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Power Saving VLOG Challenge 8/9 - Help With Power Bills, Empowering Kids & Recycling! || SugarMamma

**Power Saving VLOG Challenge 8/9 – Help With Power Bills, Empowering Kids & Recycling! || SugarMamma**



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Save Money Now | 8 Creative Ways to Save for Financial Independence

**Save Money Now | 8 Creative Ways to Save for Financial Independence**



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Our Rich Journey – Save Money Now | 8 Creative Ways to Save for Financial Independence: If you’re anything like us, you’ve made saving money a priority. And if you haven’t made saving money a priority, there’s no better time to start than now! Saving money (and then properly investing it) is the key to financial independence. In this video, we share eight creative (and effective) ways for you to begin saving money right away. So check out the video, subscribe to our channel, and pave your journey on the road to financial independence!

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hey guys it's a month and Christina from average journey we are talking about saving more money and if you have watched our videos in the past you know that we save 70% of our income and it is by doing things that we are going to be talking about in today's video because the money that we save is more money that we can invest on our journey towards financial independence so on today's video we are going to be talking about eight different ways that you can save more money and then use that money to invest our first two is don't pay the pink tax now some of you may have not heard about the pink tax before but the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs did a study and in this study they compared products marketing to men versus products marketed to women and they found that on average products marketed to women cost 42 percent more for women than products marketed to men so for example Shampoo and Conditioner marketed to women cost almost 50% more than shampoo and conditioner marketed to men women's jeans cost 10% more than men's jeans and girls bikes cost an average of 6% more than boys bikes and this is what is referred to as the pink text and it is foul because many of these products are the exact same products that are sold to men but they are in pink packaging and they are marketed to women and the prices are pumped up so the next time that you're at the store and you're buying products for yourself if you're a woman or if you're a male and you're buying products for your wife or your girlfriend or your daughter or any other girl the idea is to look in the male aisles in many cases you can buy the exact same product marketed to males instead and get a significant reduction and for those of you that don't want to buy a male shampoo because of the smell or a male soap because of the smell there are a lot of male products that have non scented versions so you can buy those instead and also save money and number two it has to do with saving money when you're grocery shopping so grocery shopping tends to be a very big expense for families and one way you can reduce this expense is by shopping online most stores now have the ability for you to shop online and either pick up the gross that you shop online with or to have them delivered by shopping for groceries online you reduce your impulse spending I mean how many of us have gone to the grocery store and even got into the grocery store and forgot why we even came there we end up with all of these extra things in our grocery cart because we didn't have a plan now you can have a grocery list but still when you're in a store you tend to grab things that you forgot to put on your grocery list well by shopping online what you do is you develop your grocery list in advance and you send your grocery list to the supermarket and the supermarket gathers all of the things on your list so all you have to do is go pick up your list of items that the grocery store has already compiled so there's usually two options when you order your groceries online you can have your groceries delivered to your home and usually there's a fee associated with that or you can have the grocery store pick out your groceries for you and you can go to the grocery store and just pick them up at the grocery store which is typically free so yes there is a fee when your groceries are delivered but you're likely saving more money because you're not going to be impulse buying when your groceries are delivered the other huge benefit and especially for a family like ours is that time savings because we don't have to go to the grocery store walk around the grocery store up and down every aisle we are saving valuable time that we can spend somewhere else and if you get your food delivered you're also saving on gas money and number three is decide how much you want to pay for something before looking at the price tag so we were recently shopping for a new computer and I had a price in mind for how much I wanted to pay for a computer before I ever looked at a computer and with that price in mind I went out and I shopped for the computer so the idea behind this is to set a fixed price that you're willing to pay and not to budge or go over that fixed point and this of course applies to more than just computers it applies across the board so if you're going shopping and you're looking for a shirt for example and you have an idea in mind as to how much you want to pay for a specific shirt that you saw that you like before you look at the price tag determine how much you'd be willing to pay for that specific shirt and once you look at the price Tagg if it exceeds that price that you're willing to pay you got to move on and you know what this applies to cars to houses to every single purchase that you make because how many people have gone shopping for a home and have paid more than what they hoped to pay for the home because they were talked up in price so establish your price for everything and by using this one particular tactic you can save a ton of money and number four is to think about purchases in terms of hours worked so if you're looking at purchasing an item rather than looking at the actual price of the item convert that into the number of hours it would take you to work in order to obtain or purchase that item so for example if you have something that you want to purchase say you have a person mind that you want to buy and that purse costs $1,000 and you work and after taxes are taken out you're making about $30 an hour you would convert that $30 an hour into the price of the purse which would equate to 33 hours of working in order to own that purse now that is almost a whole week's worth of working a whole week to buy one purse now would you work an entire week just to buy one purse you have to put things like that in perspective but apply this rule across all of your purchases how much more longer are you willing to put off retirement for another car for a bigger house all of these things require your time and it is time that you are giving up to make these purchases now on the other hand what if instead of making those purchases you use that same money that you made with your time and invested that money just think how much more sooner you could reach financial independence and early retirement see there's two sides to this coin it is spin more work longer spend less invest that money and retire earlier and number five is carry only large bills so you have to really think hard before you break that bill to buy something now we talked earlier about impulse buying buying groceries online so you can reduce impulse buying this is another avenue to reduce your impulse buying now this is one of those money-saving tips that is a psychological trick because you have these larger bills you are less likely to break these larger bill and by being less likely to break them you are less likely to spend money again playing off of the psychology of spending money and next and this is one of our best is buying a used car you know that we drive an $800 used car named champagne and we have saved a significant amount of money by driving a used car so the point behind this tip is that you can save a significant amount of money by buying a used car now you don't have to buy an $800 used car like we do but studies show that right after someone buys a brand new car and drives it off the lot that car immediately loses value so why not buy a used car and save money in that area now when we did our $800 used car video we talked a lot about the psychology of driving a used car well there's also some practical things that come along with driving a used car you spend a lot less money trying to make that new car look good forever so we wash our car less now it's still a clean car but we spend less money washing the car we also spend less money worrying about ticks and dings and all of these other things and most practical our insurance is super low on our used car so there are all these added benefits to driving a used car and the next tip is to delete your credit card numbers from your online accounts you're purchasing spending accounts so for example Amazon is notorious for this you can purchase something on Amazon enter your credit card number and then it will ask you if you want to retain that credit card number online most people say yes and Amazon is really slick because they have this single click option where you can just buy something with a clip and the next day it shows up at your house that sounds so convenient but it is also very costly if you are an Amazon subscriber or you use Amazon to purchase things just go back and look at all of your purchases so go back and take a look at all of your accounts that have your credit card information and remove your credit card information because what you want to do is create some friction you want to make it difficult for you to make those impulsive purchases and just by doing this you save additional money and the last tip is to have a budget but not just any budget a pay yourself first budget you guys have heard us talk about our pay yourself first budget in our previous videos because with that type of budget you prioritize investing in yourself first paying yourself first to grow your net worth so you really need a budget to understand where you're spending your money and to understand where you can make those cuts and paying yourself first is a part of a successful budget because when you pay yourself first you're less likely to rationalize other purchases that you could make versus paying yourself first it's an automatic saving and investing tool that will help you grow your money so those are tips to start saving money today go out there and save that money because what you can do is invest that money for tomorrow because that's what this channel is all about earning more money saving more money and investing more money on your journey towards financial independence and possibly retiring early it's up to you when you reach financial independence if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and join the journey

