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Dream Voucher - Rannar Sillard [hateisnotcool #1486]

**Dream Voucher – Rannar Sillard [hateisnotcool #1486]**



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Hate is not a solution. Think about it. Help us to spread the word by using #hateisnotcool

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Easypromos coupon maker: create and share your coupons

**Easypromos coupon maker: create and share your coupons**



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Create and distribute your own coupons with this easy editor: upload your logo, your background, images, and decide which information of the coupon owner will appear on the coupon to identify him/her. Generate and insert codebars, QR codes or other relevant information within the same platform. MOre infomation:

6 Ways To Promote Clickbank Products For Free Online

**6 Ways To Promote Clickbank Products For Free Online**



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So you’ve decided to join ClickBank! How do you make money from it? In this video, I’m going to share with you 6 easy ways to promote ClickBank products for free online. It’s really easy, but just so I make this clear, you won’t earn anything if you don’t do something now! Check this out!

00:36 What is ClickBank?
01:32 Promoting
02:20 Brief warning
03:00 1 – Instagram
03:31 2 – Facebook
04:24 3 – Google
06:21 4 – YouTube
08:08 5 – Affiliate Referrals
08:51 6 – Ad Coupons

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John Crestani



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Video by Nate Woodbury

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ClickBank – it's an amazing affiliate
network which allows you to sell almost any product under the sun and make
commissions. And I'll be showing you six free ways to promote these products and
earn commissions online so you don't have to spend anything. So six methods –
let's get into it! I'll go over all of them and I'll show you a little bit about Clickbank for those of you who don't know about this amazing money
opportunity on my computer. Let's see it! So for those of you not familiar with
ClickBank, it's a really easy way to make money online. And ClickBank is what's
known as an affiliate network which means you don't have to set up a product,
you don't have to do any support. You can simply promote other people's products
and earn commissions off of them. So here I am on Clickbank, this is what the
website looks like, and if you want to go to ClickBank you can search and you can go there. And then you want to click on their
Affiliate Marketplace. You just click this search button and you can find
thousands of products that you can promote and earn commissions from. People will pay you to sell their products for them. And it shows you all of the
different price, points you can sell products for. Now my product is also on
there. If you see, my product is the number one high-ticket product meaning
you can earn large commissions if you refer people to be customers of mine. Now in order to promote these products all you have to do is you have to sign up
with Clickbank and you have to click that promote button next to a product
that you are interested in promoting. For instance, mine, we'll click promote and
then will then enter in my account nickname, which, let's just say it's j1r2c. And there's a few landing pages you can select, and we'll click generate
hop link. Now here we go with our affiliate link and you would just click
copy. Now what we'll be going over in this video are six different methods
that you can get people senior link, targeted people senior affiliate link,
clicking on it and potentially buying the product
without having spend any money so you can earn real commissions doing so. And
just a brief warning – before I go into these methods I want to make clear that
some of them are obvious but the most important thing is you just get started.
Because you won't earn anything if you sit there on the sidelines skeptical
typing in stuff about how this won't work or what not you won't make any
money if you don't post your links anywhere. The most important thing is
while these may seem obvious that you just get started. Don't doubt the process,
you get your links out there and you can start making some money. I did, millions
of others have, you can too. So the first method, free method, of
getting your links out there is Instagram. Instagram is a very popular
way you can build up followers of millions of people just by getting
people to share your posts and putting out an interesting or engaging content
or just reposting other people's content. Billions of people use Instagram,
you can build up huge follower bases on Instagram, and this is a great method to
get started. You can put your affiliate link in your profile. The second method starts with F – can you guess what F stands for? F stands for
Facebook and Facebook is a really easy place to get started and I'd say the
best place way to do Facebook is actually groups. Okay. So starting a group
around a subject matter that you're interested in promoting products and is
a great way to really solidify what your niches and get your links out there for
instance weight loss. Okay, or for instance you know I just did an example
on my computer – I started a science fiction group for people who are
interested in science fiction books, and I can be an affiliate for science
fiction books through Amazon's affiliate program. You can start a Facebook group
around anything and it's free and you can invite people to join your group or
you can encourage others by messaging them if you see they're interested in
particular topics. The third way that you can get free traffic is Google.
Now the trick to Google is you need to put up blog posts consistently on a
