Discount grocery shopping | Shop with me and grocery haul | money saving tips

**Discount grocery shopping | Shop with me and grocery haul | money saving tips**



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Today I share my stock up shopping trip where I visited my favorite stores to load up in discount groceries: 99 cent store, Grocery Outlet, Aldi and locally owned Atlas Market. I shopped late Friday night and early Saturday morning. No traffic, no crowds – just super great finds! Just over $100 for two weeks of groceries for a family of 3.

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hello freako friends Wendy here I have a grocery haul slash shop with me today visited my four favorite stores atlas market 99-cent store grocery outlet and Alton to all my subscribers welcome back I'm so grateful to have you and if you're new here I'd love to have you join my channel I do a lot of lifestyle type videos about frugal living minimalism I also do clean with me videos and decluttering now on to the shopping now for this week because I was stocking up I did end up going to four stores here I started at Atlas this is a local market in San Diego and it's one of those ethnic markets that you find a really small family-owned type of market and they have great produce initially I was quite intimidated to come in here because it is predominantly Middle Eastern type of store but no one's ever given me any issues and they've been really welcoming and friendly and you can see their prices are incredible the produce is a really good quality when I whenever I come during the time that they're loading so I do encourage you to branch out from you know the normal national brand and branches of grocery stores and touch try to shop locally farmers markets family owned stores ethnic stores those types of things and look at the quality of this bok choy it is the freshest that I've seen and these are the biggest lemons that I've ever seen in my life four pounds for 99 cents yes please now for this store I visit quite frequently and I've noticed that Friday evening seems to be the best time for produce that seems to be when most of their workers are on the floor stocking all the fresh produce and it really does pay off to come on Friday and I feel like I hit the jackpot here I love Italian squash and it was three pounds for 99 cents these are so delicious and I just wanted to show you even this store has clearance grocery racks they had three carts full of items that were marked down for quick sale and the expiration dates on them were very far away honestly I don't know why they were getting rid of them or trying to get rid of them but it was a really great deal and this is my haul altogether you can see I got some bok choy I got two pounds of beef bulgogi this is marinated sliced beef ready to cook I got a bunch of Asian pears some intimate ation crab meat some of those sugar-free jell-o that you saw ten for a dollar I couldn't pass those up two bags of the romaine hearts this was 99 cents for both of them and a huge bag of a zucchini and you can see the Fuji apples there so all in total this cost twenty five thirty seven thirty as you heard me say it's raining and nobody in California knows how to drive when it's okay because it's 7:30 and pretty much no one else is awake right now I had the road mostly to myself I had very little traffic it was really a smooth pleasant shopping all right it'd take me a little while to hone this route that I take but I made it so that I could hit three stores easily I first go to the 99-cent store I found that if I go there Sunday morning right when they open at 8:00 a.m. that they're always clearancing out marking down items that are going to expire either this day or very close to this day and I usually get quite a cup a few good deals here that I use to stock up my feasor now the first thing that I ran into was a whole display case of tortilla chips and we love tortilla chips in this house we whenever we run out it is unacceptable and there's a riot so I stocked up and I got four bags of these things this is a really good name brand – I highly recommend it if you see this at your store one thing about shopping the 99-cent store is sometimes they have certain products that are marked up in price but those are usually clearly labeled like these frosted mini-wheats here they were clearly labeled to be $1.99 then you can see what I'm telling talking about about the workers stalking they were all over the store doing this now for some reason at my store the Christmas items were not on market town everything was ringing up full price I don't understand why but this was all that they had and I had you know gone to the front to ask them to check the price for me and it ran up a dollar so sad that's probably actually the reason that they had so many of the good candies leftover usually when they're marked down they're usually left with those the most plain candy canes that you can ever find but these these were pretty good candies a good selection that they had left here misael was just full of yummy snacks but I walked by I didn't pick up any more because I thought the four bags of chips now this is the awesome bread rack that at my story cuz he has three sides and it's just filled with bread now these at the time that I got them they weren't set to expire until the 15th or the 16th so it was a pretty long expiration date I did end up buying four loaves and put two of them in my freezer we've already eaten two of them we eat a lot of bread the bread froze really well and I honestly should have picked up more this was a really good selection that they had here but well I guess I can go back next week I just don't really want to wake up begin 7:30 on Sunday carbs for days now these middles looked really interesting but I ended up skipping out on these because of the calorie content and then I thought well I could just make toast and spread some cream cheese on it and that would be a more economical breakfast this only has eight of those little bites for box which is a really good price I mean it's better than paying full price but it's more economical to do the cream cheese along with the bread and then I found two only two bags of this singles corn left and I grabbed a bowl was really convenient to have on hand and I'm really impressed by their selection of frozen vegetables that are a bunch of name brands in there I didn't load up here because Yuri had bought a bunch of fresh vegetables the day prior but I I would totally have loaded up if you know I didn't have that already but they have tons of you know delicious looking foods now here I really scored look at this they had cream cheese $0.99 so I picked up two to go with the bread and then right next to it are these two pound containers of Greek yogurt now I look this up online it's at least five dollars for one of these so I loaded up on six of them it was really delicious yogurt and then you can see they had some of this pumpkin spice flavored yogurts marked down the expiration date goes well into I think February so I picked up a bunch of those and then the Lunchables were for for $0.99 and this is the only time I buy Lunchables is when they're quarter so I got all that they had and my son is very happy now we're not really juice people but if we were this would be an amazing deal for us and then I saw potato salad