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How To Fix Up An Old MTB | Mountain Bike Maintenance

**How To Fix Up An Old MTB | Mountain Bike Maintenance**



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Neil’s found an old GT I Drive Downhill Bike in a friends shed…perfect for some experiments! But first, it’s time to check it over! It’s an older bike that’s seen a lot of wear and tear in the past. It needs a full check over to see what needs replacing, what can be run and if anythings outright broken! After that, we can look at how to fix some of the issues plaguing it and get it back on the hill!

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Older bikes could have several issues that you’d want to stay away from. Scratched fork stanchions, blown suspension units, cracks in the frame, even alloy spoke nipples could leave you wishing you’d kept your money in your pocket.

So there’s nothing glaringly obvious but a few little issues here and there that you’d like to get in good working order before hitting the hill! Bottom brackets, gearing and drivetrain, tyres and headsets. Replace or maintain how you see fit!

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– You can buy old mountain bikes
for not a lot of money now. Like this old downhill
bike, you can get this for a couple hundred pounds, or dollars, off something like Ebay, or a friend. Maybe it's been lying in
his shed for 15 years. This is how to check over an old bike, and then how to restore it to
get it back onto the trails. (throwing gravel) This is a GT Downhill
i-Drive from the year 2000. Yep, it's a very old bike, but
this could be a really good bike for someone who
maybe only rides downhill a few times a year, just
to keep in the shed. You don't want to lose any money on it. Here's a list of a few things
that you need to check ideally before you buy the bike to make sure you're not gonna have to
throw too much money at it. Let's start with suspension. (hip-hop music) First thing to do is just
push on that suspension. Grab your front brake,
push that fork down. I'm really trying to
feel how smooth it is, if it's making much noise, and actually, the fork does feel a little
bit notchy as I push it down, and I can hear a bit of
sucking going on, so I think the fork would probably
need a service ideally. Whereas the shock feels pretty good. It's nice and smooth, feels
nice and plush actually, for seventeen year old shock, and I'd also check that there's some rebound control on that, which there is. Same on the fore. If it's actually poppin'
back and sort of toppin' out, makin' a noise, springing
back really quickly. First thing we do is wind
the rebound control in, see if that makes any
difference, and if it doesn't, that means that shock is
blown, or the fork is blown. That definitely doesn't
really tend to happen so much nowadays on modern suspension,
but in the olden days, all these shocks, they
would blow occasionally. Next, take an actual close
look at the suspension. The shock actually looks
fine, it feels fine. The fork, you can see there's
some pretty big damage down here on the paint, but, actually, there's no dents or anything. That's just cosmetic really. However, up on the stanchion, you see they're very scratched up here. It's definitely something
you see lot in the U.K. on uplifts for Dinobikes
with scratches all over 'em. But also, you can see a
bit of oil is coming out and sitting on that
stanchion, and on the seal, you can see that oil stuck to dust. That right hand leg
doesn't look very good. It's not gonna be that
easy to buy a stanchion from a 2000 boxer, so, if
I was buying this bike, I'd definitely think about maybe tryin' to knock that person down, because you might need to
buy a new fork for this bike. There's a couple more checks
I can do to my suspension. I already know that that fork
leg is a little bit damaged, but I'm just gonna check the
bushes in the fork, as well. I'll pump my front brake, and just rock the bike back and forth. Almost like checking your headset, but now you're looking for any movement in this part of the fork. There's bushes in there that can wear out, and that means this stanchion
can start wobbling around, and actually this feels pretty tight. I can't feel any movement in the headset, or down in that fork, so that's
probably alright for now. And on the rear end, I'm
gonna check the linkage by trying to wobble the bike. I'm holding the saddle in one
hand, rear wheel in the other, and really feeling for any movement if I flex it back and forth. You might feel some in the rear wheel, actually that feels really solid, so I would think these bearings are in pretty good condition, and also the rear wheel is nice and stiff. (hip-hop music) Now it's time to get out
my bike cleaner and brush, give this bike a really good clean. Take off 17 years worth of dirt, and actually give the
frame a really good check. Right, so with the bike clean, it doesn't look like I cleaned it first, covered in years worth of
stickers and scratches, but I'm really gonna do now is check out the sort of most important parts. This is an old aluminium frame, so go around, definite
head tube, the swing arm, just to take a really close look. Paint damage is alright, of course. Doesn't look that great, but you really don't want to see a crack on that weld. Also, actually, I can see there's a FSA Pig headset on this bike. That was an old trick,
that really deep headset. Some bikes are this, the head
tubes are actually ovalized, your bottom headset cup
would roll around in there. These pegs were really far extended, so they kept it nice and tight, but obviously it does tell me that this head tube's probably
a little bit ovalized. (hip-hop music) The final thing I check,
