think that counter service restaurants only sell fries and hamburgers and that the food is very boring not in Disneyland there are many other counter service restaurants that serve you a little different menu than the standard amusement park fries and burgers so well we've got a few examples for you first of all there are screw mount puppies it's in Adventureland yeah next to a temple of peril yeah and they serve lasagna pizza there's also affected area food they have a vegetarian pasta mm-hmm which is with the cheese and it's very nice place to sit as well they've got a big Terrace when it's sunny you can sit outside so it's really convenient sometimes even like music yes and the second one would be blockbuster cafe in studios sandwiches and Brett reps salads all their food is great it's really nice a really good place to eat may your ass curl all hotties on the other side of the road there's a fatal AB who say we probably pronounced it totally wrong we also put that in one of our videos yeah so you might know this the falafel oh my god a four-level but they're only open during my season my summer time so unfortunately we can only enjoy it during summer but that food is so good it's Moroccan isn't it yeah northeaster so yeah Eastern yeah it's really nice I have reps and who moves and things like that I will put a link in this video so you can check out the video that we talked about these places there's another one that's winter they'll Auto that's in Frontierland just across of Big Thunder Mountain Mexican Mexican style food french fries with guacamole and and oh yeah and just remember last time we were there we had a rice dish as well yeah that was really good and it was vegetarian as well mm-hmm even if you are not a vegetarian but you would like to just eat something else in the counter service restaurant this is the place real yeah and don't forget the beer heroes oh yeah that's so good next have to save on and three tickets one of here's my key by the way hi he's very curious and wants to know what we are doing and he is not very happy that you are all in him like that oh maybe like this oh there you go yeah okay about the entry tickets the entry tickets will take a big chunk out of your heart budgets so this is something that you really would like to save money on how can you accomplish that well there are three options to buy your tickets at the entry gate on the day itself or in advance online or you could even opt for an annual possible but that depends on the situation and how big the group is you're traveling with us first option the one that you buy it at the counter is the most expensive option because you won't have any discounts at all you just buy the ticket the admission that is set for the cement Paris and that is it second option is to look online and various websites including the distant paris website itself because sometimes they have discounts in various seasons or even off seasons if you would like to know older discounts then you should subscribe to there newsletter and you will be the first to know what the discounts are the third option is to opt for an annual pass yeah but that takes a kind of calculating it really depends on how big your group is and how long are you come to stay so even if you're planning only to go to Disney Paris once in a lifetime if the stay is long enough it can be it can be really a good deal to opt for an annual pass even it's only for five or six days one of the benefits of the annual pass is that you can get family members or your friends discounts to your end to the entry tickets of tation and Paris which means that it could be handy for you just to buy one annual pass and if you go with the rest of your family you can give them a discount like Sven says this is something you have to calculate are you staying long enough to save money by buying an annual pass if you're watching this video you are probably looking for a cheap way to go to disneyland paris more often well if that's the case then and your pals is really something for you because if you would like to go several times a year well then it's obviously cheaper to get an annual pass and then you can also give discount to your family members not only Android tickets but also on food souvenirs and even hotel stays yeah like we did with our booking of the Disneyland Hotel for example when your freedom saved us money this is something that is actually very common within the district community you spend money on this need to save money which is really weird but that's how it works right it's Disney magic yeah yeah and now more tips and tricks on how to money in Disneyland Paris my first advice is to check the low and the high season calendar I will put a link in this video so you can find it yourself online and it's it comes in very handy this calendar is something that Disney put online to give you an idea about when is the low and when is the high season but in reality it's something you can also use to not only book your stay of course when you are looking for cheap hotel but also to see will it be crowded when I go what can I expect that calendar comes in very very handy for all sorts of questions so this is something that I definitely will put in the description of this video so you can check it out for yourself yeah the only thing you can't figure out is the weather it's dry enough no that's something that the camera doesn't show you that furthermore it's very handy yeah second thing is backpack well we made a video about it please check it out so you put a link in the description and you're somewhere in the video and again backpacks lifesavers and money savers bring your own snakes bring your own drinks maybe even if you're with kids bring a small souvenir and hide it in the backpack and give it in to them doing today just pack some breads or pre-packed bread we experienced that we are in the queue waiting that we get a little bit hungry and the smell of popcorn is something that is very difficult to research the princes so and when you have something in your backpack you can just either than you will find saves you money so the third one is bring your own souvenirs span already told it a bit like bring something in your backpack for your kids but it's also something you can do in your hotel so for example when you leave the hotel yeah you hotel in the morning in the morning when you go to this Anna Faris leave some stuff on the beds of your kids with a note there that's Mickey left and some stuff it's something that saves you money because you don't have to buy all the souvenirs and shops you can tell them Mickey's that's something for you in hotel room you can get it afterwards yeah so hopefully we don't kids but hopefully there's something you can work with and we hope that saves you money because souvenirs are crazy expensive yeah especially if you don't have an annual bathroom oh and we made and we made a little video about worse souvenirs and we talked about expensive souvenirs in that video too so I will put a link in this video as well so you can check it out and although some were souvenirs are mentioned they are not really last but not least is fun to prospect ographers if you have a meeting week with a character or if you need both boss photographer in the park in front of the castle for instance anyone to have a picture taken they will make a picture of you give you a card for the photo deposit they hope you will buy two photos if possible with the photos but they're also okay with if you had them your camera mobile phone or even at the USSR or whatever the photo first can work with most cameras and that will be very happy to make a picture with your own cameras of you you don't have to spend money on the photo boss yeah so let's saves you another no 70 euros yeah so that sounds very good at myself we think okay this is the end of the video I hope you liked it we hope if you liked it next time we will be missing Affairs again so very very excited yes it's only a few days left for us that we are going of course you will use some of our own advices because staying in such an expensive hotel means that we have to save on other things thank you guys for watching we really appreciate that you watch our videos we hope that this is something you can work with that it comes in handy when you when you're going to this length pairs or when you're planning your trip yeah and if you have other smart ideas on how to save money and want to leave that advice for others to read about please leave a comment down below we would like to hear your tips and tricks on how you save money so the next time main street by hey great you made it till the end screen that's awesome now if you like these videos and you want to see more content please subscribe to our channel right here and if you would like to see more more videos and you can also click on the ones below and as CEO what else we put a store for you and if you do so then finally spend will get out of that maze

