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hey guys it is time for another really great week in CVS couponing at freebies rubies freebies this week fingers crossed about our new CRTs so let's see what we've got hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to my weekly CBS in-store video this week I have like a ton of notes a ton of everything to go ahead and share with you in store some really good tips a lot of great deals and the deals are only gonna get better depending on what CRTs we have and that was how last week was if you got good CRTs you had a great week if you didn't get the CRTs it wasn't that great of a week so it's going to vary for each of us hopefully fingers crossed me I'll pick up some great items there are freebies across the board for everyone so no worries everyone is going to get something for free this week we've got free toothpaste actually moneymaker toothpaste and free toothpaste so it is a stock up time on toothpaste possible for you body wash there are really some great deals and we have to spend 30 at 10 and back again with a really great scenario so let's jump into CVS and check out those deals this week guys we have completely free across toothpaste select crest car on sale for $3 included is the pro health we have $8 sent a card coupon and when you buy one you get a $2.00 extra bucks so grab one use that send a car coupon you'll pay 2 dollars and get Becky $2 extra buck easy simple freebie here's an awesome deal if you have a to up to the toothpaste CRT grab two of them coz the limits to that's gonna be bring your total to six dollars use that dollar Digital coupon it you'll pay five dollars and use that to off to CRT you'll pay three dollars you'll get back a $2.00 extra buck for each one so they're gonna end up being free and a dollar money maker we have an awesome and seal on u by Kotex products that are unfilled to for eight dollars when you buy two you get a to $1 extra box limit of one some products that are included are the 18 account pads and also these 16 count pads or you could grab the 50 count liners which are included as well and the 40 count liners tampons 14 to 18 count are included in the sale two for eight bucks so guys go ahead and grab it two of those products for eight dollars you can mix and match we have $2 coupons in our 623 smart source use two of those that's going to take off four bucks you'll pay four dollars and get back a $2 CRT making them two dollars for both products or $8 each now a two up eight Kotex CRT or four off two CRT is going to make it free or a possible money maker so add those in with your deals if you have them Physicians Formula this week is spend 15 get a $10 extra buck now you may have gotten the five dollars off of an $18 CRT you might have stopped and held on to it here is a deal you could do so here is the CRT that you want to use the five off of 18 and hopefully you still have one of the four dollar physicians formula printable coupons as well here is an awesome deal you could grab the Rose all-night restaurant of cream its 18-49 use the CRT use the coupon you're gonna pay 949 but remember for spending $15 you'll get back a $10 extra bucks so this will be free and a 50 one cent moneymaker oh no worries if you did not get that CRT or maybe you're out of coupons as well spun 15 at 10 is a great deal you could grab one of these oil elixirs for 1679 you pay that get a $10 extra buck this would be 679 now a lot of you guys asked me if my CRTs follow the 98% rule my CRTs do not so just like that 5 off 18 Physicians Formula I have to spend $18 and or over an order for it to come out the register I have tried before and it just does not work so my co tees do not follow the 98% rule I am in the state of Illinois alright Colgate Total SF is included in a free moneymaker deal this week now it's the 3 point 4 or 4 point ounces are on sale for 3 dollars and 49 cents each so for this deal you want to grab two of them for 698 we have a four off – printable coupon that is no longer available and a send a card coupon so check your CVS app for that coupon after the coupon you'll pay 298 and get back a total of four dollars in extra bucks these two of them end up being free and a dollar in two cent money maker so we have a great mouthwash deal and if you have a two out of 10 CRT and Colgate products stay tuned a great scenario these are the 16.9 outs they're on sale for 399 scan your extra care card at the Redbox machine for a two dollar and fifty cent instant coupon we also have a 50 cent manufacturer coupon so after both of those coupons you can grab one for 99 cents and a heads up guys there is a 75 cent printable Colgate mouthwash coupon go ahead and grab that in the printable doc instead of using the 50 cent and paying 99 cents using the 75 cent printable coupon you're gonna pay just 74 cents you got the 2 out of 10 Colgate CRT it's on toothpaste toothbrushes mouthwash I would do this deal together do the mouthwash deal and do the Colgate Total SF deal together in the same transaction using that CRT now after