Day in the Life of a Frugal Family of 8! PART 1

**Day in the Life of a Frugal Family of 8! PART 1**



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Day in the life…with a twist! Instead of showing ONLY our routine, I’ll show you all the ways we live frugally, even as a successful family. You asked to see us in action, so here you go! NOTE: the video got long so PART 2 is coming Oct 30! Sorry to make you wait but, get excited because next week…TWIN GENDER REVEAL! Part 2 is worth the wait, I promise! Find Part 2 here:

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good morning and welcome to a day in the frugal life so today we're doing something a little bit different I'm gonna take you along in an actual day Dave what do you think day in the life but instead of just showing you my routine which you guys have seen a couple of times I'm gonna show you how our family is a frugal family a lot of you guys have asked not just hear my tips but to see what we do personally so you can like see some real-life examples so I'm just gonna carry my camera around today and anytime I see something that I can think of that we do to save money or be wise with our money I'm gonna try to show you how we do it let's get started first up breakfasts if you follow me on instagram which you should follow here one thing that you see us do on Saturdays is we make breakfast for the whole week for one it just makes our mornings a lot easier I do have a detailed morning routine video I'll link to it below but really it's such a good healthy money-saving tool for us so instead of running two quick premade expensive frozen breakfasts or expensive cereal we just take the time on Saturday which is kind of a slow day for us and we will cook up a bunch of eggs for the week are a bunch of bacon we've even got waffles in the fridge and then we just oh yeah we just reheat them throughout the week so we have a good quick hot and ready breakfast that is homemade and fruit with budgeting and frugal living one of the major misconceptions that I talk about all the time on my TV segments and different things is that when it comes to saving money or getting ahead a lot of people think that it comes down to these big $500 $5,000 $10,000 decisions right and while those make a huge difference of course the ways that you save the most money the ways that you become financially free they really come down to the little everyday decisions that were like $1 $5 $10 decisions so a lot of the things I'm showing you today seems so minimal and so tiny but when you add them up on a 365 day basis it adds up to a lot and that's truthfully what has allowed us to live the lifestyle that we have up until a few years ago our income was extremely variable we never really knew what the paychecks were gonna look like or when they were gonna come in and we had to live this way and now even with our income being more stable we still live this way because it's just a way to do it when it comes to food that is one way that a family can save so much money which is why I focus on it so much of my videos and things with you guys so one thing we've been doing since the dawn of our family is buying food in bulk whether at Costco or even at your local grocery store there's always a bulk section and we tend to buy the biggest container of something that we know that we will go through and use and doesn't expire quickly because it saves a ton of money rather than buying little individual containers one thing we do to save money is we try to stay healthy we buy vitamins in bulk when they're on sale at Costco we buy the big sizes and then we give our kids a vitamin every morning to help keep their immune system you like those kind of tastes like candy huh keeps our immune system strong and honestly keeps with that at the doctor's office and any medical bill we can avoid is a good medical bill good morning pretty mario are you hi Davey one thing that we do is we try to cut down on our electric bill by isolating our heat it is getting to be winter and it gets really cold in our house especially in the morning because all of our flooring is tile main floor so instead of turning on the heat and the entire main floor whoever wakes up first comes down and we just turn on this one little fireplace so that it heats just this room that we're in and so that we don't have to run the forced air through the entire floor which is a lot of unnecessary expense hello hi hi my big guy see my man you say mama mama hey I let me turn off his space heater his room gets a little bit colder than all the others so again instead of running the forced air all night because the rest of us are comfortable we just run a small little space here in his room so that we're not running the air all night huh another thing we do to save money as we pack our own lunches from home I have shown you guys our lunch system video it's true that school lunches are not really that expensive in the grand scheme of things like I think 250 per lunch is what it is at our school but I've got three kids in school so 250 per kid per day that adds up that's a lot I don't do mental math but that's a lot we let our kids choose hot lunch one time for a week and then otherwise they pack their lunches the other days of the week and it saves a lot of money but more than anything it's creating good habits and our family and teaching our kids to make food at home rather than eat out all the time as it all wait what was that that's 37 50 each week it's a lot and some of you guys are like well groceries are expensive well sure they can be but that's why I do so many videos on affordable grocery shopping and meal planning because yes it can be expensive but if you buy bulk do you use what you buy things are selective with your food then it really does save you money in the long run and the other thing to remember and I do teach this in my snack system videos so go check it out is that anything in a wrapper like this we do not eat at home this is only for packing lunches school that just because these individual packages are more expensive then we have plenty of bulk sized items at home so if they want applesauce at home instead of grabbing something in a package they can grab a bowl and get themselves some it makes a huge price difference ok back what are you doing right here for home lunch what is this you're sprinkling in there so we have a fresh apple this is called fruit fresh you can buy it in like the canning aisle buy the jam supplies and it keeps fresh fruit from getting brown so we just sprinkle a little bit in there so that we don't waste any apples at school and they taste and look so yummy when it's time for lunch huh yeah oh yeah I love bagels and I really love I'm Sam bagels but instead of buying them at Einstein I buy them at Costco now because they're cheaper there but you have to buy two packs at a time and that's a lot of bagels so what I do is I bring them home and I cut them in half and then I return them to the original package or you could put them in a gallon ziplock and then I freeze them so that I just pull out a half bagel at a time from the freezer when I need it you can toast it frozen and it thaws and toast at the same time and