clearanced at 25 cents this freezes really well so I load it up on four and then I wanted to show you that and I need nine cents or also packages produce for quick sale you can see each of their each package there has two bags that they normally sell for a $1.99 and they were selling the entire thing for 99 cents one thing that I love stocking up on here is their beans they have our great selection of beans all ninety-nine cents a pound and really in the regular grocery store they are more than a dollar usually more towards 150 so it's a great deal to buy your beans here and these beans some my cob I probably butchered the name really delicious beans so I picked up a bag of those and I was really looking for lentils but they didn't have any sadly so I guess I have to come back another day another thing I saw was this cake mix it was kind of standing alone and I thought wow it's not free and allergy free my son has kit his friends over sometimes and they have allergy so I can make this and serve them something that won't make them sick now cereal bars $0.99 door for me has always delivered on cereal bars they usually always have some sort of name brand cereal bar that they have for sale and today was the nutrigain bars so I picked up a box for my husband and son and this is something interesting that my son wanted to try so I thought I'd pick one up for him now beads bags they're really useful to have in the kitchen I use them all the time I know I probably should use more reusable items but these are very convenient to have around and just look at all of the tough word that they have all these containers and plates oh they're so pretty when I saw these baskets I had to pick them up originally put three in my cart but then I thought about it and figured I only really need two and a $1.99 that's a really good price for the quality of the basket that you're getting these are really sturdy and I use them all around my house they're really beautiful and useful as well and then I wanted to show you that the 99-cent store also has clearance racks more clearance racks so these are the items that they have that they marked down I didn't find anything really useful there so I just moved on one thing that I love buying from here is their vinyl gloves that they sell they sell them in the automotive section there's a hundred to a bag and it lasts for a really long time I use this in food prep in the case that I don't want to get my hands really dirty things like jalapenos or any sort of peppers that I'm cutting usually there's some oil that's left on my hands and I'm really bad and I end up touching my eyes and my nose and ends up burning so I've learned you use these gloves and at a scent of glove yes please also in automotive section they have these hanger hooks for the car I thought looked really interesting and then this car mount from $1.99 to have any of these guys use that is that any good I didn't want to buy it it wasn't good and look at this this thing was right at the front of the door it's one of those fancy dispenser things it just looks so beautiful now what concerned me though was the spout looked a bit flimsy so I would be concerned about leakage but it is really beautiful and unfortunately I couldn't find the price on it so I ended up not buying it this one without the spout was only I think was $1.99 which I thank you I don't remember so anyway this is what I ended up getting from the 99-cent store and then I'm heading to Grocery Outlet now there is a strategy here Grocery Outlet I come here second because they are known to buy the same things the dollar store buys and then double the price so like that coffee that I caught they would charge $1.99 sometimes $2.99 for the same thing sneaky Grocery Outlet I know your secrets you know sometimes Grocery Outlet does mark down some of their produce but today they weren't really marked down at all I really come here for a lot of their meat sometimes they have really nice markdowns on meats or like fresh meat or convenience meats like like meatballs or sausages those kind of things but today they're very bare maybe they just haven't stocked up yeah but this was the only real deal that I ended up getting and my husband and son things that this was really delicious now here's a prime reason of why I come here ii see this coffee I got it for 99 cents at the dollar store here's some 199 then the rice was an amazing deal it was less than fifty cents a pound so I grabbed a bag of that because we eat a lot of rice okay here's another example of this Jabalia Cavalia coffee I got it for 99 cents a box at one time they're charging 399 sneaky Grocery Outlet you know I have noticed that with gross really if there's a price that ends in a 7 that means that they're trying to move that product so the expiration dates on those items are pretty close but they're so far enough out for us to use all of it by the time it expires or close to the time that it expires I'd be surprised if this lasts the week this will be gone by the end of the week now here's where my impulsive shopping got the better of me well almost got the better of me I almost picked up four boxes of these gums but I don't really chew gum so I put it back for some reason we tend to eat a lot ice cream in the winter and this these ice cream sandwiches we really enjoy having these for dessert I found that it's worth checking out there frozen convenience foods because sometimes they do end up marking these items down and when they do I just stock up they didn't really have anything good today so I passed the one thing that I almost always pick up from Grocery Outlet though is their pallet of hash browns they sell 20 hash browns for I think $2.99 which is a pretty good deal I think it's a convenience food and it's not the healthiest but it keeps us from going out and it's quick to make so it's nice to have on him my quarter there's Aldi coming for y'all D give me some good deal now normally Saturday morning all these will mark down their meats but I guess they didn't have any this morning all of their meat packages are set to sell by the 18th so I will probably be back next weekend and I do like to scope out their dairy sometimes they have really big deals you can see I did end up picking up a package of chicken because it's generally a good price 149 a pound for bonus English chicken breast and then two containers of cottage cheese and of course their milk and anytime I come to all the I end up stock up on eggs I usually pick up the maximum that they allow you to buy so today I picked up six and then going down the junk food aisle I saw bag of nacho cheese tortilla chips and picked up one bag here's all the food that I bought this weekend all set in total you probably spent about a hundred and twenty dollars or so I'll put the exact total up on the screen but this will probably last us two weeks maybe three if we push it and we do pack our lunches my husband and myself pepper lunch for work and my son for school we always bring all of our food and we eat at home for the most part and this will last us quite a while and we'll probably have to go to the store in a week to fill up on produce but this should be the bulk of our food for two weeks I hope you enjoyed this shop with me slash grocery haul well let me know what you think in the comments I hope you enjoyed like and subscribe if you did thanks bye

