Credit Card Rewards: Do's and Dont's

**Credit Card Rewards: Do's and Dont's**



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Cash back on gas and groceries, bonus points, flight miles, restaurant perks… the list of credit card rewards goes on and on and on!

In this video, I talk about the things to consider when deciding which card is best for you and I share some tips for what you should and shouldn’t do to get rewards. Enjoy!

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hi YouTube it's Jenna here in my last video I told you guys what to look out for when applying for a new credit card now one of the things that I said you should avoid is paying an annual fee but I must admit to you guys that I do have one credit card with an annual fee and the reason why I made the decision to apply for that card is because it's got some really great rewards and perks if you're missing payments or carrying a balance over four months a month on your credit cards then I would say you are not ready just yet to pay annual fees for rewards program wait till you're really close to being debt-free or until you're completely debt-free and then you can graduate up to paying an annual fee for a really great rewards program there's lots of credit cards that offer rewards programs for free so I would suggest you look into some of those do apply for credit cards with rewards that align to your needs and interests now this one's going to be pretty obvious but it's really important if you don't need out at restaurants a lot then it doesn't make sense for you to apply to a credit card that offers you rewards at restaurants really think about what it is that you need and spend the most money on or what it is that you're really interested in and then apply for a credit card that offers rewards and perks in that specific area don't spend money that you don't have just to get rewards this one's really hard because as soon as you open up a brand new card the credit card issuers put pressure on you to try to spend more to get perks for example they'll say spend $1,000 in the first 90 days and you'll get 20,000 bonus points but if you don't usually spend $1,000 in three months you shouldn't go on a shopping spree just so that you can get to $1,000 to get those reward points because in essence what you're doing is just paying extra money for them do charge any purchases that you're going to get reimbursed for onto your rewards credit card that way you can rack up on those points and then later you can deposit the cash into your checking account and pay the credit card bill in its entirety this is also a really good thing to keep in mind if you work at a place where you expense different purchases like supplies or transportation don't apply for lots of different cards that offer lots of different rewards it's going to take forever for you to get any of the rewards from any of those cards it makes more sense for you to be strategic put all of your typical expenses on one major credit card so that you can really maximize the rewards that it's being offered this way you're going to get the most bang for your buck in the form of your most preferred reward do shop around for the best offer let's say you've decided that you really want to earn flight miles just because you made that decision does it make a plan for a specific credit card any easier there's so many different credit cards out there that offer flight miles as a matter of fact most airlines actually offered their own credit card to you so it's really important that you do your research compare rates before applying don't apply for a credit card with rewards that expire lots of different credit cards have actually eliminated the expiration date but it's not the case with every credit card so be really careful and make sure that you read the terms and conditions of your credit card all right you guys there you have it those are the do's and don'ts of credit card rewards if you have any comments or questions feel free to put those down below or you can message me privately at mis be helpful @ till next time peace

46 thoughts on “**Credit Card Rewards: Do's and Dont's**

  1. Raymond Yocum

    Thank you! Good common sense advice. You sure get excited about credit cards! Hahaha! My advice is to make sure you pay at the end of each month so you don't incur interest expenses.

  2. hector sanchez

    When I first clicked on this video I had low expectations on your knowledge but that quickly changed! Great video it helped alot

  3. mark s

    its hard to concentrate on what your talking about. You should stop trying to be cute. had to watch video 3 time to get what your saying. i agree only use credit card on what you need and dont spend because your trying to make the $1000 min for points. I do have a question though do you pay more if you use credit card, if you do with cash? for example gas station is like few cents more if paid in credit. so is the points really worth it??

  4. Shujayet Hossain

    Hello there!
    I have a bank of america cash rewards card and the ilmit is $2400(they increased it automatically from $300 to $400 then straight $2400 over time)
    My question is can I call in and ask for a credit limit of $10,000?
    Thank you!

  5. turn all things to ash

    Most of the sign up bonuses are super easy to get. The highest I've seen is 4500 Dollars in 90 days. That's 3 months worth of bills with out any extra spending

  6. sheep pink

    This is a very naive question but here it goes: How does one pay for the credit card debt? (money that you barrow) is it withdrawn from your account or you make a deposit to the bank?

  7. Erika Martinez

    I have a question when you apply for a new credit card how much does you're credit score drop

  8. Mike Narup

    I think the bonus offers are good as long as you don't go overboard with your normal spending habits. For example, I just got a card that offers $100 if you spend $500 within the first 3 billing cycles. It isn't unreasonable for me to spend roughly $167 a month to get the $100 bonus, basically giving me a 20% rebate on everything I buy up to that $500. Most of the cards that have high spending requirements are cards that have an annual fee attached to them as well.

  9. Northern Sailor

    So is it ok that I work minimum wage and want to build a 2,000$ computer, but I wanna finance it for 24 months, with no interest as long as I make on-time payments?

  10. EL GALLO


  11. JonelleElise

    These videos are amazing! I just got my first credit card to start building my credit and I'm glad I came across this channel! Really helpful! I have a basic card right now but am hoping to "graduate" to a cash-back card.

  12. Shrooq Munir

    hello I dont have a credit card now .. and I want to start building my credit by using a secured credit card .. so my question is what is your recommendation about the best credit card for my case

  13. TwinsTalkStocks

    The new Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card announced yesterday gets 5% back on Amazon purchases, 2% on gas stations, restaurants, drug stores, and 1% on every other purchase. It's a must have credit card for Amazon Prime members. Plus, you get a $70 Amazon gift card once you sign up for the credit card. There is NO annual fee and NO foreign transaction fees. This credit card is a no-brainer.

  14. Chris Brown

    MissBeHelpful I like your site and appreciate the fact that you are doing something that helps people.Plus the quality of the production is good, so hey, what can I say?


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