then that way they last way longer you don't want to throw out the precious that's a frugal time uh-oh somebody left the gate open you see Karen what do you do you went straight for it come here mister I don't think so one thing we do is we like to buy these baby gates that have tension so that when we don't need the baby gate anymore we can remove them and not have big holes in our walls to patch and McEwan loves to unload the dishwasher all over your office cuz you were done and we don't like to waste so Daddy was being frugal huh another way that we try to be frugal is with our coats and our shoes now we've got six kids with two on the way we're lucky because our kids are close in age so we're able to hold on to some of their stuff that is a good condition anyway so one trick I've showed this before my girls for example are 17 months apart Davi is the second oldest girl so Davi gets two dots on her clothes and on her shoes but then when she has outgrown the code or the shoes or whatever it is it's time to pass it down to Maury we add a third dot because Maury is the third girl that's kind of our hand-me-down system so we really keep what's in good enough condition and just add a dot and pass it down last night we were super tired and we went to bed leaving a few messes around the house and it's driving me nuts and putting me in the hole so I'm gonna take about 10 or 15 minutes and set my timer and do some speed cleaning and get this main floor up to scratch and then I am going to go through the meals that I planned for this week Oh grumpy buddy probably put this guy down for a nap huh and then I'm gonna go through my meal plan for today and tomorrow pull out any meat from the freezer that I need to and just kind of get my bearings ready for the day I actually paused my speed cleaning and I need to eat something I'm not feeling so great and being pregnant with twins is no joke but I wanted to show you what I'm eating for breakfast again this is a food thing I'm kind of on food mode right now one time at a bagel shop I got a nova lox bagel which was smoked salmon and cream cheese and it was so good but it was really expensive so now instead I just get those bagels from Costco that I showed you earlier I had cream cheese and then I buy my own smoked salmon from Costco it's considerably cheaper there and I just make my own for breakfast in the morning and it saves me about seven dollars every time when along with buying bulk one of my frugal tips is that you got to be careful of the container so for example this cream cheese is a giant thing of cream cheese from Costco but it's about half empty and that's when you're gonna start to gather mold it's gonna go bad faster so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to transfer it from this big half-empty container and I'm going to transfer the cream cheese into a much smaller container so it remains more airtight and last a lot longer and now the best part is this container if you read on the bottom it says top rack dishwasher safe so I'm actually going to rinse this out and wash it in the dishwasher and I'm going to reuse it this is perfect for freezer meals some soup in it or some spaghetti sauce also this would be really good for taking a meal to someone that someone wouldn't have to return to me so I actually hold on to stuff like this we keep a number of paper products on hand but we invest in the sturdier product and we will actually watch these and reuse them so oftentimes my kids will use these to eat snacks or popcorn out of to drink out of and we will wash them and reuse them again and again so instead of the garbage or recycling this is actually going in the sink same with Ziploc bags we use these a lot for lunches or distributing snacks and we will just flip them inside out wash it like we're washing our hands prop it on something to dry and then reuse it again it again there are a lot of things we do to save money on laundry I actually have a laundry routine video that you guys have really gone crazy about I will link that below so check that out for how I do my laundry but a few quick tips off the top of my head what number one we like to save the lint from our lint trap hold on I gotta stand up here there we go because this is actually an incredible firestarter and when we go up to the cabin we use this as kindling for the fire so that's a good way to reuse this also in the dryer I rarely use dryer sheets but when I do I rip them in half because half is plenty it also helps decrease build-up that is inevitable in your dryer the other thing that I do that I explain to my laundry hacks video is I use very little detergent I use these pots for our clothes which these are more expensive than you know cheap detergent but I find that this is all you need I was using way too much detergent so this has actually saved me money so I used these on our clothes I use a good name-brand tie for example as my favorite I get it on sale at Costco and stock up sweatshirts and coats jeans blankets things that we want to look good and I find that using a name-brand detergent actually saves us money in the long run because I'm a big believer in buying no-name stuff store brand stuff however when it comes to our clothes it makes our clothes look better and lasts a lot longer which saves us more money in the long run for a family of our size if we keep them looking good and staying free then I can pass them down from kid to kid and then I also keep an inexpensive just Kirkland brand detergent lying around for things like old sheets or old towels stuff that needs to get clean and smell good but that not really care if it has stains on it it really doesn't matter so much anyway go watch that laundry video but there are a lot of things that you can do to save money with laundry also I wait until my load is pretty much full I don't run little tiny loads all day long I feel like it's a waste of water detergent and energy okay my speed cleaning is done I am running a bit behind this morning because I'm filming that always slows me down normally I try to be somewhat ready for the day by 9:30 and it's a little after 10:00 right now so I gotta get going because McEwan just fell asleep and my window is small but first I looked at my little meal plan for the week I have lots of meal planning videos below so I will link to that whole playlist and how I meal plan but today I am doing a chicken spaghetti so I'm gonna go grab some chicken from the freezer and set it out to thaw so what will be all ready for me for dinner today okay you know what I changed my mind since I'm making it anyway I'm just gonna double it cook one tonight and then freeze one so I can have a freezer meal for another day and also I pulled out a third bag of chicken for my freezer instead of just letting it thaw and then having to cook it later when it's crazy in the kids are home I'm actually gonna throw all the chicken just plain in a crock-pot let it cook down I'm gonna shred it I'll use two packages of chicken for the meal tonight in the freezer meal and then the third one I'm just going to have cooked shredded chicken on-hand in the freezer for a quick meal for another night so I'm killing three birds with one stone whoa