23 thoughts on “**Disneyland Paris for CHEAPSKATES! Money saving tips Disneyland Paris**

  1. Laura Jack

    My sister in law and I have just come back from a Weekend in Disney Paris 🙂 we stayed at the b&b JUST outside of the park and for a 2 star hotel it was pretty good, free shuttle buses to and from the park every 20 mins 🙂 rooms were very nice aswell 🙂

  2. Heico Nienhaus

    The best trick of saving money is being invited by an annual pass holder to buy an annual pass. It works like this: there is a forum on which a lot of annual pass holders are a member. They mention the period they are in the park. You contact the member of the same period they say they are at the park. You make arrangements of meeting (inside the park). You go together to the desk (where you buy the annual passes) and say you all are friends (!). This way you get at least a 10% discount on the annual pass and the people of the forum will get point which they can use for extending their passes. The price of the tickets you needed for the initial entrance will be subtracted of the annual passes (for some reason except the parking ticket). But it saves a lot of money and it's a win-win!

  3. 12monthslove

    thanks for your videos

    we are going to Disneyland París on june18 and 19 , one day the walt park the other day disney park ( 4 persons family) .I can see that there s cheaper to buy two separate orders of special mini tickets ( 51 euros per day so 102 euros per person 2 days) than the option of two days two park ( 169 euros 2 days per person)

    Is it allowed to go to the Parks buying special mini tickets for two days separately, instead of multi days?

  4. Train Nerd Vids

    What is the average price for mickey eats as I want to get th em by have 40 euros for souvenirs. I’m going in 9 days!

  5. Joe T

    Hi do you have a calendar link that is english? Thank you for all the info, i suscribed to your channel because your videos are very helpful.

  6. Naomi Manders

    When are the photographers by the castle/main street to take pictures, all day or just certain times?

  7. reallifelove

    Hi, great videos! Do you have any experience with the B&B Disneyland Hotel and/or with Picniq tickets for purchasing discounted park tickets? If so, would you recommend them?

  8. Louise C

    Thank you for all the tips and tricks. First visit this nov. Very excited. Going with an open mind as WDW is our favourite. Have now a little help sheet. Have just subscribed. Thank you again.🇬🇧

  9. Karideplov

    When I went (dec27 2017- jan1 2018) I stayed at a hotel right next to Val d Europe shopping mall and it was an aparthotel. It was my parents, husband and daughter. We had a kitchen to prepare breakfast and sandwiches/snacks that we took into the parks. It was cheaper than the Disney hotels. It was great because the train station was across the street so we left our car at the hotel and took the train to Disney. It was 2 euros or less per person per trip and it was a 3 minute ride (only 1 stop). Trains ran frequently. I think per night we paid about 195 euros for a family suite (again, there were 5 of us)

  10. Melanie Travis

    Hello Elise and Sven , I am really enjoying watching your vlogs on Disney land Paris!
    My family and I have booked to stay at Les Villages Nature Paris while visiting Disney Land Paris in the summer. I was wondering if you have ever stayed their? As I would like some tips on taking the paying shuttle to Disney land Paris from Villages Nature and a review on this new Disney Disney addition.
    Hope to here back from you 😊
    Best wishes from
    Melanie x

  11. maud van der wijst

    Hey! Ik wilde graag weten wat jullie favoriete gedeelte is in het park? (Fantasyland, discoveryland etc.)

  12. Ruben Debbaudt

    Hi Sven and Elise! I'm planning on taking my girlfriend to disney as a suprise.. I'm probably going to New Port Bay Club and maybe getting a Photopass+.. do you guys have any idea on a nice way to make it clear to her that we are going there? Thanks a lot for the amazing videos you make! Thanks to those videos I can't wait to leave! (Also: if you have any tips for students going to DLP, go ahead!)

  13. Thea Lillian

    thanks for the advice guys. I can't wait to visit disney in February 💓 hope to see you guys there xx

  14. Petra de Vries

    Hey guys, I love your videos, they are a great help to plan my next Disney trip 🙂 My money saving tip: try a foreign Disney website. For example if you are from the Netherlands check the Belgian / French / German website. A couple of years ago it saved me about €150 (for 2 adults) because there was a school holiday in my country and no holiday in the country I used to book my trip. (hotel & tickets)

  15. Buffet Heroes

    This video was really helpful. I changed my hotel reservation to one with a free shuttle service. Thank you.


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