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The most realistic contacts I have ever tried!! I tried 5 different colors in two styles. You can purchase at and use code ‘Chantel’ for 10% off!! (they have the prescription lenses on this site as well) You can also purchase from and use code ‘chanteljeffries’ for free shipping Hope this helped & Thanks for watching!!

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hey guys what's up please Champa and today I have a special video for you guys I recently just got colored contacts some of them are prescription and some of them aren't but I wanted to do a try on and review because I know that those videos were super helpful for me when I was looking at the purchase contract so I definitely want to try them out and show you guys I have the brand solidifies the ones that I went with after watching a lot of videos on YouTube but different people trying them on I felt like they look the most natural so I got two different styles I got the hydro core and I got the natural lenses so the natural lenses that I got our prescription only on the left eye I have a small prescription on the left side the right eye there's no prescription I'm going to show you guys all those different colors on my eyes this is my eye color naturally it's like a blueish green hazel and it looks kind of light with this lighting but usually you can't really tell it's like a darker treatment of color so if you have darker eyes are like if you have like hazel eyes or if you have a darker blue or dark agree and I think this is how the context affect you or even like a light or medium brown I'm going to start by showing you just one on each is a guide can kind of get the idea of how they look let me just start off by telling you guys a little bit about these lenses so for the Hydra core and the natural lens is the main difference is the natural lenses have a limb bar ring on the outer edge which means it's a little bit darker on the outer edge the other ones don't have a defining line between like the color it's pretty much the same throughout don't forget that before you get started you want to make sure that your hands are clean and you have some solution that you can rinse off the lenses with look like that I'm used to put it on the super your middle finger and if it tends to stick to your finger while you're putting in your I just want to put a little teeny drop of solution I'm going to do that just a teeny drop because it tends to go where the solution is going to go so I'm going to hold down my eye on the bottom and the top whay placing it on this home so that's the mel lens and my left eye and my natural color my right eye you can see a little bit of my natural eye color showing through in the center so that will happen to you too when your eyes are really dilated so now I'm going to put this one into my right eye now we have a Hydra core melon my left eye and the Hydra core okra and my right eye as you can see these are really similar in color the left is just a little more green in the red a little more tan so that's the difference probably look like I said these ones they don't have the limber ring on the outside so they're pretty much the same color throughout take out the Mao on the left eye and I put another color so you guys can see the difference now you can see my regular eye and how that looks in comparison to the okra we run between my eye and the okra this one's a prescription one but it is a national so I'm going to show you in comparison to the Hydra corn the natural of a similar color so you can see how this one has a dark ring around the edge and that's the difference between these two also this one's a little more green this is the amber and natural one and this is the hydrogen core and okra so this is different see my natural eye and the natural lens and amber now I'm taking the Hydra core in graphite and I'm going to put it on the right eye so this is the natural amber and my left eye this is the prescription and then this is my right eye the hydrochloric graphite no prescription and this one so this is my regular eye in comparison to the Hydra core and graphite okay so we did two blues that I have this is a natural color lens in marine and this is the Hydra core and graphite this was a little bit more turquoise also has the outer limbering this one be vetted natural lenses and marine and these are the Hydra corn graphite so this is the lens compared to my natural eye so this is what it looks like with both of the marine Naturals my eyes are a little red from taking in and out of the compacts but usually they're not they're pretty comfortable I've only worn them for wixsanic five or six hours at a time and towards the end of the day I start getting tired of them being my eyes but for just a few hours and then out anything god they're perfectly fine if you're used to contacts they probably won't bother you at all and just started wearing them so that's when I get a little bit irritated after a while but overall comfortable very natural looking for me I like the natural and the Hydra core looks just as natural so what they look like both in my eyes so that is my contact ran a review I hope you guys like this video if you did make sure you have a big thumbs up and comment all your suggestions down below of other videos you'd like to see I'm getting more in contact so I will be doing another one of these videos the link down below of waiting at the contact lenses is in the description here it is in Salonika official calm and you can use my code Chantel Jeffries just my name for free shipping or I post more videos of the contacts on snapchat and Twitter and Instagram with the flash on so that you can guys can see and also in the natural light and you can see how they look in pictures and stuff like that all of my social media if you want to click on the Instagram at Chantel Jeffries as well you can find those there but yeah thank you so much for watching my video

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  1. Sam 2018

    It’s ironic that her natural eyes are prettier than all those lenses. Lighter eyes doesn’t always mean prettier. Light eyes can look very cold.

  2. baby frida

    can someone help me out?
    i am someone who wears glasses. and i want to wear contact lenses. and solotica is one which i rlly wanted to buy. but idk how the processing is done?? bc i never wore lenses but what do i do to get solotica lenses instead of glasses?

  3. Caleb Hinton

    You think by getting external validation makes you a better person I can read your aura and you think by getting that validation from the world that that's going to complete you but I'm telling you it's not who cares what people think about you who cares how people think you proud pretty you are ugly people think you might be you have to love yourself first and your order is just telling me you are so insecure and different ways and it's sad cuz you're a beautiful girl stop looking for external validation and know that God is the only validation you need

  4. Caleb Hinton

    # Iyanafixmylife I'm a spiritualist person just by watching your videos I can tell that you let exterior validation validate you as a person you think that by the

  5. Caleb Hinton

    And I'm sorry if I was mean but I just had to speak my mind I'm not a wicked or hateful person but I just got so irritated because this world we live in is so superficial

  6. Caleb Hinton

    #Youtube glorifies women who look like you instead of glorifying a diverse group of other women like I just have a problem with that you are a beautiful person but you don't need to do all that extra stuff girl just give us your discount code and shows the colors and stop being extra in love yourself truly love yourself

  7. Caleb Hinton

    That's the problem I have with white girls they all want to look like that fake family. Kardashian's that s***'s not real none of the appearances are real

  8. Caleb Hinton

    that's the problem I have with checks use your natural beauty stop trying to make it seem like okay you got beautiful eyes without the contact we know that just show us the colors and don't do all that extra s*** it's not necessary my n**

  9. Caleb Hinton

    God made you a beautiful person I don't know about your insides cuz I don't know you but he made your exterior beautiful and you wouldn't be trying to cover it up if you aren't happy with yourself

  10. Caleb Hinton

    I don't understand why you're trying to flush your real eye color like if you want to look like that fake family the Kardashians that's you but honestly you wouldn't be wearing so much fake things if you loved yourself

  11. Figgy Newts

    First of all: you and your eyes are so super pretty! Second: your video was super informative and helpful. Third: you did an amazing job of showing the variation between lenses and your eye color. Thank you! Wonderful video!

  12. yalda dariany

    I just ordered my natural amber contact!! Im so excited!! it looked really natural on you! thank you <3


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