Cell Phone Bill Hacks | Save Money & Lower Your Cell Phone Bill 🥇

**Cell Phone Bill Hacks | Save Money & Lower Your Cell Phone Bill 🥇**



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12 of my top tips to save money on all things mobile including the cell phones AND the service plans! Pay less for cellphones and service!!

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21 thoughts on “**Cell Phone Bill Hacks | Save Money & Lower Your Cell Phone Bill 🥇**

  1. The Frugal Minimalist

    Apologies to my awesome international viewers. 💜 Most information and the giveaway is aimed at the US audience.

  2. Puretipz

    Thank you honestly I needed this video I've done some of these things already but some didn't come to mind so thank you

  3. Vara Vanner

    Because all my families internet access is from our phones data I do a lot of this suggestions so that my data isn't being used for updates, but things update automatically when I connect to wifi at the store when shopping. Great video as always Wendy; so informative. Full watch, big like as always! 😊👍

  4. How2 4Every1 aka budgeting a decade to freedom

    Even if I am in Canada…the how to save data on your phone is invaluable…thank you 😁

  5. Cheryl Barron

    I was wondering that all your leg work to save money cost you more in gasoline?Not interested in phone thing.

  6. Blessed In Bowie

    I gave up my cell phone a few years ago, just to prove to people that you can survive without it. People actually got mad at me! I heard, "But I can't text you!" I pointed out that they already didn't text me–I I was the one who instigated 99.9% of all conversations. When asked, I would simply say that I had better uses for the monthly $50 (I had a simple pre paid plan). I was then asked if we were having money issues! I had a home phone with my internet service, so I used that. I did carry an old cell phone with me if Obie and I were walking, because as long as there's a tower in your area, you can dial 911 without a service plan. I also used my old cell phone as an alarm, timer, phone book, camera, and if I was at the library, I could quickly use it for internet with the wifi. I did without an actual cell plan for over two years, and didn't get another one until earlier this year, when I decided that I wanted one again. I bought a simple pre paid phone for $50, and I pay for an unlimited text, talk and data plan each month. Oh, and the people who complained that they couldn't text me? They STILL don't! lol! Good video!

  7. Staci Madron

    Frugal Wins! I am so excited I found your channel. Today is the first time I have watched. This will help my 80 year old mother in so many ways. Thank you for all these tips.

  8. Maven Mommy

    I love your tips and already do most of them but found my room for improvement. As an only parent to 8 kids (not joking) saving money is important. The older ones help out (young adults) buy we could always be doing better. In our household, frugal wins. 😉


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