extra bucks back using that CRT and the coupons that I mentioned for each deal these are all gonna be free and a $2.00 in two cent money maker this week CBS has a good deal on Irish Spring Body Wash they're on sale for 399 when you buy three you get a five at dollar extra buck however I do want to say that Walgreens has a better deal this week so be sure to check out my Walgreens five musty deals but if you don't have a Walgreens nearby here's a deal you might want to grab and grab three of these they are in sale at for 399 that will bring your total to 1197 in our 721 smart source we're getting a dollar in certainty of those you'll pay 897 get back a $5 extra buck it makes all three $3.97 now you may have a two off six or to office 7 body wash CRT slam it with this deal it's gonna drop your out-of-pocket to $8 97 for all three or just 66 cents each alright that Irish Spring deal is not bad but I am super excited about the soft soap body wash deal these are 399 buy one get a two dollar and 25 cents rebuttal and we're getting 75 side insert coupons and our 721 at RetailMeNot insert so if you grab one for 399 use that 75 cent coupon you're gonna pay 321 get back a two dollar and 25 cents extra back making it just 99 cents now even better deal is this deal is a limit of two so if you have a two off of six body wash CRT do two in the same transaction using two of those 75 cent coupons and the two off six body wash CRT after your extra bucks back they're both gonna end up being free it's been 10 get a $5 extra buck you could grab one of these nourishing skin firming lotions here they're 11:29 you would pay that and get back a $5 extra buck of making this just 629 and really in my store that is like the best deal that you can grab because most of them are $7.99 and you'd have to purchase two of them now if you have a lotion CRT and you do that deal it's gonna end up being just 429 so definitely a good deal and they have this one with shea butter as well a lot of you guys will ask me when can I view my new CVS CRTs well here is a timeframe of when you can go into your CVS app and view them check them if you're Pacific time at 9 p.m. mountain time 10 p.m. now I am Central Standard Time so I am able to view my new CVS CRTs at 11 p.m. and if you're Eastern Time 12 a.m. so this is great because if you're up you can kind of check through your new CRTs see if your deals are going to be better especially if you're like me couponing super early on Sunday morning it's nice to see them and to get everything in order before you head out for your shopping trip ma cosmetics are on a spend 12 get a $4 extra back deal has a limit of four I held on to my $6 instant coupon I haven't used it yet so I'm going to go ahead and use it this week along with this extra buck deal and a five off of 15 CRT that I did receive so check out a really great deal here again it's the $6 instant coupon it that printed this previous week cheapest item that I see here is the oil makeup removers at 629 which my store doesn't have any but if you grabbed one of those use this it's gonna be 29 cents and they also have the liquid makeup removers for 679 you could grab one of those you use this and those will be 79 cents each these LM a pressed powders are 1529 grab one of them use the CR t45 are 15 and a $6 instant mystery coupon guys that's a whole life in bucks coming off so that's gonna make it 429 but remember for spending 12 you get a four dollar extra buck so you'll get a four dollar extra buck back this will be 29 cents and remember makeup does qualify to its CVS beauty so it's gonna end up being a moneymaker now just like the helm a Revlon is spend 12 get a four dollar extra buck this week I got a $6 CRT for Revlon cosmetics here is a scenario you could grab now if you just want to go ahead and grab a freebie this week you could grab one item that is normally excluded in our coupons it's the Revlon kiss balm they are $4.99 you could grab one of these if you got this $6 CRT years and it's going to be free now here's the deal guys or expected to get a three dollar Revlon color coupon so I'm assuming color means lipstick eyeshadows so it should work on lipsticks and since Revlon is spun 12 get a four dollar extra buck if you want to pair it in with the extra buck deal using the CRT you could grab one of these Colorstay lipsticks here for 1249 use this six dollar CRT that'll be six forty nine use the three dollar coupon that'll be three forty nine and then you'll get back a four dollar extra buck for spending twelve bucks so this will end up being free and a fifty one cent moneymaker it's because it's been thirty yet ten dollar extra buck teal is back there are really some great scenarios with hair care and diapers there's water included feminine care tons and tons of products I'm going to share with you a deal here and then the post some extra deals in the principle list so check that out in the description box now this deal is a limit of one so you can only do the deal once but here here's a really good scenario a haircare scenario I've