ideally, before buying a bike, is the wheel, so give them a spin and see how straight they are. Actually, a pretty good flat front one, I'll do the same with the back. Another thing to consider
is if they're old wheels with alloy nipples,
they can start breaking on you. If you do need to start tweaking wheels, changing spoke tensions,
they can start breaking, and that can be a nightmare. It would mean you'd have to replace the nipples for the whole wheel probably. These are all brass ones,
so they're pretty much indestructible, so I'm fine there. Also check the rim for any sort of dings, or any cracks, and that looks pretty good. Obviously, I've got a disc brake, so it doesn't have to
be perfectly straight. I've got some old wheels
in here, of course. I've got Hope bearings on the front, so just bear in mind that
sometimes all wheels, you might struggle to
get new bearings for. Having said that, Hope are
really good with their old stuff. They've actually hooked me
up already with a new old stock brake for this
bike, so that's a Mono M4. Hope are one of those
people who actually keep spares for their really old stuff, but not everyone does that. Actually, quite surprisingly
for an old downhill bike like this, the wheels seem
in really good condition. Yes, it's a little bit
scratched, but almost straight, and the spoke tension seems really good. I don't need to do too much of that. I have already put some new tyres on this. I say new, they are some
old ones from my garage, but they're in decent condition. Bear in mind that an older bike like this is 26-inch wheels, so you
might find that the tyres are getting harder and harder to come by. The bearings also spin
pretty well on that rear hub, as well, so I'mma leave that for now. It might be a job I need to do in the future, but, for now, it's fine. Now, moving on to other checks. Going to the bottom bracket,
I can feel if I rock, you can probably see that, is
the bottom bracket's moving, so both cranks are
moving at the same time, so I know nothing's loose in there. It's the bottom bracket that's worn. It's spinning okay, but it's
worth bearing in mind that, you know, I don't know how
far you wanna get into this. If you want your bike to feel like new, you're definitely gonna have
to replace that bottom bracket. For me, it's a bit of a hacker bike. It doesn't have to be perfect. I can live with that for the time being. I'll think about replacing
that bottom bracket some time not too far
in the distant future. Of course, double check that
your cranks are nice and tight. These are ones you had
in an eight ml Allen key on both sides, and I'mma
do a full bolt check on the bike at the end, but
definitely lost on here. I'll check that crank's nice and tight. (hip-hop music) Coming in forward on
the bike to the headset, just rotate your bars around
and feel on that head tube for any sort of grinding in there. Feels surprisingly smooth,
so this part's obviously been pretty well looked after. Again, I could get into this and take everything off and lube that up, but for now, actually,
that feels pretty good. I'm not gonna worry too much about that. Moving on to things on the brakes, we've already talked about
them a little bit already. I've got a brand new old stock rear brake. The thing is with brakes,
again, like the hubs, it can be quite hard to find
the spares if they're very old, and if you're pulling on the lever and it feels like there's a
lot of friction there, or it's not rebounding very quickly, that could mean there's a
problem down in the callipers. The pistons can seize. And that's definitely
now worth thinking about, weighing up the cost of that. It actually can be quite a lot of work to pop out those pistons,
find the replacement, find a service kit for replacing
the seals in the calliper, when actually you can get a fairly new set of hydraulic brakes for
not a lot of money now. That's up to you. Think about are you gonna
try and fix that old brake, or maybe just buy a new cheap one. I would always expect to replace the gear cables on an old bike. It's just one of those things
that always needs doing. Now, check the drive
train, and you can use a specialist chain checker like this, but this really depends
on how old the bike is, and how well it's been looked after. I use this chain checker anyway, and this is tellin' me that at .75, it says replace, and I'm well over that, so I'm 1.0 so they definitely need a new chain and probably a new
drivetrain on this bike. You don't want it slippin' around, so I'm gonna price that up. One of the final things I'm gonna do, and it will seem quite tedious, is actually remove the bolts of this bike one by one, and just check. That's actually really dry,
so I'm gonna regrease that, and put it in back in, because, I know it sounds like a
very tedious thing to do but if you find any of these old
bolts get stripped, or they get stuck in there and snap, it
can be an absolute nightmare, especially on this fork and these notoriously bad, the old boxes. I've had these old axles seize in there, so obviously again, it
depends on the previous owner. How well they looked after the bike, but try and get some grease into these bolts as much as we can, and then I'mma do a full bolt check,
front to back on the bike. Make sure everything's nice and tight, and then the bike is ready to ride. What I didn't tell you,
at the start of the video, is actually this is my old bike that I raced in the year
2000 World Cup downhill. I sold it to friends
and I just got it back, and coming up soon on the
channel, I will be riding this bike so keep your
eyes peeled for that one. If you wanna see some more videos, click up there for a video with Doddy, How To Check Out A Secondhand
Bike And Fix It Up. Click down there for How
To Replace Your Drivetrain. Click on the logo to subscribe,
if you haven't done already, and give us a thumbs up
if you like retro bikes.

