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Meal Prep Budget - Low Cost Recipes

**Meal Prep Budget – Low Cost Recipes**



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I’m making meal prep budget with my grilled chicken recipe. These are low cost recipes that are perfect for budget friendly recipes and budget meals. Using these recipes show how to meal prep budget and budget recipes. My cheap recipes like hummus and tabouli are easy to make and low cost meals. Budget meal prepping has never been more tasty or healthy. Budget friendly meals allow you to make healthy meal prep ideas on a budget. I hope you try my low cost recipes for meal prep budget.


All My Meal Prep Recipes:

639 calories per meal
29.3 grams of fat per meal
51 grams of protein per meal
43.5 grams of carbs per meal
4 grams of fiber per meal


glass meal prep containers:

cast iron grill pan:

microplane zester:

lemon juicer:

olive oil dispenser:

my chef’s knife:

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I’m out to prove that home cooks can be rock stars in the kitchen. I look forward to sharing my recipes & cooking style with you on my channel!

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Homemade Carpet Cleaner/ Rug Doctor Copycat Solution from Dollar Store

**Homemade Carpet Cleaner/ Rug Doctor Copycat Solution from Dollar Store**



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Get the complete homemade carpet cleaner Recipe here:

Get the powerful DIY Spotting Solution Recipe here:

Watch the video where we show how to mix and use the DIY Carpet and Clothes Spotting Solution:

This DIY Homemade Rug Doctor Solution has only 4 ingredients and smells fantastic. We use it in our Bissel home carpet cleaner. We’ve even used this Rug Doctor solution to clean the upholstery on our couches. It’s easy to mix and easy to use.

If you want to get a home carpet cleaner like the one we used in the video – check out Amazon’s Best Selling Bissell Cleaners here:

Steve & Annette Economides –
NY Times Best Selling Authors and Speakers
Authors of America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money!

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Cardiographic LITE ACTION BUNNY by Martin Lewis

**Cardiographic LITE ACTION BUNNY by Martin Lewis**



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The magician shows a picture of a top hat. A rabbit magically rises out of the hat bearing a “Happy Birthday” card. The picture is then torn off, signed, and given to the birthday child.

I have added an extra feature to Birthday Cardiographic Lite. In this version, the rabbit not only rises out of the hat but can duck back inside too. This allows a “look don’t see” sequence where everyone can see the bunny in the hat except you, a plot known to delight kids worldwide! After that, the rabbit rises to his full height to reveal a Happy Birthday message that you tear out and give to the celebrant.

Consider this for your closer, get all the kids to sign the birthday card and, while they are busy with that, make an uninterrupted exit.

Birthday Cardiographic Lite resets in a flash, comes with 30 giveaway pages, and written and video instructions.

How to SAVE MONEY on Play Skins using Trade Ups!!

**How to SAVE MONEY on Play Skins using Trade Ups!!**



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Why buy skins when you can craft them?

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