been getting a ton of haircare CRTs you might have them as well now go ahead and grab three of the Pantene products the 12 ounce – twelve point six ounce are on sale three for $12 including the 3 minute miracle and then grab two of the herbal essences you need to get the bio renew these are on sale two for $13 you can see here by Oh renew this is not bio renew so you cannot grab this but this white grapefruit is so grab two of those for $13 you want to go ahead and grab one of the tight pads the 12 to 16 count are four dollars and ninety four cents so here are all of the items that you want to grab it's a total of six items your total is going to come to twenty nine dollars and ninety four cents now for the Pantene go into your CBS app and use the five of three digital panthéon coupon we also have a digital coupon on the Herbal Essences for four dollars off two and the tide we have a $3 digital coupon now with that scenario I would definitely pair in a four off 18 haircare CRT are getting 25 bucks in haircare so you can use it using that CRT and all the coupons mentioned you're gonna pay 1494 and get back a $10 extra buck so off six items end up being for 94 or 82 cents each and a huge plus is all of the hair care that you're purchasing the $25 is going to count towards PBS Beauty Club we have a great deal on all and snuggled now I do want to mention that the savings start rebate that I'm gonna talk about in this deal is valid and Sunday well it's valid through Sunday only so this is a Sunday only deal if you want to go ahead and redeem to saving star if you're not renaming to saving star then you can you know purchase it for the price without saving star throughout the entire sale so all detergents is on sale for $2.99 we're getting a dollar coupon and our 721 or RetailMeNot insert that'll make it a dollar 99 now if you do this deal on Sunday you can redeemed a savings star for a dollar rebate grab it for 99 cents snuggle is also on sale for $2.99 and we're getting a dollar coupon and that 721 RetailMeNot insert that'll make snuggle at dollar 99 which is great now saving star has a 50 cent rebate that is valid through Sunday only if you redeem the saving star you can grab it for just $1 49 all right next is this we is spend 20 get a $10 extra bucks the deal does have a limit of one I'm not super excited about this deal cuz I'm not a huge an axis fan but I have tried the dry shampoo and I do like it you could grab two of these at $14.99 each that would bring your total to 29 and 98 we did have a three dollar printable in three dollar digital coupons so hopefully you printed those coupons they are currently no longer available use two of those that's going to take office six dollars making them 2398 and then you get back a ten dollar extra buck so to end up being 1398 or $6.99 each and guys this is hair care so if you have a hair care CRT pair it in with this deal to drop your out-of-pocket costs so our printable coupons as far as inventory are really low now I have a really great feeling that on Sunday we're gonna get some great printables so be sure to stay tuned on this channel if you haven't clicked that Bell click that Bell notification now that will inform you whenever I post a print now or updates video to keep you guys informed on your deals chick is it a great promotion of buy to get a $10 extra buck we are getting some a buy one it get one a free coupons here is a deal you could snag we have a great deal on Schick razors so Schick razors excluding disposables are buy to get a $10 extra buck with a limit of one the great thing too is we're getting some great new Schick razor coupons and our 721 smart source insert when you buy the refill you're going to get a free razor so what you could do is grab one of these Schick Hydro silk 3 razors priced at $8.99 and then one of the refills priced for $11.99 use one of those buy one get one free Schick intuition fab silk coupons and our 721 smart source now that's gonna make the razor free so you'll end up paying 1199 but for buying two you're gonna get that $10 extra back back so final cost is a dollar ninety-nine for both items or just 99 cents each this week we have a couple of products like insure glue Serna and hungers that are by three get a $7 extra buck now for insurer and gusano we have some great coupons coming in our 721 inserts here are two different scenarios this promo has a limit of one all right so this week insure is original priced at 899 for the original six-packs you want to go ahead and grab three of them for twenty six ninety seven in our five-seven excuse me 721 insert we're getting a five off two coupon in our 623 insert we have a three off one coupon so the coupons will bring your total down to eighteen ninety seven you will get back a seven dollar extra buck making all three eleven ninety seven or just a three and 99 h so be sure to pair in a CR t if you have one uninsured be careful with these clearance items when a lot of times when you add them into your scenarios they do not trigger the extra buck reward so I would