Martin Lewis - memories of Rosie Choueka

**Martin Lewis – memories of Rosie Choueka**



View Time:55Minutes



Rosie Choueka loved birthdays and this year would have been a very special celebration; Rosie would have turned 40 on 15th October 2016.

Over the 40 days leading up to Rosie’s birthday, we’ll be giving you the facts about secondary breast cancer and a selection of video memories of Rosie from her family, friends, colleagues and more.

On Rosie’s birthday itself, take a moment to light a candle on a cake, then snap your photo and post it on our Facebook page or Twitter.

Please help Secondary1st mark Rosie’s 40th birthday on October 15th.

Make a donation to and help us put secondary breast cancer first.

I first met Rosie through Elliott and like I suspect many of his friends my first thought was how imperfect if he managed to pull someone who's brilliant as that and brilliant is the right word brilliant not just intellectually and academically but a huge emotional intelligence to and when you were talking to Rosie about something whether it was personal or professional she had a knack of knowing exactly what you were talking about an almost answering the question before you'd finish your introduction and we're all worse off because she's no longer in this world her family her friends and the professional community she was involved in too you

Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money

**Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money**



View Time:5:3Minutes



Quartz Clock Travel Mechanism Repair How To Save Money

This video is about Repairing Quartz Travel Clock. These are pretty robust items but can be dismantled and put back together easily enough. You just have to be patient and careful opening it up and they are quite brittle.

#fixed1tCLOCKrepair #clockrepair
hi there this is fixed it I'm not soon repaired one o'clock then somebody is asking me to repair another it's a simple affair but as you can see all the hands and everything they've gone and I need to do is Omni up and kick that it works so I've taken the back off and the reason for this is that the plastic screen at the front the clock must be fixed inside which indeed it is so what I need to do is to gently prise off the front perspex panel and then I can get at the hands that are inside in order to help me get this out of the clock I'm going to use one of these suction devices so I can just put that on the front and in fact prise the whole thing off I didn't even have to do anything with the back it just came away so there we go the glasses off and now I can get access to the hands refit in the hands is pretty straightforward first things first just tip them out on the bench and here's the clock and you can see the clock actually has a notch on it so that goes in one side locks in place right nicely now what I do is I take the one with the largest ring associated with it and I just place that on there and trying to line it with the number 12 as best I can and just gently push it down until it clicks nicely into place the next thing is to take the one with the next larger hole make sure it's the right way around so that's the back side turn over again try and line it up roughly if it's well to start with and click that down into place now for the next hand again checking that you could eat the right way around and again lined up for 12 and then finally the second hand that's all the hands-on so the next thing I need to do is to test it now 1729 so lb 1730 long 5:30 p.m. what I'll do is I'll wait till the second hand just gets up to 12 and then I'll nudge the mini hand back just slightly I'll just leave it for a few minutes to make sure that all the hands are working not just the second hand everything seems to be working the hands are moving properly I can put the front glass back onto the clock and peel off my suction pad and turn the clock over take off the power lever put the main backpack on I'm sure it's clicked in the power lever back in and there we have it the clock didn't come with a back cover somebody must have that somewhere else but as you can see the clock is now working and everything's great have you found this video useful you've got one of these turbo clocks and if you do please give the video the thumbs up and consider leaving comments and sharing it with others thanks for watching this has been fixed it bye you

Lakeview Heights Members Choice Save Money On Cable Bill Income Opportunity |Educational Lakevi ...

