Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour episode 24 part 2

**Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour episode 24 part 2**



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From the 02/13/55 episode of The Colgate Comedy Hour. Sketches include Jerry trying to make a sickly Dean feel better.
so be and it'll be like a new jacket and you'll never know that there was ever exciting it is you have to realize that when you use order on a jacket it has a tendency are being just a little damp but if you can try and find the spot want to be complete watching this jacket and I understand that there's satin on the jacket so that when the water gets up the satin of the the jacket you'll find hahaha expect this man awareness so of course I can't wear that I think I think mr. Jack on Trotter has another jacket I'm awfully sorry for what happened I just get carried away just come with me mrs. Larrabee I'm awfully sorry what would you like to sit down and relax yeah I'll give you a boost oh no I'll bring the chair down here don't worry about it man thank for you mr. Martens their yard well let me explain what happened your big mouth no but I'm I'm only trying to tell you that you see when these don't tell me what they say I'm not telling you nothing but I don't Monsieur – shut up you're losing your throat no no you got to go on the stage and see oh look at here take your jacket yeah I think you take your jacket come with me I got an idea this is terrible Jackie's gonna be awful mad if you don't see your number listen I have an idea no you have to go on to say don't you understand because everybody's waiting on the club it's time for your second song so I tell you what I think we'd better do it's a very good idea you go out on the stage the best thing for you to do and you got a daughter hello everybody hello hello Shampoo look for this halo contest display at your favorite halo dealers you may win a gorgeous mink coat a beautiful mink stole or one of a thousand other prizes in mink by Arthur Rosenbaum of new york there are five mink contests a different contest each week for five weeks first contest ends February 20th and the last weekly contest closes March 20th each week for five weeks halo is giving away three pedigreed mink coats tan royal pastel mink stoles plus 200 smart mink colors 213 prizes each week all in glamorous mink so go to your favorite halo dealer and get your free entry blank or on a piece of paper write in 25 words or less I like halo because mail it with a box top from any halo carton to Halo Box 7 8 New York 1 New York the first halo mink contest starts tonight ends February 20th so hurry send your entry to halo box 7 8 New York 1 New York enter now you sleep it looks restless is you all right you've got to be all right yes oh gee I'm worried about him he's my pot just needs a lot of rest yeah keep him in bed and keep him warm keep him warm and he should be in bed yes and not be disturbed you shouldn't walk around very very important in bed and he shouldn't walk around you watch that now boys all right I was like he's got to be in bed in one and I should keep him warm in bed and no walk and he shouldn't walk around thank you doctor he's gotta stay warm and they're walking around should he stay in bed yeah then they're all right ah my Ford will be is restless hey nice will be sleep my bread and butter sleeping the noisy apple I'm hungry it's alright I got noisy deep then you got a headache I'll get you an aspirin no give me something for my headache how about an aspirin good oh we're in luck Deanie there's only one left I dropped it hi crack up your hair I think it went under the bed just aspirin wait watch me up on the other side like so you need to roll down it back because I went from the thing over the year I think it's under the bed no not even on a mattress template Danny come on I know you don't like saying bad thing do you need let it go hey what'd he say that funny come on a bad way belong – I know you don't like lamb but that's ridiculous you got to think about the good health how many songs and Martin is here who's going down that's like oh why just a minute Dean it's Milton Berle calling from New York must be about the Friars dinner March 11th March the 11th operator see the Friars in New York I hold my testimonial dinner for Deena me I know you're not interested but wait you want to go up with the phone the phone just a minute you shouldn't get out of bed hold on operator please you shouldn't get out of bed Dean just to be warmed in the doctor said one and no getting out of bed you shouldn't walk around you'll be warm night here you got a lot of rats in here I'll take you over to the phone get the phone like that attaboy Guinea yeah that's it yeah yes we'll be there March all right mil okay goodbye Perry Como's phone them Gary Coleman take him to the desk oh boy you better hurry and get the number Oh hold me with that ham hold on that's it crash circle 9 5 b8 1 yeah yeah we'll see you March about so long Milton hang it up wait wait wait wait taking care of you that easy I never knew you was such a bull bottom I gotta rest give it fly applies get rid of the fly sounds like the lost fly yeah open the door and let the flag oh wow a very good idea I'm gonna lay them back on the dock nobody on the make up over that little piece of candy and my cup sweet sweet get a little bit of poison poison disinfected disinfectant put in the water we called the fly over he's waiting he'll die I'm just working

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  1. Eileen Mclaughlin

    Jerry. And Dean. We're the best. Of comics ever I miss them so.☚ī¸â˜šī¸â˜šī¸â˜šī¸


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