How to save money on your dental care

**How to save money on your dental care**



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channel 2 investigates has a story that just might make your next trip to the dentist a little less painful at least when it comes to how much you spend yeah we found discount dental plans that can save your family hundreds even thousands of dollars and everything from fillings to braces even root canals our investigator bill Spencer explains how these plans work Christopher Kelly of Richmond is taking his two daughters to the dentist how would you call your oral hygiene l/i fresh daily and floss seventeen-year-old Dominique and her sister 10 year old Julianna are getting the very same standard dental exam most children go in for once every six months there's one very big difference their father is paying a lot less how much less 80% probably it's laughable what you would normally have to pay out-of-pocket you see Chris has his whole family enrolled in the GMs discount dental plan a plan where he pays a hundred and fifty one dollars a year for deep discounts on every single dental procedure every member of his family has Grant Sadler created this particular discount plan how much can a family save on preventative Services preventative dentistry like cleaning exams and x-rays the discount is 80 percent here's a sample of the savings under the GMs discount plan for a periodic oral evaluation regular cost sixty three dollars discount cost fifteen dollars the savings seventy six percent for a crown regular cost $1400 discount cost six sixty five a savings of fifty three percent for a root canal excluding final restorations regular cost $1,300 discount cost five hundred and fifty four dollars a savings of fifty seven percent and the cost of braces orthodontic treatment for teenagers regular cost six thousand five hundred dollars the discount cost four thousand nine hundred dollars a savings of twenty four percent i would compare the plan to Costco membership where you pay a fee you get a card and you get the discount now Sadler makes it clear plans like his are not insurance there are no deductibles no limits on care instead they're like a discount savings Club that you pay to join have you ever had any worries about the quality of care you got on this planet no no it's I wouldn't go anywhere else they do an amazing job so cavities and for the members of these discount dental clubs saving money just white help take some of the pain out of that next office visit all right we're done now we've only shown you one but there are literally hundreds of discount dental plans available out there but not all Dennis participate in one so you should check with your dentist to see if they are connected to a particular plan for help in finding a plan you can contact the consumer health alliance we've created a link to their website at our website I'm bill Spencer KPRC channel 2 investigates

How To Get A FREE Breast Pump - How I Got My Insurance To Cover The Price Of My Pump

**How To Get A FREE Breast Pump – How I Got My Insurance To Cover The Price Of My Pump**



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Skyscanner Tutorial on How to Save on Flights for Your Last Minute Getaway Canadian Edition

**Skyscanner Tutorial on How to Save on Flights for Your Last Minute Getaway Canadian Edition**



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If you’re a Canadian who’s itching to just grab your suitcase and fly somewhere last minute, you’re going to come up against some pretty pricey flight options.

That said, there is hope. As Canadians and travel bloggers, we fly a lot, and we’ve learned a few hacks that can help our fellow Canadians save money on last minute fares.

We wrote this tutorial on using Skyscanner’s excellent Search Everywhere feature to help you find a deal last minute getaway.

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