consistent basis whether that's every week whether that's every month whether
that's every day. But the point is Google wants to see that you are an active
blogger on the long term. If you're going to get started in for instance financial
advice you want to put up blog posts every day. Now there's a guy named Tim
Chen who's an affiliate marketer who started his blog on financial advice and
put up a blog post every single day. He made I think something like $1,000
his first year putting a blog post every single day. The second year he
only made fifteen thousand dollars but today his company – guess how many – I get you know you may have heard of his site it's called And makes over a hundred and fifty million dollars per year and
they're an affiliate marketer and it's from putting up blog posts every single
day. But he barely made any money the first two years. Google is a great source
of targeted traffic but it is something that requires you to be in it for the
long term. If you're just looking for a quick buck like many of you Millennials
are, you're probably not gonna last. What you need to do is you need to come from
a source of strength you need to be confident in what you want to help the
world about and just keep at it. Whether it's right or it's wrong you've just got
to focus on it, stubborn like a bull and just keep going, just like Tim Chen. He
kept doing the same thing for two years without seeing much results but he was
able to create a big company because he knew what he was doing was offering
value, he was helping people find financial service providers, and he
believed in what he was doing. YouTube! YouTube is one of my favorite places and
YouTube's a great place to get free traffic for instance. You know me on this
video, I'm teaching people about something I know about which is
affiliate marketing. But my belief is that everyone has value to give whether
that's some sort of experience whether it's how to deal with recent
divorced parents or how to sleep train a child or how to get a job as
an electrician. Whatever it is, I believe everybody knows something that has some
knowledge in here that can help others. And you've just got to put it on video.
You've got to be courageous and put it on camera and help teach people about
what it is that you are special about. I believe YouTube is the future of the
education industry. We have people charging hundreds of thousands of
dollars to go to school and to get degrees and debt you can never get out
of, where as all of this is free on YouTube. And if you are loving this and
if you love learning on YouTube and love learning from me slam that subscribe
button! Hit that notification bell and give this video a like!
Because you know I love YouTube. I've learned so much for free on YouTube and
I believe it's a great place to learn and I believe it's a great place to post
up content and teach people about things. Whatever you're interested in put up
videos teaching people about a subject or find other information do research on
that subject and consolidate that information into a video to help others
learn about methods to lose weight or whatever and you can promote affiliate
links of products that you can make commissions from. Really easy,
straightforward, great place to advertise. The fifth method to get free traffic is
actually Affiliate Referrals. Okay, if you can refer affiliates there are some
programs that have what's called second-tier affiliate programs. Now if
you can refer affiliates through these other methods you know or if you can
just contact people at conferences or whatnot and you refer affiliates to
different programs you can earn what's called second-tier commissions. This is
kind of complex subject I'm not going to go too deep into this but it gives you
an extra sort of override it's kind of like a referral fee. This last method I
used to make over a million dollars in 2017, it's pretty nutty that it – that
it's still around and it's something that I actually spend a little bit of
time teaching my students. Check this out! Ad Coupons! Did you know you can get
free advertising on many different ad
networks. They give out coupons just to encourage you to advertise. I mean, the
online space is so unsaturated it's unbelievably unsaturated that these ad
companies the ad networks like Google, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon – they
give out free money for people just to sign up and get started advertising. And
you can use this free money to turn it to reach real people with real ads and
earn affiliate commissions from that. How cool is that? So those are the six
methods of making money online with ClickBank – for free. But again none of
these mean anything, none of these mean anything on a whiteboard they only mean
something if you hook them into action. Again, the internet is wide open but if
you don't put these methods into action you won't make any commissions and
you'll just be left watching another YouTube video and my time will have been
a waste and so will yours. But if you enjoyed this video please subscribe for
future videos. Give it a like and leave me a comment and let me know which of
these six methods – Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube, affiliate referrals, or
add coupons is the most interesting to you. So I can shoot future videos about
how to use these sources for free traffic. Thanks again and if you have
requests for future videos as well leave it in the comments and look forward to
seeing you soon. I put a little request in the top comment as well if you can
help me out I'm really looking to get on Tim Ferriss' or Joe Rogan's podcast.
So if you can do me a favor and send them a message – request them to get me on
their podcast – that'll be great for me. Talk to you soon!





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