28 thoughts on “**Day in the Life of a Frugal Family of 8! PART 1**

  1. E G

    Is it safe to freeze cooked chicken that has already been frozen? I’ve always been told that you either freeze cooked chicken that was fresh
    Or cook frozen chicken but consume it…not to freeze it again

  2. B P

    Love your hair! You are always so gorgeous. Maybe I need 8 children🧐…I’m half way there!

    Love these videos. With 4 kids your ideas are making things run much smoother. The lunch/snack system is so easy.

  3. TheSnippyCheshireCat

    I have seen other Youtubers from the US do this and I think it is crazy… I am from Germany and no one here uses disposable plastic cuttlery or dishes unless it is for example for a bbq in the park or a bigger party. It seems so wasteful in terms of ecological reasons. When my siblings and I were younger my parents gave us the plastic cups and bowls from IKEA and they are still in tact 20 years later. I just don't get why so many seem to use the disposable stuff.

  4. Nikki Lovejoy

    I wish I could coupon and budget… We blow through 800$ a month for a family of 5 …. And we pay full price for our household needs…

  5. JoDee Dugger

    As a naturalist its not healthy or safe to rewash and reuse cream cheese containers I see what your doing tho it's neat👏

  6. fiffi honeyblossom

    You will never find an African home that does not hoard plastic ware, butter, ice cream, yogurt….it all gets reused. Leftover containers for the fridge, holding detergent and soap, small change, holding nails and buttons, a sewing kit, spices….you name it, it can old something!

  7. Art3mis

    I'm very late to this video and also am only one person but I'm in college so frugal living is a point of interest for me. I'm confused a bit about the dot system you use for hand-me-downs, though. What's the point of the dots? Didn't really understand that.

  8. alison Davis

    I love your videos. Me and my fiancé are trying to do a no waste year. Trying to save and not waste food and money etc. one thing we do is turn our heat down when we go to bed and when we leave the house to save on cost. We already cut our gas heat bill down by 50 bucks

  9. Robin Vien

    I really hope that she is practicing some self-care because I played superwoman in my household for a long time and it will wear you down body mind and spirit. Especially if you have a husband who doesn’t help out and just thinks that bringing money in is enough. I love some of her tips while others don’t apply to me. But I don’t think I can watch another video like this because it’s triggering me, big time.

  10. TheUlli1964

    Really? Vitamins every day for kids? If there is good food the children dont need vitamin,it it even harmfull to eat vitamins without checking if there is a lack of vitamins. Fresh food is the key, No Dr here in Germany would recomment vitamin pills.

  11. Meluca AKA Melissa

    A tip I stock up on tide pods at CVS and Walgreens and target when the have the cleaning supplies sale that get gifts to use on the next sale. It's cheaper than buying it at Costco.


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