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**Coupons at Checkout**



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Learn about the simple web browser extension that delivers coupons to you while you checkout. Get it now:
spending too much time searching for coupons we know finding and using a coupon can be a tedious experience either you can't find a coupon you can't remember the code or worse it doesn't work this whole process can be very time-consuming coupons at checkout aims to solve these issues by providing shoppers instant access to coupons during checkout here's how it works simply install the coupons at checkout web browser extension once this is complete just shop at any of your favorite websites in this example we're going to be buying a lightweight hoodie sweatshirt from jockey just add the item to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout you'll see that coupons at checkout has highlighted the coupon code box in red this means that coupons may be available for use in your purchase if you click on the coupon box you're presented with a list of coupons to use coupons at checkout tells you what the coupon is the coupon code and the coupon status choose a coupon and apply it to your purchase it's that simple you'll then see the coupon has been applied and the amount has been discounted install coupons at checkout for free today at coupon follow com forward slash checkout

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