Chicago Coupon Queen Saves Thousands - How She Does It

**Chicago Coupon Queen Saves Thousands – How She Does It**



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XXXX is a Coupon Queen with a capital Q. Learn how she saves Thousands of dollars a year and was able to buy 80 boxes of cereal for just $6. WGN-TV’s Ana Belaval explains.

24 thoughts on “**Chicago Coupon Queen Saves Thousands – How She Does It**

  1. Jenny Filip

    Jill I would love to take one of your classes.  I am not so good but I am learning.  How do you organize your coupons by MFG? say  Proctor Gamble/Source etc.?  How do you break up the expiration dates?

  2. FernaDaddy

    We are family of two and two dogs. We recently started couponing and have already brought our weekly shopping expense down to $50 a week from $200 a week before coupons. We also live in Chicago and I don't mind spending a couple hours a day to set up my coupons to shop for the weekend. By buying things with coupons while they're on sale, we'll never have to pay full price ever again.

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  4. cdunn666

    @sqpmr thats a stupid comment about the birth control….dont hate because we couponers are smart…..why tha hell would i want to pay damn near 4.00 in my area for a box of cereal when i combine my coupons with a sale and get em for .50…so all couponers dont have large families…we just know a good deal when we see one…..dont hate cuz you out there spendin money like water when you aint got to

  5. Lady Fleur

    Learn all the little tips and secrets that you don't see on the shows. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that they never show or tell you!
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  6. marie watson

    @brianad13. Yes you can use coupons and any other legitimate offers with food stamps. The other poster is an effing idiot. Many people who earn min. Wage, unfortunately, still quAlify for f.s. The allotment usu. isn't much. As w/ anyone else, coups. can b used to stretch the food budget.

  7. Rotaluclac

    All this free food is complete junk. It's nothing but processed foods that are full of sugar, salt, gluten and starch.

  8. AGirlNamedWinnie

    I agree with anyone who thinks that using coupons is a smart idea. Why pay full price if you can get it for less? Using coupons is a great way to save money on things that you need and also for things that can be donated.

  9. sittingduck1215

    @tima523617, I know this is an old comment but I could not help but say something. Personnaly I bought a whole flay of Wild Alaskan King Salmon for $2.00 using sales and coupons. Organic beef goes on sale all of the time, as does all organic foods. Would you like to know the kicker? Almost all organic food companies offer coupons, yep, thats right. All you have to do is call, email or send a letter letting the company know you are intrested & they will send coupons in the mail. Amazing I know.

  10. TrueGreatness73

    My girlfriend just started doing this and WOWWWWWWWWW… I am so happy for coupons.. I cant believe we didnt do this long time ago.. All the money we could of saved.. Its like I got a raise from my job.. Seriously..

  11. Michele Goodsell

    @ironfistrule actually its the manufaturing company that looses money. the store writes it off and gets a payback at the end of the year. the store does get the money back eventually. they just tell you that because they dont want to give out raises or pay there employee's the money they deserve. If this was causing the store finatual problems they would stop giving out instore coupons and just stick with the manufactural coupons and bring out rules like not using one coupon in conjuction with


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