**Lakeview Heights Members Choice Save Money On Cable Bill Income Opportunity |Educational Lakevi …**



View Time:9:16Minutes



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Lakeview Heights Members Choice Save Money In Your Cable Bill Income Opportunity !! |Educational Lakeview Heights

Lakeview Heights Members Choice Save Money On Cable Bill Income Opportunity |Educational Lakeview Heights

Lakeview Heights Members Choice Save Money On Cable Bill Income Opportunity |Educational Lakeview Heights
hello guys is Lance it's been a while since I've recorded a video actually why because it's been a while for me to be able to find a program that I really felt comfortable promoting I am with some programs right now if you look at my channel there are some programs that are up and coming but this particular opportunity came to me and they they struck fast and they're they're up and running within 30 days the company is full blast at this particular time so I'm very confident and in this particular company as you can see right here the mission statement is member choice it's the bridge for hopes and dreams I really wanted to get involved with the program especially in the Bitcoin space that extended itself across the globe and I finally found the program that has shown I talked to the owner of the company he's a pastor in Orlando Florida and he was pretty much looking for the same thing that I was looking for a program that people can trust you know a program that people could sink 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Money Saving Tips and Cardmaking Hacks

**Money Saving Tips and Cardmaking Hacks**



View Time:8:49Minutes



Scotch Foam Tape:

Xfasten Foam Tape:

Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy:

The Absorber Shammy:

Tombow Mono Multi Glue:

Scan N Cut 2:

Scan N Cut Cutting Mat:

Zig Two Way Glue:

Ranger Craft Mat:

Baking Sheet Alternative:

Sand Eraser:

Adhesive Eraser:

White Gel Pen:

Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you. Thank you for your support and love!
hey guys this Courtney I'm here with a pretty quick video today just sharing some of my money saving tips in the craft room some alternatives that you can use or use maybe some of the supplies that you have for multiple things so we're gonna start off with the foam tape now I've always always always used the Scotch foam tape which I still love but I have recently discovered this foam tape I believe it's pronounced X hacen and I have found it on Amazon than I actually found it as a recommendation through post on stamp junkies on Facebook so it is significantly cheaper than the Scotch foam tape but it is also very sticky so you'll see that I have two pairs of scissors that I constantly bring out one is for my regular cutting and one is specifically for foam tape because after a while you will get a little bit of a residue it is slightly thinner as far as the width goes but otherwise it's pretty comparable to the Scotch foam tape except for the price so over on Amazon the Scotch foam tape is $32.99 for 36 yards and for the X fastened foam tape it is $11 and 19 cents for the same amount so it's like a third of the price so next we're gonna move on to a sham it here is my dirty chamois and it's not even wet it's pretty dried out right now but instead of using the stamp shammies that lawn fawn and Gina Kay have although they're wonderful I have discovered these over on Amazon as well they are actually for your car they come in a roll and you can see that I'm just about out but I typically just cut it where it's folded so I normally get eight of them or eight of the size that I cut them down to out of each one of these rolls they are a little bit damp while they're in the packaging so I always keep the top on them but they're not soaking wet but they're really super easy to cut so like I said you will get eight of them provided that you cut them in equal sizes like I do and they are again significantly cheaper than the stamp shammy itself so the stamp shammy over on Simon Says Stamp for the lawn fawn one is dollars and 99 cents for one for these shammies you will get a total of eight and it's nine dollars in six cents on Amazon big difference next we're going to move on to a craft mat this looks very much like a ranger craft mat the traditional craft mat that if any of you have been crafting for more than a couple of years you will recognize this so this is not actually a Ranger craft mat although it looks exactly the same it's actually a baking sheet that comes in a five pack over on Amazon rolls up nicely for storage works identically to the craft mat itself very easy to clean perfect for watercolor techniques and ink techniques and like I said very easy to clean differences once again the price so the Ranger craft mat ranges from anywhere from fourteen to eighteen dollars while this mat you get five in a pack and it's eight dollars and 69 cents for five of them on Amazon so next we're going to move on to just a little bit of a hack so you can see that I have a self-healing cutting mat here that I have cut down and I just use a regular box cutter for this I'm sure there's probably a different kind of tool that you should use but that's all I got so I cut it to the same size as the cutting mat for around Gemini and this will work for any die-cutting machine I just want to pay attention to the thickness so if it's not quite as thick as your cutting mat you may have to add a shim which I do for my Gemini so I'm going to use this as my base plate I'm gonna die cut everything the same exact way but you can see that I am using this metal shim that I don't typically use but I used for this just because the cutting mat is a little bit thinner than the cutting mat for the Gemini but you can see I get perfect results it is a self-healing mat so doesn't matter how many times you cut it it's going to self heal so whatever cutting mat you have once they get dirty or stained or whatever and you don't want to use them anymore cut them down and use them for your die-cutting machine so here is my tombow mono multi glue if you have ever watched any of my videos you'll see that this is my favorite he said for everything it is cheap I could use it for multiple things not only is it my regular adhesive for you know gluing my panels to my card base but it's also repositionable so I'm gonna use this on my little mat here that I have created for my Misti I just printed this off from the internet on a piece of cardstock going to score it a little bit of this tombow mono multi glue and smear it around with my finger let it dry for just a couple of minutes and it becomes repositionable so I'm going to lay my card panel down there line my little stamp up and stamp this and normally the stamp would kind of move around your paper a little bit if you had to stamp this more than once but you can see once I lift up the Misti lid it stays perfectly in place because of that repositionable adhesive underneath it and I can use this over and over so the tombow mono multi glue super cheap and it can be used for just about everything it's permanent and it's repositionable four dollars and 69 cents on Simon Says Stamp and $5.99 on Amazon so next we're going to talk about the scan and cut I have the skin and cut too because they don't feel like it's necessary to get the latest and greatest of everything that's out there I use mine just to scan and cut in replacement of die cuts die cuts are very expensive and sometimes you like your coordinating dies with your stamp sets but we can't always afford them so although this machine is very expensive it pays for itself in the long run the mats however are also very expensive and really not all that sticky so here I'm using my mat here and typically I would clean this off with just a sponge and some water to get all of the cat hair that's still stuck on there and any residue that I have from paper but I didn't do that this time I just need to add a little bit of stick so I'm using this 2-way glue by zig and you can see that it comes out blue it's kind of like one of those paint pens where you have to dab it onto a scratch piece of paper so that the glue starts coming out you can see that I shook it don't shake it you don't need to shake it or else you're gonna splatter it all over like I did but once it dries it will become clear so you will know when it's dry when it's no longer blue and it be repositionable it's perfect for the skin and cut mats it also works well for the cricket mats I don't know about the other mats because I don't have any other machines from that other than those two but they work great for both and it'll save you a ton of money on your mats so let's talk about price of all three of these things obviously the machine is the most expensive the latest and greatest scan and cut is like four hundred dollars but the scanning cut to is 200 $89.95 on Amazon the mats are 13 dollars apiece however the zig to a glue is six dollars and 48 cents and I you could probably Rhys tick your mat about 20 times so definitely worth it here I just wanted to talk about my three main tools that I need in my craft room that are very inexpensive first is the white gel pen not only is this great for adding details to your coloring and to your images but it's great for fixing mistakes so this will save you time and save your cards you can just kind of go over any smudges with your white gel pen and fix them right up same thing with the sand eraser this will take off any ink smudges if you have a fingerprint or something like that this will take that right up same thing or almost the same thing for the adhesive eraser which will if any of your glue kind of seeps out the side of your die cuts or the side of your panels let it dry rub that up with the adhesive eraser it may take a few times but you'll get that stickiness tonette residue off of your projects so these are three very inexpensive tools that will save your cards the sand eraser all of these prices are on Amazon sand erasers two dollars and 89 cents adhesive eraser is two dollars and twenty nine cents and the white gel pens I typically buy in a three pack because I use them all the time and they are six dollars for three of them so I hope this video was a little bit helpful for you guys to use what you have or save as much money as you can so that we can spend it all on stamps and kopecks thanks so much for stopping by guys have a great day bye