31 thoughts on “**Discount grocery shopping | Shop with me and grocery haul | money saving tips**

  1. squiggly7

    Do you shop with a list or not? I was just wondering because many folks advocate sticking to a list or mainly to a list. You appear to focus more on the search for deals for each item individually.

  2. Ronda nanny

    Videos are well done..easy to watch.. I cook from scratch but still got great ideals from previous videos I will be making burritos from scratch and freezing.😄

  3. Nikki Badzik

    I love listening to your videos. Such useful information along with your sweet sense of humor. Your videos have a soothing quality to them too. Thx for the information.

  4. C J

    You had initial issues going into a Middle Eastern Market? What was the issue? Suppose if the tables were turned, and someone felt going into an Asian market? The clerks would be happy to help translate an item if the box was in Arabic.

  5. L Blake

    You did great! I live in LA and there are ways to get around the high cost of living. Housing is high af but food,entertainment and alt transportation can be very cheap. Where is that 99cent store? The one on Fairfax is kinda like yours.

  6. ॐ Varsha - Sadhna ॐ

    Okay, can someone explain to me why you buy 6 boxes of eggs, and so many Yoghurt and milk. How will this stay good for such a long time. Do you freeze the milk and Yoghurt? And after opening I assume you consume it within the time that is written in the advice on the box. I don't judge but trying to understand.

  7. Blessed In Bowie

    I LOVE bulgogi–I ate it all the time when I was in Korea. Also seaweed and rice rolls, yakimandu (sp?), kimchi…oh heck, now I'm hungry.

  8. Blessed In Bowie

    We only have a Brookshires (Texas based) and Walmart here in Bowie, but I do pretty good by shopping Brookshires clearance aisles, sales, a few coupons, and shopping mostly on Tuesday, when I get a 5% senior discount. I only buy things at Walmart that I can't find elsewhere. Occasionally we go to other towns for business, and we will hit the Winco, Aldi, and other discount stores while there. I also shop in ethnic markets (Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc) when I get a chance.

  9. Heather Barnes

    I LOVE your videos! ❤️❤️❤️

    I’ve seen you comment that you wish you could quit your full time job.

    Being that you are in such a well populated area, I know for a FACT(!) you could charge people to go shopping with you (or you with them) to teach them to search out deals in their stores.

    Before hand you would probably want to know what stores they typically shop, their dietary preferences/needs, and if they are willing to change where/how they shop.

  10. COUPONDAWN Savesalot

    I live in CO and can't find prices like these for produce in January!!! I'm so jealous!!!

  11. HonestEngine

    I like what you do, I'm watching for the effects from the recent floods and fires, and how they are going to affect food prices.

  12. The Life of Queen Pen

    I guess tip #26 from your 40 things you no longer buy and their frugal replacement tips hadn't kicked in yet. As you shop for plastic organizers from the dollar store.

  13. Betty Adkisson

    I wish we had a $.99 store but we only have aldis $ tree save a lots. And I've not seen a dis count at all.

  14. Kat Brown

    I love ethnic stores👍🏻 some items I have no idea how to use an item. So I make friends and ask employees and customers. People are usually happy to share cultural information. ❤️

  15. Carmen Yap

    Noticed that you are into 2, 4 and 6. Probably we have a thing with it. Do let me know if you have a thing on “even” numbers. ☺️

  16. Abigail Vomelmo

    Hi! ☺ I enjoyed shopping four stores with you. ☺ Frozen hash browns are Awesome!! Maybe you can check the price of frozen hash browns @ Aldi the next time you go there. They are usually reasonably priced. Happy Shopping!! Happy Videoing!! ☺☺😎😎


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