recommend staying away from them but they do have these here that are 849 if you drink these but that is a pretty good price for insure now you could do the glue Serna teal instead on the mini treats these are priced at 5.6 t nine cents each we are getting a size off to coupon and I got this for off two CRT so if you have the CRT it makes for a really good deal now grabbing three of these at 569 will bring your total to 1707 after the coupon and the CRT it'll drop it down to 807 and you'll get back a seven dollar extra bucks though three of these for just a dollar and seven cents yes has a promotion when you spend a $25 on stationery items a free backpack up to a $14 in 99 that value this offer is a limit of one per cart and I kind of look through the backpacks now the backpack up there showing that you're getting free is a high trail backpack these are not high trail backpacks so I'm not sure if it's something that will be kept behind the registers they have these a couple sets here that are $12.99 but again they're not high trail so if you're doing this promotion ask your cashier which book bag that you are getting free just to make sure that it is something that you want to go ahead and take advantage of and don't forget to check out CVS care past on the 18th of every month I get a $10 extra buck that I can use for my couponing so I recently got it I'm going to use it on this trip super excited it is available in a lot of areas now so just go to CVS comm and see if it's available you get free shipping on prescriptions free shipping on and lots of other perks as well all right here is the winner of last week's $10 gb SD card Congrats this week we are doing the exact same giveaway guys I know I need to come up with something original give me some ideas in the description box below all you have to do is click this like button on this video comment your favorite deal and check back next we it's always great to go ahead and share videos so if you can share the video that would be amazing as well speed stick and ladies speed stick deodorant they're both on sale for $2.99 when you buy one you get $8 50 extra back now watch the limit on the steel it is a limit of one so go ahead and grab one we do have a 50 cent printable speed stick coupon use that coupon you'll pay 249 and get back a dollar 50 extra bucks so your final cost is going to be 99 cents this is a fantastic deal to do especially if you have like a dollar off one deodorant CR T if you do it that is going to make it free you you so yeah guys some really great deals this week at CVS I hope you enjoyed this video as always remember there is a principle list of all these deals plus bonus deals and extra spun 30 get 10 deals in the description box below so all you have to do is click on that it'll take you to my site savvy coupon shopper calm where you can actually go ahead and print it or you can just view it again for reference and pick the deals that you're going to go ahead and do always check back on Sunday Sunday morning there are a ton of updates I will share them all with you whether it's new printable coupons and savings star rebates that you need to add before you shop or new deals with crts I will clue you guys in on that and also clue you in on any unadvertised deals or clearance fines anything super awesome so i'm matt note i want to thank you all for watching again this week i appreciate your love and support each week it truly does not go unappreciated every time I see a comment every time I see you know a like on a video a thumbs up it really goes appreciated so thanks so much and I will talk to you guys during the week there's gonna be a ton of videos because there's a ton of deals this week so stay tuned bye bye 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    Hi, my favorite deal is the Soft Soap Body Wash. thank you for all the work that you do for all of us. Hugs, Mary.:)

  2. Alejandra Olvera

    I'm new and very interested in couponing.. what is crt's? Where do you print or get printed coupons?

  3. Donna Dominguez

    What is a CRT
    Im lost cant continue the video
    I dont know what a CRT is
    So the rest of what your saying is bablish
    Because im stuck om crt & i keep hearing you say crt
    Im sorry I'm a newbie here
    But coupon teacher need to plz express the coupon codes PLZ
    Ive asked & asked different pple to write down abbreviations & or coupon code aka launage

  4. Julie Bond

    I want to say thank you for all the deals I went to CVS today and hot over $150 worth of stuff for $3.33! I have not done that good in forever!

  5. Katy Reyes

    I just did the buy 6 healthy clean oral be for buy 1 for 2.09 and get 1 half off and I got a 12 dollar extra buck

  6. Isabel Castro

    I haven’t been receiving CRTs but I’m making it work without them. Thank you for your videos they give me lots of ideas!

  7. Kristin Spencer

    I always love those Kotex deals & cant wait to also grab razors & the Lady Speed Stick. Love that deodorant! ❤️


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